47 million

You were granted one wish, you chose immortality. That was 47 million years ago. What was the human race has evolved into something you haven’t recognized in eons. You’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to kill yourself so many times that you’ve stopped trying. Then you hear a voice behind you…

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’ Passes $500 Million at the Worldwide Box Office

Warner Bros. Pictures’ “Dunkirk” has crossed the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office, the studio announced Thursday.

The World War II epic was the last major hit of the summer season, which turned dismal during August. The domestic total after eight weeks has hit $183.7 million after a surprisingly strong opening weekend of $50 million. Top international markets were the U.K. with $72.6 million, China with $47 million, South Korea with $21 million, and France with $19 million.

Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing and distribution, said, “Christopher Nolan has proven why he is regarded as one of the greatest filmmakers of our time. His ‘Dunkirk’ is an absolute tour de force — a harrowing, emotional and sweeping moviegoing experience that pushes the boundaries of mainstream studio filmmaking. Through Chris’ lens, ‘Dunkirk’ does more than capture this pivotal moment in time; it reminds us of both the heroism and the human toll of war.”

“Dunkirk” received the widest 70MM release in more than two decades, a testament to the trust that exhibitors have in Nolan. It is based on the eight-day evacuation of more than 300,000 stranded Allied troops in 1940 from France, which included more than 800 small boats from England. It stars Kenneth Branagh, Mark Rylance, Tom Hardy, Fionn Whitehead, Tom Glynn-Carney, Jack Lowden, and Harry Styles.

Nolan shot “Dunkirk” in France, the Netherlands, the U.K., and California. The Warner Bros. release has a reported price tag of $150 million and a relatively brisk 106-minute running time.

“We are so proud of this film and congratulate Chris, Emma Thomas, the cast, and all the talented people who helped bring this monumental achievement to the screen,” Kroll said.

my mother opens the sunroof on a roadtrip at midnight and i don’t bother pretending that the stars are small enough for me to count. instead, i talk about how the closest star is 4.24 light years away and how the next closest star is 4.37 light years away and how what we see now happened years ago.

i talk about how small we are. how we’re spinning at an alarming rate but we are so incredibly minuscule compared to our planet that it’s okay. one of my brothers doesn’t care and the other is tipsy, so i’m pretty sure i’m trying to get through to myself more than anyone else.

i just forget that we aren’t important sometimes, i guess. i have the audacity to think i’ll matter in 4.24 or 4.37 light years when i’m too quiet, too human to matter now. i could die or sleep forever or never get out of bed again and all of the stars are still exploding, you know? earth is still spinning and the sun is still burning. i’m not really sure if this makes me want to thrive, or if i want to explode myself now

—  there are 7 billion, 47 million people on the planet and i have the audacity to think i matter (catherine w // sempiternalwriting)

Beyoncé Knowles: 20 times Grammy Award winner, the second most honored female artist by the Grammys and the most nominated woman in Grammy Award history with 52 nominations. She has sold over 100 million records as a solo artist, making her one of the best-selling music artists of all time. RIAA recognized her as the Top Certified Artist of the 2000s decade. As of December 2015, Beyoncé has sold 16 million albums and over 47 million digital songs in the United States as a solo artist. Critics hail her as one of the best entertainers in contemporary popular music. Forbes magazine listed her as the most powerful female musician of 2015.

Taylor Swift: 10 time Grammy Award winner, at 20 she became the youngest person ever to win Album of the Year at the Grammys with Fearless, a country album and at 26 she became the only female solo act in history to receive that award twice with 1989, a pop album. She has sold 27.67 million albums (March 2015) in the United States, making her the seventh-largest-selling female artist. She has written every single song of every album she has ever released. She’s the only artist in history to have three consecutive albums sold more than 1 million copies in its first week. Swift owns the most awarded country album in music history (Fearless) and the most awarded pop album in music history (1989). This year, BMI will present Taylor Swift with an award bearing her name in recognition of her incomparable creative and artistic talent and influence on music lovers throughout the world. (This is only the second time in BMI’s 76-year history that the company has presented an award in someone’s name. The first was to Michael Jackson in 1990).

