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Food Masterpost

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Happy Tuesday!

We’re bringing you another Cosplay Cover Spotlight! Next up is a Allen Hansard and who is on Dr. Strange #1 Cosplay Variant, on sale now. We chatted to both Allen and Mary Cahela, who made the costume.

Allen, also known as Loganallenwolf, is the founder and owner of the SuperHeroCostumingForum. Based in Atlanta, GA, Allen is a proud father of three boys, plus an avid comics fan. Discovering costuming at DragonCon in 2006, Allen just had to take part of this fun hobby himself. Since then he has made, helped make or commissioned over 35 costumes, plus attended almost 20 conventions.

Mary, also based in Atlanta, works in the film & tv industry as a seamstress. Mary discovered conventions and costuming in 1998, and with help from her Dad, learned how to use their old sewing machine and hasn’t looked back since.

We asked Mary to walk us through the process of making Allen’s Dr. Strange costume!

To start with Dr. Strange we used multiple references to decide on details and plan construction. Mostly we used screen caps I took of digital copies of Defenders comics and references we found from video games. For the wig I used a Cady from Arda Wigs. I love this style for men’s wigs. I trimmed it using both scissors and a hair razor, heat styled it with the use of a blow dryer and alligator clips, and added the white. To apply the wig we use a strong spirit gum. I made the sash out of red peachskin fabric. For the buckle we picked out medallion we liked that could look mystical but definitely different from the Eye of Agamotto, since this is a distinctly different design than classic Dr. Strange.

We ordered suiting fabric swatches from Mood and picked out our favorite red and black. I wanted this to have more structure than a spandex suit but not as much structure as an actual suit. I made sure we got a stretch suiting for the black. I knew Allen would need to have a large range of motion with this costume even though it wouldn’t be as flexible as a typical superhero suit. I also picked out a red satin lining as well as a black stretchy knit lining. The red was for the lining that would show in the peplum and collar of the coat, and the black was for the body of the coat.

For construction I started with McCall’s pattern 4745. This is their men’s Civil War uniform pattern and the third time I’ve used it. It’s a great versatile pattern to keep around for men’s costumes. I made a mockup out of muslin, fit it to Allen, and drew on where I would want the red designs. I researched quilting methods for sewing the design on the front of the coat and settled on piec-lique, which involves getting creative with freezer paper. I tested that out with some scraps and muslin before moving on to the real coat.

After using the altered mockup to make final pattern pieces I moved on to actual construction, which was mostly lots of sewing I’d already tried out while watching lots of Agents of SHIELD. Keeping something on while I sew helps keep me from getting too distracted. Some noteworthy bits of this process included sewing inset corners, making and sewing on bias tape, and interfacing the collar with knit interfacing. The coat closes with an invisible zipper. I like to install these into the pieces they’ll be in instead of a garment, so I installed that in the front coat pieces before sewing the rest of the coat together. Later I also added chain stitch belt loops to the sides of the coat, and hook and eyes to help keep the buckle in place on the front.

I ordered base gloves from Greatlookz, work smarter not harder as one of my sewing buddies often says. Here’s a not-so-secret sewing secret: Everyone hates making gloves. To go with those I made the gauntlets using red spandex, red fake stretch leather, and extra thick craft foam to interface the top of the gauntlets. To paint the design on the gauntlets I made a stencil with freezer paper and painted it with black Design Master. I also layered some red Dupli-Color on the design to tone down the harshness of the black a bit. When we’re getting Allen ready as Dr. Strange in addition to gluing the wig on him we also put black eyeshadow in his facial hair to match the wig. Then it’s all up to Allen to practice his spell casting and eyebrow arching.

When not working on costumes, Allen, a National Clinical Specialist, travels the country for his job. And Mary, when not working on a film, volunteers with the Hero Alliance for charity events around Georgia.

For more from Allen click over to the Super Hero Costuming Forum.

Plus, Mary can be found at her site here.

Stay tuned to Marvel’s Tumblr as we continue highlighting more cosplayers from our Cover Variants each week!

Photographs provided by Judy Stephens.

anonymous asked:

I was wondering if you have patterns for the signless cosplay? It looks amazing and I was also wondering if you would recommend me, a complete beginner who really doesn't have much of a clue of what she's doing, to wait on something like that?

Normally, my advice for ancestors is to wait until you are an intermediate-level sewer, since these costumes can be more challenging or require special types of fabric.  However if you have several costumes under your belt, you shouldn’t have a problem making the cape portion on your own (note: if you’re very new to sewing, I’d advice trying a beta kid or troll costume instead!)

