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Mariah Carey proudly flaunts her $500,000 necklace from boyfriend James Packer at same party Scott

On Saturday night. Mariah Carey about her current love live.
The 45-year-old singer once again wore the half-million dollar yellow diamond heart pendant gifted to her by her billionaire boyfriend James Packer.

Mariah was partying at Las Vegas venue; 1OAK at the Mirage.
Mariah doesn’t not seem to have stopped smiling since she first hooked up with the Australian businessman.

And on Thursday her grin certainly didn’t dissipate when she posted a picture of herself to Instagram wearing the 18-karat bling.
The 47-year-old gave it to her just before she took to the stage for her performance at Caesars Palace Colosseum on Wednesday night.
She was so delighted she even dedicated her hit song Hero to her beau during the gig.

‘I have a new heart tonight,’ she told the crowd as they whooped and cheered. 'James is in my heart tonight.’
On Saturday night the diva hit the Disick-hosted party at 1OAK without her man - but with his gift still holding pride of place very close to her heart.
Wearing a figure-hugging, floor-length Camille Flawless dress, Mariah had plenty of her ever-impressive cleavage on display.

And her necklace wasn’t the only interesting piece of jewelry she had on; on her ring finger she also wore a diamond butterfly ring.
And while James wasn’t there in person, he was there in giant cardboard cut-out head form.

Sandra Bland is one of many black women who have died in police custody.

Tanisha Anderson was a 37-year-old woman struggling with mental illness who died after Cleveland police slammed her head into the pavement outside of her family’s home in 2014.

Miriam Carey was a 34-year-old dental hygienist who made a wrong turn near the White House and was fatally shot by federal law enforcement officers in 2013.

Yvette Smith was a 47-year-old woman who was shot and killed by Texas police officers as she opened the door to her home for police in 2014.

Natasha McKenna was 37 years old when she was restrained by Virginia police, shackled at the legs and shot with a stun gun four times earlier this year. She stopped breathing and died at a hospital several days later.

Rekia Boyd was a 22-year-old woman living in Chicago when she was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer.

Mya Hall was a 27-year-old transgender woman who was shot and killed by National Security Agency guards after crashing a car into a government facility.

Shelly Frey was a 27-year-old mother of two who was shot by Wal-Mart security who accused her of shoplifting.

Darnisha Harris was only a teenager when Louisiana law enforcement officials fired two shots into the car she was driving in 2012.

Malissa Williams, 30, died after Cleveland police fired 137 times into the car that she was riding in with Timothy Russell.

Alesia Thomas was 35 when she was kicked to death by a Los Angeles Police officer.

Shantel Davis was 23 when she was shot and killed by plainclothes New York Police officers in Brooklyn in 2012.

Shereese Francis, 29, had mental illness and died after NYPD officers arrived at her home to help her family transport her to a local hospital. Four officers pressed on her back to handcuff her, and lawyers for the family later sued, saying they suffocated Francis.

Aiyana Stanley-Jones was only 7 when Detroit police officers barged into her family’s home with their guns drawn, shooting her in the head.

Tarika Wilson, 26, was killed and her 14-month-old son was wounded in 2008 after Ohio police opened fire in her home.

Kathryn Johnson was 92 years old when she was shot and killed by Atlanta police officers in a botched 2006 raid.

Alberta Spruill was 57 when she died after NYPD officers mistakenly threw a stun grenade into her home.

Kendra James was 21 when she was killed by Portland police officers in 2003.

These are just some of their names. We must say them and remember them for all women of color.

In memory of India Clarke, the 10th trans woman murdered this year
Her murder reminds us of just how little society values the lives of black trans women.

India Clarke, a 25-year-old black trans woman who was studying cosmetology, was found dead in a park in Tampa, Florida earlier this week.  She is the tenth trans woman to be murdered this year. From Autostraddle:

This news comes the same week when another black trans woman, Ashley Diamond, is reported being raped in the same prison she’s been trying to escape due to safe housing concerns and another black trans woman, Megan Taylor was arrested for being black and trans. These stories have been a harsh reminder of just how little society values the lives of black trans women, even at a time when trans people are experiencing more coverage and supposedly, more acceptance, than ever before.

Clarke joins 17-year-old Mercedes Williamson, 20-year-old Papi Edwards, 30-year-old Lamia Beard, 24-year-old Ty Underwood, 33-year-old Yazmin Vash Payne, 36-year-old Taja de Jesus, 21-year-old Penny Proud, 47-year-old Kristina Grant Infiniti and 21-year-old London Kiki Chanel on the list of trans women murdered so far this year. Twenty-two-year-old Bri Golec might also be on the list, but there have been mixed reports from friends on whether or not they were trans. More than half of these women have been black. Last year there was a total of twelve trans women reported murdered in the US, just two more than those murdered in the first seven months of this year.

Rest in power, India. We won’t stop fighting for you. 

wide-worlds-joy asked:

I wanted to say; Thank you for Coraline. I'm a 47 year old transwoman parent, and I loved it, and related to it so hard. Saw the film first, read the book recently. Well done sir. (and your reading of the Jabberwocky is what I consider the definitive version.)

I’m so glad. You are welcome!

do you ever think about how leslie jones is a 47 year old black woman carving out a spot for herself in an industry that for years has catered primarily to young white men and how fuckin raw that is


I’m a slightly middle-aged trans woman from Arizona, five years transitioned, incredibly political and active in advocacy and social justice. I’m in an extremely complicated relationship with a supportive but unrepentantly straight wife who does not like women at all “that way”, and it’s on its last legs. I hope to get to know people on here, pass on any wisdom I might have, and I will never turn down anyone’s heart if they want to offer it.