British 47C .303 British caliber rifle. Originally produced during World War II. Refurbished post World War II. Excellent bore, excellent wood. Matching serial number on the bolt. The scope base is numbered to the rifle The scope and butt stock have the same serial number. Comes with sling, scope case and transit case. Clear optics. 

I think this is the first gun that has made me want to cry, somebody reblog and add tear.gif's 

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you said it's going to be 47C so good luck! I complain about it being 34C. I hope that you don't get heatstroke or anything like that

i ALSO complain about 34C dude, it’s awful? im personally of the mind that 20C is the only acceptable temperature tbh, gallifrey had the right idea with the temperature controlled domes js,

thank you so much for ur support in this trying time

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what’s that in a more logical measurement

About 47c I think.

Getting in at first was the worst part, couldn’t even touch anything until the AC kicked in and it felt like we were being cooked. Was probably 160+(70+c). I can remote start ahead of time so that’ll cool things down but we were running late so I hadn’t had the chance to.

Some day i’d like to find a nice job in a cooler and wetter climate.

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my dad lives in dubai!! :^0 its cool u live out there too! and i can completely 100% agree we dont go in the summer u will roast like a turkey and melt like a stick of butter

my dad was stuck there for work a lil before he could come to london and literally he was sending me screencaps of the weather and it was like 47c with 53% humidity RIP