Adele: Academy Award Winner for best original song in a motion picture with Skyfall (2013) and 10 time Grammy Award Winner. She and Beyoncé hold the record of most Grammys won by a female artist in one night with six each. With 21 non-consecutive weeks at number 1 in the US, Adele broke the record for the longest number-1 album by a woman in Billboard history, beating the record formerly held by Whitney Houston’s soundtrack The Bodyguard.21 spent its 23rd week at number one in March 2012, making it the longest-running album at number one since 1985 and it became the fourth best-selling album of the past 10 years in the United States. 25 is the first album to sell more than 3 million copies in a week in Nielsen history, and only the second to surpass 2 million sold in a single frame. Adele is easily the best voice in music industry nowadays.

Beyoncé, Taylor, Adele, Gaga, Rihanna… You know one thing they all have in common? They make art maintaining true to themselves, they are unique in what they do, and that’s the key to their success. All these women can be successful at the same time in the same universe, crazy huh? Stop pitting women against each other.

Lost Series - Part Seven

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Warning : Smut .. Kinda.. Lol.

Requests are open. xx

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“Just stay away from Theo, please?” I asked Jerome.

He rolled his eyes, “he got us out of Arkham, doll. And in case you didn’t realize.. We’re kinda living with him. Plus, I don’t really have anything against him.”

“I do though! I don’t trust him and if I don’t then you shouldn’t either.” I spoke, sitting next to the ginger.

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20 facts!

I was tagged by my lovely friend Annie and I don’t often do fact things when I’m tagged in them but I thought it might lift my mood a little bit. Sorry if this is boring!
1. I pretty much have the most boring name in the universe and honestly the only plus about it is that nobody ever spells it wrong.
2. I really want to live in the mountains when I’m older because its so peaceful there.
3. My perfect life would be living in a cottage in the mountains with a few cats and maybe a bunny, writing poetry and YA novels and maybe working in a low-key job part-time so I have enough money to buy food. 
4. Apparently I am good at baking cookies but I’m not really sure why my cookies taste different to other people’s because literally all I do is follow the recipe on the back of the choc chip packet.
5. I have Epilepsy.
6. I get obsessed with collecting little things like socks and badges. I’m not really sure why, they just make me happy.
7. I really like daydreaming and could seriously sit somewhere daydreaming for 8 hours straight if I wasn’t interrupted.
8. I have 3 typewriters, an Olivetti Lettera 32, an Olivetti Lettera 42 and a 1923 Remington Portable which is honestly my pride and joy.
9. I would love to get a job restoring/servicing typewriters.
10. I’m really bad at making friends and working out if someone actually wants to be friends/considers me their friend so If you want to be my friend you pretty much have to tell me directly or I’ll just assume you hate me.
11. I haven’t been to a hairdresser since I was about 10 or 11 (my mum cuts my hair now) because the last time I went I asked for a trim and they cut like 30 cm off.
12. I really hate shopping and after I’ve been out shopping I usually go home and cry for 47 million years.
13. Even though I hate shopping I absolutely love giving people presents and the whole process of deciding what to get them and wrapping it and choosing a card just makes me so so happy. 
14. I’m not really fond of ‘lifestyle’ bloggers or instagrammers because it just seems like such a waste of time to me? It seems so unrealistic and time consuming and cringey. I support people doing it if they enjoy it, of course, but I’m not really a fan. 
15. I hatehatehate it when people touch me. Like if you even accidentally touch me I will probably burst into tears. I don’t like hugs unless they’re from my mum.
16. I don’t understand romantic relationships at all like they just baffle me and I just don’t get them?????
17. When I was a kid I would eat jam off a spoon so my parents had to store the jam in that locked section of the fridge that (i think?) is supposed to be for alcohol.
18. I have the worst memory and I am constantly forgetting things like passwords and losing important documents.
19. I currently have 6 unopened bars of Pana Chocolate in my room because who the hell doesn’t?!?!?!
20. When I was little I got a giant piece of Lego stuck in my mouth. 
I tag @ninja-bunny1652 @lifeandloveandfandom @allthesinkingships @ipoetried @andrewraynepoetry @scripted-ink and anyone else who wants to do it! Consider yourself tagged!

Such a Joker (22/?)


Jim POV:

“Valeska has red hair, crazy laugh. Might be rolling with a pretty young number.” Harvey says to a suspect mentioning my daughter in the process. I clench my fist and breath deeply.

“I-I don’t know anything.” The man says scared. “You believe him?” “ Nope.” “Me neither.” “It’s the truth! But, hey, I-I can help you guys, you know, spread the word and stuff.” He says putting his hands up. 

“Valeska killed a friend of ours. Anybody hides him, anybody protects him, they go down, too, you got it? Now spread the word! Harvey yells.

