Drunk in Love

Prompt -  I have a request! Could you do an AU where the reader is really drunk and John Laurens has to come pick her up at the bar and take care of her? And the reader wants to do “stuff” with John but he doesn’t want to cause she’s drunk AF. Thanks! (sorry that’s so specific)


Warnings - Um… drinking. And drunken dirty talk. 

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You finished answering the final question on your exam and sighed in relief. You were done. After at least a month of intense studying, all-nighters, and more caffeine than a normal human should consume, you were done. And on top of that, you felt really good about how you’d done on this one. You’d answered every question to the best of your ability, and you were almost positive that you’d gotten a high score on it. With a confident smile on your face, you grabbed your bag and the exam paper before turning it in and heading out of the classroom. It was all you could do to avoid doing a little victory dance right there on the spot, but you waited until you were outside before letting out a joyful “yes!” You were done with every final, and tonight, you wanted to celebrate. You pulled out your phone and sent a group text to Angelica, Eliza, and Peggy.

(Y/N), 2:30 PM – Guess who’s finally done!

Eliza, 2:31 PM – Congrats, girl!

Angelica, 2:31 PM – Bet you’re happy.

Peggy, 2:32 PM – So now we’re all finished. Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

(Y/N), 2:33 PM – Exactly. I was thinking we could go out tonight, have a girls’ night. Let our hair down. I can’t remember the last time we did that.

Angelica, 2:34 PM – It’s been too long. How does 7 sound?

(Y/N), 2:34 PM – Sounds good to me.

Eliza, 2:34 PM – Perfect.

Peggy, 2:35 PM – Can’t wait!

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Hunters on the Hellmouth Masterlist

Setting (which is a spoiler in and of itself): Chapter 1 begins toward the end of SPN season 5, and before BTVS season 7. Wanna know how that works? Gotta read the story.

Characters: There are over two dozen canon characters and a few OCs by series’ end. Yes, your fav is probably here in some form.

Word Count: So many.

Warnings: Canon violence, alcohol. Much more swearing. Some chapters have sexual content, but it’s not super explicit because that’s not how I roll. (For example: this is actually something I cut from this series.) Anything that could be particularly triggering will be noted at the beginning of the chapter.

Image by the lovely salvachester

1: Meet Me at the Cemetery After a last-minute rescue from the clutches of Luficer lands them in Sunnydale, California, the Winchesters run into an unusual hunter. (wc 3096)

2: Prophecies and Milkshakes The Winchesters learn more about The Slayer, and Buffy tries to convince them to stay in Sunnydale for a while. (wc 4271)

3: The Winchesters Return In the wake of a shocking discovery, the Winchesters return to Sunnydale, hoping to find a way home. (wc 6421)

4: The Favor The Winchesters owe Buffy a favor, and she’s calling it in. (wc 3625)

5: First Patrol There are some huge differences between being a hunter versus the Slayer. (wc 3855)

6: The Bronze Buffy puts the Winchesters’ hunting skills to the test in Sunnydale’s favorite hangout. (wc 4267)

7: Merry-Go-Round Buffy and Dean work out their issues. (wc 3702)

7.5 Drabble: Sam Visits Anya Sam tries to get some info from Anya, but first, cookies. (wc ~500)

8: Poker Faces Buffy and Dean may have worked out their differences, but Sam and Xander are still worried about the secrets the other party holds. (wc 4783)

9: Stay the Night-Mares Buffy and Dean’s casual relationship hurtles toward something deeper as they discover more about each other. (wc4460)

10: Demons While everyone is busy researching the new monster in town, Buffy does some digging into Dean’s past. (wc 6853)

11: Friends with Benefits Dean mulls over his unexpected connection with Buffy while they fight an outside threat. (wc 4270)

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anonymous asked:

Hey!! I know this might be asking too much but do you have any really, really fluffy new ereri fics that you recommend??? I've been looking around and I've only found a few that's not loaded with angst. I think I just need a little break :) Thank you so much!!!!

Oh hello! Well, I have spent the last three years of my life reading Ereri fics so I had troubles remembering all note worthy fluff fics…but I tried my best and managed to find some! So here’s a small list and I hope you might find stuff you haven’t read yet!

Our Cryptic Love (115639 words)

It’s been 2,000 years since Eren Yeager has been a titan shifter. Now, in the year 2014, he’s a twenty-four year old who lives with his best friend Armin. He goes about his days working as a QA Tester, and trying to come to terms with the loss of the loved ones he still remembers with clarity from his previous life. But there’s one person he simply can’t forget: His former lover, Levi. It’s when he’s not searching for him that they cross paths once again, and their love will be tested when Eren learns that Levi not only doesn’t remember their past life together, but is also fifteen years old. //(it has some angst in a few chapters but the rest is tooth rotting fluff and definitely worth checking out!!!)

