You know, I actually like the character development in Absolution.

It shows that while he’s a profoundly screwed individual and the product of years of torture and emotional abuse to make him a weapon that 47 is still not some unfeeling monster. 

It’s actually rather interesting to see him soften up and become less amoral and more of a very dark anti-hero over the course of the game because as more his heart shoes he goes from ruthless enough to threaten Victoria at gun point to actually caring about her enough to go Papa Wolf on the people that keep trying to hurt her.

The scene above is a huge indication of that because he promises her that no-one will ever hurt her again.

By the point you reach the factory he also shows sincere disgust at what the scientists there are going to people(specifically mentioning shaping children into weapons like what was done to him all those years ago) and promises to end it. He even calls one his targets a monster.   


The One live 

MTV: Shining Through the Rain


N64767, 1944 Douglas DC-3 / C-47A Skytrain, SN 13303

February 26, 2015
Tallahassee, Florida / KTLH

It’s not every day you see an original Douglas DC-3 on your ramp. Actually, you’re likely to never see one. Being able to climb all over this machine and sit in the pilot’s seat and eventually watch her start, taxi, and take off was a surreal experience, and I likely wouldn’t have believed it had I not lived it. 

This particular 71 year old relative to the famous Spooky gunship is owned and operated by Clean Gulf Associates (CGA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to cleaning up oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico, and is based in Louisiana. N64767 is one of three DC-3 aircraft that CGA operates, and is equipped with a sprayer system used for dispersing a chemical agent that breaks up and dissolves crude oil in ocean waters. 767 is equipped for a crew of three, including two pilots and one sprayer operator, and has a massive tank in her belly which is connected to the sprayer pumps. 

I got to talk to both pilots (pictured above, standing at the back side door) before they departed, and when I mentioned I was an A&P student the chief pilot (standing on the ground) told me “You’re a student of a dying art…these old warbirds have wood and fabric control surfaces…as long as you know how to do wood and fabric work, you’ll always have a job.” They were both outstanding gentlemen, and even advised me on the best place to stand and watch as they started and taxied out when they left. 

As this beautiful, timeless piece of flying history began to roll, I gave the pilots a wave, a casual salute, and watched as she lined up on runway 36, lifted off, and flew away into the Florida sky.

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It’s not every day you see an original Douglas DC-3 on your ramp. Actually you’ll likely never see that. This was truly a surreal experience and I wouldn’t have believed it if I hadn’t been there. Here’s all the selfies I took, I’ll upload the actual pictures in a master post later after I’ve done some research on this beautiful thing. For size comparison, I’m 5’10”.

And you couldn’t quite resist could you, took a bite of her didn’t you and she was soft wasn’t she, she didn’t utter a word did she, she had trusted you hadn’t she – those warm eyes, those supple lips, those open hands – gave her self willingly to a man who promised to just taste.

What’s in a taste though?

She didn’t utter a word did she – nothing, not even as you broke; she didn’t utter a word did she – nothing, not even as you consumed her whole.

And tell me, was it worth it; tell me what it was like, to take and to take and to strip and to rip – to slash someone to the bone.

Denial, darling is a beautiful thing, but tell me, when you look in the mirror do you see the rotting.

I smell her on you, broken people sense these things – her taste lingers doesn’t it, the sweet taste though long since turned acrid lays rotting at the back of your throat doesn’t it and you can gurgle your salt water, you can drink your holy water, but it will not shelter you of her haunting.

Hurts doesn’t it?

Unbearable isn’t it?

I hope they see through your smiles, see through the pearl and into the rotting black teeth you’ve camouflaged so well.

Hurts doesn’t it, unbearable isn’t it, it’s getting harder and harder to disguise yourself isn’t it.

—  sdf 57/365