I go sit at my desk and rest my head in my hands. “Ugh (y/n) what have you gotten yourself into?”

(Y/n) POV: 
Jerome, Tabatha, and I go to visit Jerome’s father. We stand in his apartment snooping when the door opens.

“Who’s there? I know someone’s there.” The old man says in his scratchy voice.

Jerome jumps and cover the mans mouth. “Hi-ya, Pops. Long time no see.” I giggle at his bad pun. “Good one baby!” “Thanks dollface.” Jerome winks at me.

We place old man in a chair tied down. “So, how you doing? Ah, the silent treatment, eh? Here, I’ll tell you a story. You remember Kansas City, Dad? The circus went through town every spring right around my birthday. There was this guy.
Him and my mom used to drink and fornicate and beat the crap out of me. They’d make a whole night out of it. And I remember one time it was my ninth birthday him and my mom had just finished round one of boozing, boning, beating up Jerome, and were deciding to take a little break. Anyway Mm. I was outside the trailer, and you were there.
And you said, “Why are you crying, Jerome?” “It’s my birthday. And my mom and the snake guy are beating me. ” then you said, “This world doesn’t care about you “or anyone else, Jerome.
Better to realize that now. ” And that was it.”

I cross my arms over Jerome’s shoulders and hug him. “Such a bad father Mr. Cicero! How could you treat such a nice boy like that?” Jerome kisses my arm. “You see, there’s this guy, Dad. He believes in me. He believes in (y/n) and I. He thinks I’m gonna be a star. And, tonight, all of Gotham will see that, too. Except for you. ‘Cause you’ll be, you know, dead.” Jerome laughs.

“Jerome” his father tries to speak. “Is this the part where you say how sorry you are? Hmm? How you should have believed in me, how it’s not too late to start again? News flash, Dad: it’s too late.” Jerome growls.

“You don’t have to do this.” I laugh throwing my head back. “No. I’m pretty sure he does.” “I was a bad father, but I did love you. To kill me for that.” Jerome rolls his eyes. “That’s not why I’m gonna kill you. Plans to Arkham Asylum. Look at these.
Ah. Letters between you and your troubled son.
Innocent at first glance, but Detective Gordon you remember him, right? he’ll feel little bumps. A secret message written in Braille between you and your son, discussing my escape. Finally, the knockout gas used to disable the orderlies.
'Cause, you see, Dad, this guy I was telling you about, he’s the one who broke me out of Arkham.
He doesn’t want anyone to know about that.
Obviously. So the police will find these letters, mmm, and they’ll think, “The blind old fool really loved his son. What a wonderful father.” Oh. There won’t be a dry eye in the house.” Jerome wipes his father’s eyes dramatically.

“They’ll never believe it.” “Ah, sure, they will.
Cops are dumb. Isn’t that right (y/n)?” “Oh the dumbest!” I laugh.

“There’s nothing to eat in this dump. Finish up and let’s go.” Tabitha says frustrated. “Sorry you’re gonna miss my big night, Dad. But, hey, you’re psychic. So, tell me, do I kill?”

“You Will be a curse upon Gotham.
Children will wake from sleeps screaming at the thought of you. Your legacy will be death and madness.”

“Ha, ha, ha. Well say hi to Mom for me.” Jerome says seconds away from stabbing the man’s brains.

“GCPD! GCPD! Mr.Cicero, it’s Detective Gordon.
We need to speak with you about your son.” Jerome motions for me to run out to the fire escape, and I listen not wanting to be caught by my dumb cop father.

Jerome POV:
Jim waddles out of the door all loopy and such. “That gas sure packs a wallop, huh?” He tries to raise his gun at me. “That’s cute.” I laugh and take his gun away only for him to place his hands around my neck. “I’m sensing anger.” I say laughing. “You killed Sarah Essen. Now I’m gonna kill you.” “Correction! Your daughter pulled that trigger! Ah she’s a good girl Gordon. Let her be free!” I laugh and point the gun at his head.

“Don’t shoot him. How about a little flesh wound?” Tabatha says kicking him in the face and knocking him cold.

(Y/n) POV:
I brush my dress down getting all the wrinkles out so it lays flat and nice against my body. “Hmm someone looks delicious!” Jerome says kissing my neck and rubbing his hands all over my sides. “Well you know. Only the best.” “Only if I could take you out of this. Oh you don’t know what I’d do.” “3 years of fucking and something new? Surprise me.” I say wrapping my arms around him and bringing his lips to mine. “Hm that comes later tonight babygirl. To celebrate our victory! Now let’s get going. Don’t want to be late baby. Can’t miss the show!” He laughs and drags me oh the door.