To have and to possibly-maybe hold (1741 words)

Levi had to keep reminding himself that this was Eren, and he loved the man dearly, and shoving him out of bed to crack his head open probably wasn’t conducive to a happy long-term relationship.

Pretty Eyes (11523 words)

Eren laced their fingers together once more, and smirked at Levi.

“I’m not the only one with pretty eyes in this relationship, you know.” //(this was a gift for me during the Ereri secret santa exchange. MUST READ)

Falling (2516 words)

Based on the tumblr prompt by caswitch: ‘I got caught staring at my adult neighbour raking up a bunch of leaves in their backyard and jumping into them and now have to awkwardly pretend I saw nothing’ AU

case with cats (1352 words)

Levi makes the sacrifice for Eren. For Eren and his shitty obsession with kittens.


Levi’s super allergic to cats and Eren’s super in love with cats and it becomes a super big problem.

dental care (14408 words)

As the back of the chair is lowered, Eren takes a few deep breaths. The more horizontal his position becomes, the more he begins to question his life choices – specifically the one to chew oodles of gum instead of actually brushing his teeth regularly, but also the one to not turn at his heels and walk away upon laying eyes on not-Dr. Smith, otherwise known as Dr. Ackerman. Though half of the man’s face is now covered by a surgical mask, he still manages to appear fleetingly irritated as he stares down at Eren.

“In addition to sitting down, you’ll also have to open your mouth, you know,” he points out as he adjusts the overhead light.

Cold Fever (1408 words)

Levi’s the ice cream truck man.

Mikasa can’t tell if Eren’s everlasting love is for the treat or for the moody midget.

An Unreasonable Number Of Cats  (2360 words)

A cat appears waiting to be fed at Eren and Levi’s new apartment. Levi thinks cats are disgusting and Eren can’t help but feed it anyway.

a choice with a little bit of regret (4112 words)

From his days underground, Levi developed a bit of an eating disorder—he filled his plate to the brim, hoarded food in his room, and he didn’t even notice it himself, until Hanji said something. Eren, who doesn’t give a fuck about Levi’s eating habits, tries to keep his massive crush under control while consoling his humiliated Corporal.

Professionalism (5812 words)

Modern AU where Eren is a professional cuddler and Levi is his client.

Do You Want Fries With That? (5536 words)

Eren Jaeger wants to say that it’s the greasy cheeseburgers that keep him coming back, but he knows he’d be lying if he said it was anything other than that asshole working at the drive-thru window.

Whispered Confessions (2000 words)

Something has been brought to Armin’s attention. It seems as if Corporal Levi is whispering inappropriate things to Eren during dinner. At least, that’s what everyone else says. But before he jumps to any conclusions, Armin is going to get as much information from Eren as he can. Maybe it’s all true, or it’s all just a misunderstanding.
Eren was embarrassed. He couldn’t believe Levi would say all those things in front of everyone. Never mind that he whispered it, it was still uncalled for. And yet, it made him feel good.

Break Up (553 words)

Levi wants to break up and Eren talks him out of it.

Marry Me! (709 words)

Little first grader Levi is bored with his last name. He hates it. After a wild suggestion from his cousin, Petra, Levi’s mission is to marry someone with a cool last name.
Armin is a teacher, Eren sketches in class, Mikasa is out for blood, and everyone loves gay first graders.

under one roof (4760 words)

“You could have choked me to death!”

“I would’ve saved you at the last second,” Levi corrects, as if it’s supposed to make him feel better, “And it’s your fault for drooling.”

Because apparently drooling is a good enough reason to warrant a murder attempt. Eren pulls a face. Levi can be a real sadist at times.

The Misanthrope (25516 words)

The story is set in an AU world where Eren was only a child when the humanity won against Titans. When he’s fifteen, he meets Levi, humanity’s introverted hero, who is not exactly the kind of person people believe he is.
Rated M for future chapters.

Playing Favorites (6297 words)

In which Levi seems determined to spoil Eren rotten, whether he likes it or not.
(For the record, Eren hadn’t expected his confession to lead to this sort of thing at all). //(one of the very first Ereri fics I have ever read. Pure fluff. Enjoy.)

So, this is our life (WIP)

It isn’t easy living on a small amount of money, Eren and Levi know that all too well. But sometimes, that’s what made a person humble and/or appreciate what they do have. The couple made do with what they had, and somehow they made it work. Levi wanted to spend his life with his younger boyfriend, so a toy ring was enough, right?

The life of college student Eren Jaeger and his police officer boyfriend Levi. Their struggles in living in a run down apartment with noisy neighbours.

That’s all for now! I hope you can find some fics you haven’t read yet? I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as I did ^-^!


