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What happened at the danwon high school?

i wont go into too much detail (wikipedia will be a better help for more info), but on april 16, 2014, a ferry carrying 476 people (mostly year 2 students from danwon high school going on a trip to jeju island) sank. 304 passengers died in the disaster (again, mostly high school students, and mainly bc they were advised to stay in their rooms. Had they left and were on the deck, most of them would have been able to be saved). news at first reported false numbers of how many were rescued, but real numbers later started coming up, and death toll only kept increasing, without many rescues. 

there was a lot of government corruption affiliated with this (that people still dont know the full details to), and only recently has searches begun again for the 10 still missing (yes, for three years, they were in the sea because the gov ordered the cease searches for the missing bodies)

it honestly breaks my heat and makes me cry every time i think about this disaster.

Magic? More Like Mag… Not!
(what to do when your world is, quite literally, standing still.)

Let’s start it off big and bold: magic rocks. Seriously, what could be better than the ability to shoot fire out of our hands? Or to knit bones back together with the lightest of touches? A good system of magic, particularly in the medieval fantasy genre, can be the turning point of a plot. Sure, you need good characters, a tight plot, and a world that is both believable and bad ass, but let’s be real, here – if your magic system sucks, or is unbelievable, the book is going to be put down in favour of something better.

But magic, for all its inherent awesomeness and power, is a terrible, terrible, terrible thing and should never, under any circumstances, be employed in a society that doesn’t want to crash and burn under the weight of its own collective laziness. I absolutely forbid you from using it in your next foray to the fantasy genre. 

… Wait, despite my direct order you still think magic rocks and you want to make an arcane society to put Harry Potter to bed? Fine. It’s your story. Do what you want, but I’d like to let you in on a little secret, and it’s something that – for better or for worse – might help you understand that beautiful new world you’re creating regarding how society and magic are two forces that, when brought to a head, lead to the ultimate developmental stand-still.

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Even The Greatest Empires Fall [China|Fem! Rome]

The year was 476 A.D., after hearing rumors that things in Europe where falling apart Yao decided to find out for himself. After a long journey on his own he made it to the outskirts of the city of Rome, the Chinese man walked into the city looking to see if he could find Rema.