When we get to the banquet Jerome, Barbara and I go through the back door. “Get the magician.” I say to Babs. As the magician that is supposed to perform tonight walk through the door we tackle him and tie him up placing him in a chest.

“Thank you for filling in on such short notice.
But how did you hear our magician dropped out Mr?” “Rodolfo. Well, you know, magic.” Jerome says in his ridiculous accent. “Oh, I won’t be needing that.” Jerome says and we shut the chest.

I walk over to J and adjust his suit. “Be careful out there J. Give them the best show they’ve ever seen!” “Oh no problem there baby. Stay back here. I don’t want you getting caught.” I tug on his suit smirking. “Yes sir.”

“Without further ado, please allow me to present to you the Great Rodolfo.”

“Ha! Greetings, ladies and germs! I am indeed the Great Rodolfo. Please ogle my lovely assistant.
Ooh! For my first act, I’ll require a volunteer. Let me see. Duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck, duck goose!” Jerome points to Bruce Wayne.

Babs goes out into the crowd and brings him back. “Hello, young man. Does this handsome gentleman have a name?” “Bruce.” “Bruce! Well, Bruce, this won’t hurt a bit. Is there a doctor in the house?”

Jerome sticks one of the blades in the box along with the other one getting the audience to gasp and applauded him. “Give ‘em a wave. Some people say Bruce has a split personality. For my next illusion, I’d like to call to the stage esteemed Deputy Mayor Harrison Kane.”

From then on all hell breaks loose. Jerome kills the deputy mayor and gunfire is started along with the rest of the show because who can stop at just there? Ha! Not J.

Lee’s phone rings and Jerome picks it up. He ten looks at me and smiles. “Are you outside? You are, aren’t you? Oh, goody! I swear to God, if you’ve hurt her Breathe, James. I haven’t touched a hair on your girlfriend’s pretty head. See for yourself.
This is live television after all. The feed just came back.”

“True, but not the point. Hey, let’s talk about what I want. $47 million, a helicopter, obviously, the dry cleaning I left at Mr. Chang’s be careful, the man is a crook, your daughter and I to live happily ever after and, mm, I don’t know, a pony. Uh You got ten minutes, or I start killing people. Remember, this is being broadcast to every home in Gotham, so, you know, don’t let people die. Bye.” Jerome laughs into the phone and hangs up. “I think that went well.” “Enough! You need to pack up your pathetic little sideshow and leave.” Glavan says walking up to the stage. “Is that right?” Jerome asks with a sexy smirk. “It may be presumptuous to speak for all the citizens of Gotham. But we are sick of you! You’re a small, vicious man with a pathetic need for attention. Enough, man. For God’s sakes, enough.” “I’m curious what your leverage is here, Mr ?” Theo Galavan” “Well, Mr.
Theo Galavan, if you don’t sit down, uh, I’m going to shoot you. In the face.” I know there is some human decency left in you.
you said something about living happily ever after? If you need to take a hostage, take me. But let these people go home to their families, to their children.” Babs hits him over the head knocking him out. “Boring.” “Right?”

Jerome continues to play around with people making me laugh harder behind the curtains. “Hold very still. Oh. I can’t look. Someone tell me how it turns out.” He placed his hand over his eyes and pulls the trigger to the gun only for water to come out. “Damn! Turn around.”

Jerome turns the man around and shoots the Apple off his head. “Well, clap!” Jerome says and immediately the crowd begins to clap.

“Well I think it’s time for tonight’s first official victim, you all know and love, poor rich boy, parents murdered in an alley, and my favorite volunteer.
Where is Bruce Wayne?! You know I’m an orphan, too, Bruce.I killed my parents though. Where are you hiding? Bruce! Where are you, buddy? Kill his butler.”

They get rich boys butler all roughed up. “Last chance, Bruce, but it’s about to get very butler brain out here.”

“I’m bored.” Babs says rolling her eye. “Shoot the butler.” “Stop!” Bruce yells as he steps out.

Jerome places the blade against Bruce’s neck. “Seems like we got ourselves a pickle. What do you say, Brucey boy? Want to boost our ratings, huh? Smile.”