“Hi guys, Steve here! We were contacted by a lady in need and we gladly share her request. Due to tough situation, she was forced to give up her kittens.. Hope one of you could provide them with a good home! Let me introduce the little fellas-”

“These cute faces are Ezio, Spade and Cleo. They are two months old and indoor cats. Ezio is a white and orange tabby, and more than playing, he loves sleeping. If you are looking for a calm kitten to snuggle with, he is perfect! Spade and Cleo on the other hand.. these cute girls are little rascals! Very curious and consider the whole world as their playground, but still, very loving. You will never be bored if you decide to adopt one of them! If you wish to adopt one, call 623 396 4760, or write to tailflam7@yahoo.com. Oh, and the owner lives in Arizona. Kittens are waiting for you!”

“And who wouldn’t want a kitten?! Who is a pretty, fluffy baby?! Yes, you are! You are! Such cute animal, not like Clint’s chickens from hell!”

“You’d be surprised, how great I am with cats, Tony! Every animal deserves a wonderful life!! And I know there are people out there who can give it to these beautiful cats! Please, please call and adopt one!!”

“Please? Please adopt a kitty! They need your help!”



[+11816] Con gái mà đòi chia tay thì chỉ là hù dọa con trai; con trai mà nói chia tay thì gần như không thể cứu vãn.

[+10380] Trước đây nghe có cô gái nói dài 13cm đã không chịu nổi, sẽ rất đau! Cũng có người nói 9cm đã quá dài rồi. Nhưng hôm nay quen một cô gái, lại còn nói 5cm cũng không ổn, rất đau, đi đứng sẽ rất kỳ cục. Nhưng tui xem phim thấy rất nhiều cô cũng hưởng thụ cả 20cm cơ mà. Sao con người khác nhau quá nhỉ! Cũng là phụ nữ, cũng đi giày cao gót, mà sao khác nhau quá.

[+9143] Câu nói nhiều nhất của con gái khi ở trên giường luôn luôn là “Anh đè lên tóc em rồi!”

[+8787] Đọc qua rất nhiều bình luận, em mới phát hiện ra một chuyện chưa từng trải qua… Từ khi quen biết bạn trai tới nay là 8 năm rồi, yêu nhau được 6 năm mà hành động thân mật nhất của bọn em chỉ là anh ấy ôm em trước ngực thôi. Anh ấy nói đàn ông rất háo sắc, đàn ông yêu chỉ vì tình dục, nhưng anh ấy muốn giữ cho em thật nguyên vẹn nên đã kiềm chế rất nhiều cơn bồng bột. Hiện giờ bọn em đã chia tay, cám ơn anh đã giữ cho em thật nguyên vẹn.

[+8677] Chưa yêu nhau thì cảm thấy ảnh là chính nhân quân tử, yêu nhau rồi mới biết y hệt như sắc ma…

[+7850] “Chào cờ” là phản ứng sinh lý, không liên quan gì đến yêu hay không yêu.

[+7066] Anh chàng mà đối xử tốt với bạn bè thì chưa chắc là đối xử tốt với người yêu.

[+6301] Cô nào gầy thì chắc chắn sẽ đau dạ dày, cơ thể mang tính hàn, hay hạ đường huyết. Đau bụng kinh có thể đau đến mức khiến tui thấy đau lây. Mang giày cao gót 13cm vẫn có thể chạy bộ. Đừng bao giờ mang số đo cân nặng và vòng ngực ra làm trò đùa. Lúc con gái háo sắc thì còn ghê gớm hơn con trai. Mức độ phòng bừa bãi và chửi thề thì rất kinh khủng. Tình bạn giữa con gái không vượt quá 3 người, ngoài mặt trông rất hòa thuận, tưởng quan hệ bọn họ rất tốt, nói thử 2 câu đi rồi biết…

[+6310] Con trai lúc hôn chắc chắn sẽ sờ ngực, lúc trước tưởng xxx mới sờ chứ. Điện thoại di động là kho phim sex. Lúc đi tè thì lại không xài giấy, vẩy vẩy là được. Nghe nói bỏ Ba Con Sói vào ví tiền có thể giữ được bình an.

[+5545] Trai mập thì ngắn, gái mập thì sâu. Trai gái đều mập thì xác định ly hôn.

[+5715] Lần đầu đi thuê phòng, tui nhìn thấy tên tui bị hắn lưu trong điện thoại là: Dự bị.

[+5271] . . <- ngực cô ấy =.=

[+5126] Tui là con trai, đây là cô gái mà tui biết: 1. Hóa ra xoa xoa tay cho nóng lên rồi đặt lên bụng cô ấy thì cổ có thể ngủ ngon hơn. 2, con gái buổi tối không mặc áo ngực. 3, lúc ‘bà dì’ tới thì rất ghét đứng lên, vì lúc đứng lên có cảm giác cả thế giới đang trào ra. 4, “Không sao” có nghĩa là có chuyện rồi, mà nhấn mạnh “Không sao mà~” thì có nghĩa là… không sao cả. 5, mùa đông ở nhà không mặc bra, nếu ra ngoài thì mặc bra ra ngoài áo len rồi mặc thêm áo khoác, cứ thế ra đường.

