4753. Raven sometimes felt out of place with the Titans in the beginning, due to both facts that she was half-demon and the only Titan to use magic. Robin suggested that she talk to any of them about it, but Raven replied that none of them could fully understand, since the whole world of magic was “too complex and dark for them to understand.” Robin, being Robin, decided to help his friend by calling multiple heroes (specializing in both magic and the supernatural) who knew some of the same issues Raven went through and could help her get through it. Now, of all people, she has found an unlikely mentor in John Constantine. The two regularly get together for tea, and Raven often will tell him her problems when she can’t tell them to anybody else. He’ll never say it aloud, due to his own past and the fact he doesn’t want her to get hurt (as everybody around him seems to get hurt), but he thinks of Raven as a daughter to him.

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Bug 000871 [projectiles] - babies fall to death when born on stairs

Bug 4753 [Creatures]: Rodent men have no skin

Bug 0040 [Dwarf Mode – Jobs, Items]: “Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item: Needs 10000 plant cloth”

Bug 5531 [Creatures]: Legless animal men can kick

Bug 1588 [Creatures]: Creature with 1 eye and 2 eyelids