Galavan get up and stride to Jerome. “I said, enough!” Jerome turns around. It all happens so fast. A knife is plunged into my jokersters neck.
“NO!” I scream and run over to him. I fall to my knees beside him while blood spills from his neck and mouth. “Jerome. No. I love you!” I sob over him. “Doll face no tears. Smile. I want to see that beautiful smile.” He places his hand on my cheek and wipes my tears. Seconds. In seconds the light leaves his eyes and his skin grows cold. “No! No! You bastard!” I scream at Galavan.

Jerome’s body is moved out and transferred to the morgue while I am put on expected trial for murder and being insane.

Luckily my father doesn’t have that type of stomach for his own blood. He can’t send me to Arkham. He can’t even send me to a jail cell. That’s why I’ve been sitting in my room for over the past week. Barely eating. Barely breathing.

A knock on my door is heard and second later it’s opened. “Hey sweetie. I got some food if you want it. I know you don’t want to but you need to (y/n). Please for me.” My dad sits on the end of the bed and rubs my calf setting to food on the table.

“I’ll do anything honey. Just say it.” I wipe my eyes and roll over to face him. “I just need time. I need to think. Clear my mind. I need distraction.” “I can get you a job. A job is a great distraction!” “In time daddy. I’ll be ready.” I say flipping on my side again. “Of course (y/n). I’m sorry you’re feeling so low.”

“Daddy wait.” “Yes?” I get up and hug him. “Please don’t send me away.” I say crying into his chest. “Never again. Never.” My father kisses my head crying with me.

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BREAKING: Emmanuel Macron (EM!) wins the 2017 French Presidential Election
Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron will be the 25th president of France having beaten the far-right National Party's Marine Le Pen in the final round of the election on Sunday evening, according to exit polls.
By Gemma Acton

Gemma Acton at CNBC: 

Independent centrist Emmanuel Macron will be the 25th president of France having beaten the far-right National Party’s Marine Le Pen in the final round of the election on Sunday evening, according to exit polls.

Voter turnout was recorded at 65.30 percent as of 5:00 p.m. local time, according to an official statement from the Interior Ministry.

That figure compares to 71.96 percent at the same time during the last election in 2012 and 75.11 percent in 2007.

At 39-years old, Macron is set to be the youngest ever French president with his victory being interpreted as a boost for European cooperation, a concept of which he is a fervent advocate.

He is expected to push for a harder line on behalf of the European Union as the U.K. negotiates its exit from the trading bloc. On the other hand, while on the campaign trail, losing candidate Le Pen had advocated abandoning the euro currency used within the EU as well as closing the Union’s open borders.

A spokesperson for Macron’s En Marche movement claimed on Friday to have been aggressively hit by a “massive and co-ordinated” anonymous hacking operation which had resulted in 9 gigabytes’ worth of emails and financial data being posted online to a document sharing site called Pastebin.

This came at the tail end of a dramatic campaigning period that has seen a series of scandals, demonstrations and vicious rhetoric shake news and markets.

France has a population of around 64.89 million people, according to the latest estimates from the United Nations, with approximately 47 million eligible to vote in Sunday’s election.

Thank God Le Pen lost big time.

MLP vs. Blade Runner

One of the funniest things I’ve seen this year is this completely unprecedented rivalry between the MLP fandom and Blade Runner fandom.

It starts simply enough; My Little Pony: the Movie was slated to come out in November, but moved back a month to avoid becoming a complete washout thanks to Pixar’s Coco coming out the same month. October 6th became the final date, coincidentally the same date that Blade Runner 2049 was coming out. There were a few jokes about adult men paying for Blade Runner tickets but sneaking in to MLP instead, but nothing serious until about a week before these movies came out.

On 4chan’s /mlp/ board, one bold Anon decided to stake a claim that not only would Blade Runner completely destroy MLP in the box office, but it would go on to become a critical and commercial success, rekindling the long-lost genre of sci-fi noir films. /mlp/ proceeded to shrug off the claim with “lol who cares”

Fast forward to the opening weekend. As expected, Blade Runner comes in first to universal critical acclaim, and MLP comes in fourth with critics either loving or hating it. Seems like it’s a clear-cut winner scenario, except that Blade Runner performed BELOW expectations. It was projected to open somewhere between $43-47 million, but finished the weekend at $32.8 million, about $10 million below expectations.