The cape: Beginner-level.  Circle capes aren’t tricky to make, but the most important thing here is to buy the right kind of fabric.  You can find a more in depth tutorial on this here: http://cowbuttcrunchies.tumblr.com/post/42433382478/signless-cloak-tutorial

Tallpants: Intermediate-level.  The simplest way to do this is probably to start with a leggings or unitard pattern, and then make sure that it’s tailored to your chest..  You’ll also need to make your red stripes out of another stretch material, and sewing straight lines on jersey can be tricky.

Tunic and pants: Beginner to intermediate-level.  Pants are easy-peasy, but adding straight stripes always complicates things.  Take your time and go slow.  Our favorite crossplay pants pattern and the one I used for my costume is McCall’s 4745.  I unfortunately don’t have a recommendation for the tunic since I drafted that myself, but any boxy shirt pattern will work.

the-story-of-an-otaku-girl  asked:

I've been looking for a good track jacket pattern to make the Iwatobi Swim Club jackets with, but I can't seem to find one. What pattern would you recommend for this or do you know of a tutorial that someone has made about these jackets?

Hi Otaku Girl! 

Here are a few patterns that I think could be easily altered into the track jackets from Free! 

External image












Some of these are going to be easier to edit than others. Look at the pattern pieces and options and choose what works for you! :) 

Good Luck on your cosplay! 

<3 L2S Cosplay

bbs5  asked:

Hi, I'm just curious on how to get the vn you posted screenshots about? The fate/stay night ones?

No problem!

This is going to end up being a bit long, but I’d rather be thorough for the sake of clarity. Apologies if you don’t want to read a novel, but the process is kind of complicated and the VN will not launch properly if you overlook a step. I made a lot of mistakes when I was trying to do it.

Unless you speak Japanese (in which case you can just buy the VN), it takes a bit of searching and downloading involved to get the F/SN VN. To my knowledge, there hasn’t been an official English release of the game, so you need to get both the game and a translation patch.

These instructions are for downloading the Realta Nua version of F/SN, plus the most complete English patch (only compatible with RN), made by some guys over on the Beast’s Lair Forums.  RN is a re-release of the VN that added voice acting and some special effects and removed H-content. The patch itself includes plenty of additional features like multiple versions of the soundtrack, openings for all the different releases of the game, and the ability to put the content that RN removed back into the VN if you would like to. It is the version of the VN that I have, and the most widely recommended from what I’ve seen.

So, step one, getting the VN.

I’m gonna preface it by saying to first actually buy F/SN to support the creators and not be guilty of copyright infringement ^-^ You can do that directly through Type-Moon or on Amazon or whatever. 

Then you can download it here: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=427133

You’ll need BitTorrent or whatever to download. Once the download is complete, you’ll have six files, one for each of the three routes, then one more crack file for each route.  You will now need to extract the files using a program like WinRAR (which is an additional download you need to do if you do not have the program).  

You will first make a folder on your computer to contain all the files you’ll be extracting. Call it Fate Stay Night or something like that. Then extract the route files, giving them each a subfolder within the Fate Stay Night folder, one for the Fate route, one for the Unlimited Blade Works route, and one for the Heaven’s Feel route.. I forget whether the extraction process does that automatically or if you’ll have to do it (creating the folders) manually.  

UPDATE 5/17/2015: For a far better explanation of this paragraph, especially for those who are not familiar with WinRAR:


Either way, It’ll look something like this when you’re done. 

At this point, you won’t have the English folder, and the folder names will look slightly different as well. Don’t worry, you’ll have to alter them a bit later on.

Once you’ve extracted each of the route files, do the same for the crack files, putting them into their respective route folders as you extract them.

Now, you must edit the titles of both the folders and the files inside the folders so that they do not include any “ / “.  PCs are incapable of reading any files with this symbol. You’ll see in the picture above how the folders should look, and here is how the contents of the folder should look.

EDIT 5/16/2015: I forgot to mention something.  You must also remove the brackets around [Realta Nua]. There should be nothing but text, spaces, or dashes in the file names. They must look exactly as they do in these pictures.

Full folder for Fate.

Shorter versions for UBW and HF.

You might not have the savedata folder or every file here as you haven’t downloaded the English patch or played yet, as long as the game files (the ones with the icons of Saber, Rin, or Sakura, depending on which route) are there and titled appropriately (and there are some other files lol), you should be good. 

