More on this 4779auag

So I’ve been doing some reasearch into this account and its not been running for very long, a couple months at most. And its name is interesting, as a science student, auag and 4779 are chemicals, 79Ag is silver and 47Au is gold, considering that this guy is signing each of his tweets with 47, we can safely assume that there’s two people on this account. I can predict that if there is a second person on the account that is going to start posting, they will sign with 79. Being someone that co-runs accounts, signing like -QB is general practice and I think that is what they are doing.

In other words, 47 seems to be mentioning a “him” now that it is Halloween, and doesn’t seem to be too pleased at this other person’s presence. This 47 person also seems to be looking for something considering his most recent tweet that I saw which read:

“4huntinghuntinghuntingfindingfindingfindingsearchingsearchingsearching7 #halloween #halloween2017 #allhallowseve #galloween”

There’s one other thing I have noticed, the post 47 made that was all hashtags with the question, I origionally thought the image was a photo of the moon.

I mean if you’re just scrolling past it, it looks like the moon, but looking at the light at the top corner, thats coming from behind it, and I’m pretty sure that the moon doesn’t have regular lines and it is grey, not an odd peach colour. At the moment I’ll have to look into it more before I make a sweeping statement about what this is, but it’s not the moon. Also, this was the first post that didn’t include the signature 47 till you look at the picture where in the top left corner you see the signature.

Also in the bottom right there is a quote that reads, “we do not hurt” this I think further confirms that there’s two people on this account. “We” is not plural, it could mean on the other hand that other things that cross the veil don’t mean harm or that they don’t experience hurt, but I want to stick with my theory of there being two users on this one account.

As another thing, he mentions “ Personally… I admire the way the rabbit played his game - 47” because of my following of these sorta things, I do believe this is referencing Habit from EverymanHYBRID.

I’ll try to keep up with 4779 as much as possible and post what I find on here. I hope I’m not delving into something here.


Chapter (2/?)

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x Reader


You’re the golden girl every parents desired to be theirs. Everyone ‘loves’ you because you’re so much of a help. People were using you for your brain and you’re used to it. You only got one real friend, (Y/BF/N). She/He knows about you in and out. You lived in (Your Country Name). You never knew your real father, you lived with your mom, step- dad since you were two. You’ve got a loving family. But you felt that wasn’t enough. You always thought a scholarship to the US could change your life forever. In fact, it does indeed.

PS:  Sorry for the bad english, it’s not my main language. Oh, and, I didn’t know muchabout the 80s so I thought I’ll make what exists now, exist too back then. (Basically, it’s an AU)

PPS: It’s first person view. No Peter yet. (He’ll appear on….. Probably the fourth chapter?)

PPPS: I made up name for the step-father.

“We need to talk. Your room, now.”

Dam. I told you, if you hear ‘need’, ‘to’, and ‘talk’, in the same sentence at once, you’re basically doomed.

As I entered my room, my dad has already sat there. My best friend greeted them and I sat on my spinning chair while everyone shared a place on my bed. Except me, the suspect, I was standing.

“So, what do you want to talk about?”, I asked them. “It’s about you, dear”, my mom said with concerned look.

“Okay. Judging by what I just did. Let me guess. Did you get your runes removed? Or probably did a satyr came by minutes ago, or-”, I suddenly fangirled (is this even a word?)

“No. Y/N. I wish it was as easy as your favourite books storyline or something. But, no, sorry. It’s about your talent and your dad.”, my stepdad answered this time. He’s not the annoying kind of step-parent you’d find in novels. He’s just an ordinary man with a close-cropped grey hair. “Clark, no need to be straight-forward.”, my mom looked at my dad.

“But you’re my dad.”, I said nonchalantly. “I meant, your real dad.”, he said again as he gestured “it’s okay” to my mom. My best friend shifted uncomfortably. “Um, this is awkward for me. Should I wait outside?” I give her that if-you-dare-I’ll-kill-you-look and she immediately said, “Nevermind.”

“Okay, what about a person who donated his sperm and DNAs to give me a life?”

You might say I am too harsh. After all, I hated my real dad for leaving me and my mom. If I could meet him again, I would blast out songs about loving dad and bragged about my new dad.

“Y/N. I don’t blame you for your words, honestly. But this is serious, can you please be serious at least, once, today?”, mom asked softly. I took a long sigh and finally nodded.

“You know my actual last name before I wed to your step-father, right?”, mom asked me an obvious question. “Of course. It’s Xavier! It was cool I even asked you to add Xavier into my name. Um, no hard feelings dad. Yours are super cool being similar as Superman and all, but, I just love ‘Xavier’”, I said. “It’s actually okay, Y/N. I liked that name too.”, he said smiling.

My mom continued on, “That’s actually not my original family name. That’s your father’s name. I decided to keep it to honor him until Clark came to our life.”

“Honor him? A man that left you with absolutely nothing and then disappeared into thin air? Bloody mac and cheese you can’t be serious, mom!”, I yelled and threw my hands into the air. Several books flew out of their place and flying free inside my room. I panicked. My mom immediately spoke.

“Y/N, I told you he’s away because he want to protect us. He gave me you. He has said he let me searched for a new husband. And actually, he gave you a gift too. See?”, she gestured to the flying books. I began to tremble and the books fell. I stuttered, “Mom, what am I?”

“You, dear, are a mutant.”

İbnu Mes'ud radıyallahu anh anlatıyor. “Resûlullah aleyhissalâtu vesselâm (bir gün): 
"Siz aranızda kimi pehlivan addedersiniz?” diye sordu. Ashab radıyallahu anhüm: 
“Erkeklerin yenmeye muvaffak olamadığı kimseyi!” dediler. Resûlullah aleyhissalâtu vesselâm: 
“Hayır, dedi, gerçek pehlivan öfkelendiği zaman nefsine hakim olabilen kimsedir.”
Müslim, Birr 106, (2608); Ebu Davud, Edeb 3, (4779).

4779) "Do not look at yourself with disgust, you are a gift to this earth. You are beautiful, you are a light, an energy, an essence. You are nature herself." - Heidi Pickett.