Critics and investors were taken aback. Journalists started scrambling to find out what went wrong. And as Blade Runner’s budget and investment information came in, it got worse. The film’s budget was somewhere between $150-$180 million, but in order to turn a profit, it would have to break $400 million total. Sony (who, coincidentally, lost the film right to MLP because they couldn’t fucking control themselves and wanted to make it a Smurfs rehash) had invested a ton of money into Blade Runner and not only wanted to be paid back in full before anyone else, but wanted a percentage of the profits.

Blade Runner would go on to flounder in the international market too. Film critics and journalists were practically begging for international markets to save the film, but it didn’t work out. It was projected to open at $60 million internationally, and instead made $50.2 million. In the end, the film made $256.8 million, and against the $400 million it needed to break even, it was considered a bomb, with the studio set to lose $80 million, and pretty much destroyed any hope of getting a sequel.

Meanwhile, the MLP film made nowhere near as much money as Blade Runner did. But it had a far more modest budget, was marketed carefully, and thanks to its rating was open to much more audiences than Blade Runner’s “R”. It made about $21.8 million domestically and $29.6 million internationally, for a total of about $51 million. Hasbro never released the budget number for the movie, but insiders say it was between $5 and $8 million, which a supposed leaked document (which has never been verified) suggests it was closer to $25 million. Regardless, Hasbro was happy enough in the film’s performance that in an investment call in November, they said a sequel was very likely to happen. And remember, this is despite the film not going over well with critics, not only being snubbed from any sort of awards, but ALSO the film leaking online a week before release.

In other words, despite making less money and not being as favored by critics, MLP was far more successful than Blade Runner. And BR fans on 4chan were furious. They would swarm /mlp/ shitposting, pointing out all of the MLP movie’s flaws and sharing every negative review they could find, with posts like “IT’S OVER, HASBRO IS FINISHED, HOW WILL BRONIES EVER RECOVER” en masse. And it’s still happening now, especially when Justice League came out and underperformed as well (that one needed to make $700 million to break even, but only made $567 million), with DC fans and BR fans ganging up on MLP to try to make bronies hate the thing they love.

The internet is wild, yo.

Taylor Swift music videos masterpost

Music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” will be out tomorrow and it will attract a lot of views not just for itself but also for all Taylor’s videos and I just thought it would be nice if we tried to get a couple of new VEVO Certifications during Reputation era.

Here’s music videos that haven’t reached 100 million views marks + amount of views:

Picture To Burn: 94 million
New Romantics: 67 million
Ours: 65 million
Sparks Fly: 53 million
Fearless: 47 million
Change: 45 million
Tim McGraw: 36 million
I’m Only Me When I’m With You: 36 million
The Last Time: 30 million
The Best Day: 18 million

As soon as New Romantic gets VEVO Certification, all videos from 1989 era will have this “award”. The same with The Last Time and Red era.

Two music videos from Speak Now era haven’t reached 100 million mark, three from Fearless era and three from Taylor Swift era as well.

Other music videos are also close to achieve their next VEVO certifications:

Second Vevo Certification:

Back To December: 169 million
Mean: 163 million
Our Song: 155 million
Begin Again: 136 million
Fifteen: 135 million
White Horse: 131 million
Red: 127 million
Out Of The Woods: 121 million
Safe & Sound: 119 million
Teardrops On My Guitar: 117 million
The Story Of Us: 100 million

Third Vevo Certification:

Mine: 256 million
Everything Has Changed: 238 million

Fourth Vevo Certification:

Love Story: 393 million
I Don’t Wanna Live Forever: 375 million
I Knew You Were Trouble: 371 million

Fifth Vevo Certification:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together: 479 million
22: 438 million

Sixth Vevo Certification:

Wildest Dreams: 566 million
Style: 503 million

Eighth Vevo Certification:

You Belong With Me: 746 million

Twelfth Vevo Certification:

Bad Blood: 1 104 million

Twenty-second Vevo Certification:

Blank Space: 2 140 million

Twenty-fourth Vevo Certification:

Shake It Off: 2 343 million 

All of @taylorswift music videos are really cool and I think all of them deserve to have at least one vevo certification. Just remember that only 10 music videos by Taylor out of 34 don’t have such award. Reputation era will surely bring us a couple of videos with millions of views and along with fetus videos Taylor will change history once again!

You son of a bitch.”

True, but not the point. Hey, let’s talk about what I want. $47 million, a helicopter, obviously, the dry cleaning I left at Mr. Chang’s - Be careful the man is a crook - And, mm, I don’t know, a pony. Uh you got ten minutes, or I start killing people. Remember, this is being broadcast to every home in Gotham, so, you know, don’t let people die. Bye!