[+5426] Anh ấy an ủi tui là lần đầu không có đau đâu, về sau mẹ nó, đúng là không đau. Rồi về sau mẹ tui kéo đi bệnh viện kiểm tra màng trinh rồi mới biết, tui vẫn là gái trinh…

[+5379] Hóa ra hai “quả trứng” ấy không thể đổi vị trí cho nhau =.=

[+5044] Bình thường trông thì rõ là đứng đắn, hễ yêu vào là cứ đòi đi thuê phòng, mà lên giường rồi thì đúng là như chó dại ~.~

[+4849] Oh cái cô bé nói là bạn trai 8 năm không đụng chạm đến ấy, không chừng anh ta là GAY đó. Like tui để cô ấy thấy đi haha…

[+5041] Lại ngược đãi FA~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA ~ lại ngược đãi FA…

[+4541] Hóa ra con trai chỉ cần hôn một cái là đã cứng. Hehe…

[+4760] Mấy cô em ngực bự thì tính khí rất tốt, còn ngực lép thì rất ư là nóng nảy. Đừng vội nghi ngờ, cũng đừng thử chứng minh, ngực bự chắc chắn sẽ like cái này. Còn ngực lép thì dù đánh bạn gãy xương cũng không thừa nhận đâu. Thôi không nói nữa, y tá tới bó bột cho tui rồi.

[+4476] Đã bảo các bạn nói là sau khi yêu, chứ có bảo là sau khi lên giường đâu!!!!!

[+4521] Trước khi yêu, bạn gái tôi ngày nào cũng trang điểm, e dè rụt rè, rất nhã nhặn, ăn 2 miếng đã kêu no. Yêu rồi thì ngày nào cũng để mặt mộc đi với tôi, lại còn móc mũi, đánh rắm, ăn như hùm như hổ, chưa hết, suốt ngày gào lên “Họ Quách kia! Đi mua băng vệ sinh cho em!” Còn nữa còn nữa! Trước khi yêu tưởng con trai đói khát hơn con gái, yêu rồi mới biết chỉ cần có chút nhan sắc thì luôn luôn bị cưỡng bức! Haha…

[+4310] Xem bình luận cứ như đọc truyện sex ấy!

[+4447] Trông thì rất giống nữ thần, nhưng đến phòng ký túc mới biết còn bừa bãi hơn con trai nữa 

[+3939] Hóa ra mặt sau băng vệ sinh có keo để dán vào đáy quần, thế mà cứ tưởng nó được kẹp vào thịt chứ haha… Thắc mắc về băng vệ sinh nay đã được giải đáp!

[+3722] Cái gì mà một đêm bảy lần chứ, hai lần đã mệt muốn chết rồi!

[+3565] “Nhẹ chút… Đau” “Thế không làm nữa nhé?” “Đừng!!!”

[+3195] Hóa ra bộ ngực mà ta thấy sau làn áo… là giả!!!

[+2924] Hóa ra con trai thức dậy vào buổi sáng thì lão nhị luôn đứng dậy!

[+2745] Con gái khi tắm sẽ đứng tè luôn!


4760 Resolution for Report Generation Error- "Database disk full! Generation cancelled..."

If you try to generate a report and you get this error, “Database disk full! Generation cancelled…”

do the following to resolve:

1.       Open up “Directory”

2.       Drop down “System”

3.       Drop down “ your 4760 server name”

4.       Choose “ your 4760 server name” again

5.       Choose “LdapPath”

a.       Modify the value for “1rst Threshold” to 2%

b.      Modify the value for “2nd Threshold” to 1%



b.      NMCPATH


Le tavole acquerellate di Ulisse Aldrovandi 

Ulisse Aldrovandi (11 September 1522 – 4 May 1605) was an Italian naturalist, the moving force behind Bologna’s botanical garden, one of the first in Europe. Carolus Linnaeus and the comte de Buffon reckoned him the father of natural history studies. He is usually referred to, especially in older literature, as Aldrovandus; his name in Italian is equally given as Aldroandi.

In the course of his life he would assemble one of the most spectacular cabinets of curiosities, his “theatre” illuminating natural history comprising some 7000 specimens of the diversità di cose naturali, of which he wrote a description in 1595. Between 1551 and 1554 he organised several expeditions to collect plants for a herbarium, among the first botanizing expeditions. Eventually his herbarium contained about 4760 dried specimens on 4117 sheets in sixteen volumes, preserved at the University of Bologna.

4760) I realized the only reason I date boys at all, or feel romantically attracted to them, is because I love their looks - in the sense that I wish I could look like them. I wish I could pass.