Now, the the VN itself is almost completely installed.  For it to run properly, you need to change your PC system locale to Japanese. Don’t worry, nothing noticeable on your computer will change, not everything will be in Japanese, but this is the easier of two ways to get a Japanese game running on an non-Japanese computer. I forget what the other method was as this was easier one of the two. You will need to restart your computer for the changes to take effect.

EDIT 5/17/2015: You must make sure that when you go to change your system locale, you do not make the mistake of simply changing your location to Japan. When you go into the “clock, language, and region” menu, click on “change region.” The menu it will bring you to will have three tabs. To change your system locale, you will need to go to the administration tab. There, change to Japan.  If you’ve done it correctly, it will immediately ask you to restart your computer.  If it does not ask for the restart, you have not done it correctly and you will receive an error message when you go to launch the VN.

Now, when you’re done restarting, try to launch the game, using the smaller of the two game files, the roughly 4,000 KB crack file.  If it works (the VN will begin automatically in Japanese), you’ve done it all correctly.  If not, check that you’ve done all the steps correctly, or send me a message if it stil doesn’t work. Now you just need to download the patch.

Step two, getting the patch.

Here is a video outlining the features of the patch, and the patch itself is in the video description. If spoilers bother you, skip 4:30-5:20 and roughly 7:20 onward.


EDIT 5/16/2015: A direct link to the patch download on the Beast’s Lair forums, instead of the video, for those who want to avoid spoilers completely. 


Downloading the patch is a good deal easier than the VN itself.  Extract the file(s), into your Fate Stay Night general folder, creating a fourth folder as in the picture above, noting that it is the English patch.  Go into the folder and take the folder called faterealtanua_savedata and place it into your Documents folder, separating from the rest of the files.. Go back to the folder, take the contents of the folders (not the folders themselves, the individual files, one by one - you should not have subfolders within the folder) “English Patches,” “Vita OST,” “Vita OP,” and “H Mod” and put them into the faterealtanua_savedata folder. 

“English Patches” is the patch itself. “Vita OST” is the full soundtrack. “Vita OP” is the openings (the UBW and HF OPs contain spoilers, if you don’t want spoilers, don’t download). “H Mod” contains the H-scenes that were a part of the original Fate/Stay Night release. Even if you are like me and do not want H-scenes, I would recommend including this file. There is non-H-content that was censored out in RN. This patch will restore it, just turn H-scenes off in the config menu once the game itself starts. You’ll get the full content, sans H-scenes. 

My personal recommendation would be to keep H-scenes off in Fate and UBW (as they are notoriously bad), and toggle them on in HF only when Shinji appears in a scene or Sakura’s condition is discussed, as entirely removing the content changes the nature of Sakura’s condition, which involves sexual abuse. These scenes are not hentai.  (Just make sure to have them off whenever Shirou and Sakura have a romantic interaction, or any time when Shirou is alone is his room! Those scenes sometimes are.)

The contents of the savedata folder should look like this:

I don’t think you need to worry if any of the files dated 3/13/2015 are not there, they should appear after you play for the first time.

Now, you’re almost there!

Only one last thing to do. If you downloaded the Vita OP patch, you will need to download LAV filters.  The OP videos will play automatically after the third day of each route and the game will crash if you have not downloaded the filters as the videos will not be able to play properly.

I believe that is it.  The VN should now run properly in English. If not, you can message me for help.  

Launch the Fate route first.  The three routes are three separate stories, but they build off of each other and so should be played in order, Fate, Unlimited Blade Works, Heaven’s Feel.  It will start with a prologue told through the perspective of Rin Tohsaka. Once you’ve gotten through that, you’ll have reached the main menu.  Go to the config menu and configure as you please, text speed, which soundtrack you’d prefer, H-scenes or not. Once you’re done, start the game. You’ll start off with the days covered by the prologue told through Shirou Emiya’s perspective. Then the story begins. Just remember to save at every decision point, as there are plenty of Bad Ends you can end up getting if you make the wrong choice.

That’s it. Enjoy Fate/Stay Night!

4745) I know the "LGBT community" can be lovely, but I have no desire to be involved with it. I'm a woman, and I like men. I'm a straight woman. I may be the T, but I just feel uncomfortable with being involved in anything LGBT. If other straight trans people want to do the same, I'm not stopping them, but it's never appealed to me. I'd just like to live my life as a straight woman without the T.