Jerome Valeska [Gotham] - aka everyone’s favorite sinnamon roll 


When Leanne Brown moved to New York from Canada to earn a master’s in food studies at New York University, she couldn’t help noticing that Americans on a tight budget were eating a lot of processed foods heavy in carbs.

“It really bothered me,” she says. “The 47 million people on food stamps — and that’s a big chunk of the population — don’t have the same choices everyone else does.”

Brown guessed that she could help people in SNAP, the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, find ways to cook filling, nourishing and flavorful meals. So she set out to write a cookbook full of recipes anyone could make on a budget of just $4 a day.

The result is Good and Cheap, which is free online and has been downloaded over 700,000 times.

Cheap Eats: A Cookbook For Eating Well On A Food Stamp Budget

  • [Lotor is holding Lance hostage]
  • Keith: You son of a bitch!
  • Prince Lotor: True, but not the point. Let's talk about what I want: $47 million, a helicopter, obviously, the dry cleaning I left at Mr. Chang's - be careful, the man is a crook - and, oh, I don't know, a pony. You got 10 minutes or I start killing people. And remember, this is being broadcast to every home in the universe, so, ya know, don't let people die. Bye! [laughs hysterically, hangs up] I think that went well.
100 Michael Jackson Facts
  • 1. Michael Jackson's favorite animated character was Pinocchio
  • 2. When he was a child his favorite books included Rip Van Winkle and The Old Man and the Sea
  • 3. Michael Jackson was very ticklish
  • 4. Saint Vincent, an island in the Caribbean, once issued Michael Jackson stamps
  • 5. The singer once owned a boa constrictor called “Muscles”
  • 6. As a youngster he used to put spiders in sister La Toyah’s bed
  • 7. He played a scarecrow in The Wiz, a movie version of the Wizard of Oz
  • 8. He has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (one for himself and one as part of the Jackson Five)
  • 9. Quincy Jones nicknamed him “smelly” – a slang term similar to “funky”
  • 10. Jackson described his own voice on early Jackson 5 records as “like Minnie Mouse”
  • 11. He was a big fan of The Three Stooges
  • 12. He is an Exeter City fan
  • 13. He had two llamas called Louis and Lola
  • 14. Thriller spent 37 weeks at number one in the US Billboard chart.
  • 15. In 1984 he won eight Grammys – the joint highest amount ever won by one person in a single year
  • 16. He gave his first public performance at the age of 5 singing Climb Every Mountain
  • 17. He had eight brothers and sisters
  • 18. His marriage to Lisa-Marie Presley lasted only 19 months
  • 19. Jackson paid $47 million for the publishing rights to the Beatles back catalogue in 1985 and sold a share of to Sony in 1995 for $95 million
  • 20. His middle name was Joseph
  • 21. He was born on Aug 29, 1958
  • 22. At the Brit Awards in 1996 Pulp frontman Jarvis Cocker took exception to his bombastic performance of Earth Song and ran on to the stage
  • 23. Jackson was very fond of Mexican food
  • 24. In 1993 Jackson’s dermatologist said he had a rare skin disease called vitiligo, which causes sufferers to lose pigmentation in their skin
  • 25. Thriller is the world’s best-selling record of all time with an estimated 150 million copies sold worldwide
  • 26. Two of his other albums – Bad and Dangerous – are also among the world’s best-selling records
  • 27. He popularised dance moves including the robot and the moonwalk
  • 28. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice
  • 29. He won 13 Grammy Awards
  • 30. Billie Jean was the first video by a black artist to air on MTV.
  • 31. Jackson owns the rights to the South Carolina State Anthem, South Carolina on My Mind.
  • 32. He has waxworks in five Madame Tussauds museums across the world. Only Elvis Presley and Madonna have more.
  • 33. He has sold more than 300 million records worldwide
  • 34. His favourite superhero is Morph from X-Men
  • 35. He had a pet ram called Mr Tibbs
  • 36. His total lifetime earnings from music are estimated at $500 million
  • 37. Jackson regularly wore a black armband to remind people of children suffering around the world.
  • 38. The moonwalk was picked up from street dancers
  • 39. Little Richard wanted to be played by Jackson in a biopic
  • 40. Jackson had a pet python called Crusher
  • 41. In 1984 a French fan committed suicide because he couldn’t have surgery to look like Jackson
  • 42. The video for Scream was the most expensive ever at £3.8 million.
  • 43. A library once accused the singer of owing $1 million in overdue book fines
  • 44. Jackson was a vegetarian
  • 45. He won an MTV award for Best Movie Song in 1994. It was for Will You Be There from the movie Free Willy
  • 46. HIStory was the biggest selling double album ever released in the United States
  • 47. Jackson was given a royal title in the Ivory Coast in 1992
  • 48. Before concerts he would drink Ricola candy dissolved in hot water
  • 49. His birthplace Gary, Indiana, is planning a museum in his honour
  • 50. The singer patented a shoe device that allowed dancers to lean forward at gravity defying angles
  • 51. He was a best man at Liza Minnelli’s wedding to David Gest
  • 52. The largest television audience in US history watched him perform at half time during the 1993 Super Bowl
  • 53. Martin Scorcese once directed a Jackson video
  • 54. A survey in 1997 declared him the Most Famous Person in the World
  • 55. He paid $1.5 million in 1999 to buy for the 1939 Oscar for best film won by Gone With The Wind
  • 56. Jackson once described Elizabeth Taylor as “a warm cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to”
  • 57. He recorded a voice-over on The Simpsons
  • 58. Macauley Culkin is godfather to two of Jackson’s children
  • 59. Jackson co-wrote We Are The World with Lionel Richie
  • 60. He is godfather to Nicole Richie
  • 61. He is also godfather to Bee Gees singer Barry Gibb’s son Michael
  • 62. Jackson shares a birthday with Sir Richard Attenborough and actress Rebecca DeMornay
  • 63. At the time of his death Jackson was rehearsing for his greatest comeback, with 50 shows scheduled in London
  • 64. He was four years old when he began singing with his brothers Marlon, Jermaine, Jackie and Tito in the Jackson 5
  • 65. The Jackson 5’s number one hits included “I Want You Back,” “ABC” and “I’ll Be There”
  • 66. In 2002 Jackson caused controversy when he playfully dangled his infant son, Prince Michael II, over a hotel balcony in Berlin in front of fans
  • 67. MC Hammer once challenged Jackson to a dance off
  • 68. In a TV documentary he acknowledged sharing his bed with children but described the practice as sweet, and not sexual
  • 69. During production of a 1984 Pepsi advertisement Jackson sustained burns when an explosion set his hair on fire
  • 70. Jackson’s 13 number one hits on the US Billboard charts put him behind only Elvis Presley, the Beatles and Mariah Carey
  • 71. Jackson’s father Joseph worked in a steel mill
  • 72. Joseph Jackson and his brother Luther were in an R&B band called The Falcons
  • 73. Michael was raised as a Jehovah’s Witness by his mother
  • 74. In a 1993 interview with Oprah Winfrey the singer spoke of a traumatic childhood including suffering from loneliness
  • 75. Jackson showed his singing talent at the age of five when he performed at a Christmas recital
  • 76. The family band was originally called the Jackson Brothers
  • 77. Michael was promoted to joint lead vocals at the age of eight and the band became the Jackson 5
  • 78. They toured extensively in the US Midwest from 1966 to 1968
  • 79. Hestrongly disliked the “Wacko Jacko” nickname
  • 80. Wild stories about him included that he slept in an oxygen chamber and that he bought the bones of The Elephant Man.
  • 81. During the world tour for Bad he performed to 4.4 million people
  • 82. His first autobiography, Moonwalk, took four years to complete
  • 83. The book reached the top of The New York Times best sellers’ list
  • 84. Jackson had 8 siblings; 5 brothers and 3 sisters
  • 85. He suggested weight loss and a strict vegetarian diet had contributed to the change in his appearance
  • 86. He paid $17 million in 1988 for the land in California that became the Neverland Ranch
  • 87. The 2,700-acre property had a theme park, a menagerie, and a movie theatre.
  • 88. Its grounds were protected by a security staff of 40
  • 89. Neverland was valued at $100 million in 2003
  • 90. The profits from his single “Man in the Mirror” went to charity
  • 91. In 1991 he signed a contract with Sony worth $65 million
  • 92. In 1992 he founded the Heal the World Foundation which brought underprivileged children to Neverland and made donations worldwide
  • 93. When he visited the African country of Gabon 100,000 people turned out to see him
  • 94. Jackson’s most famous pet was Bubbles the chimpanzee
  • 95. Bubbles was adopted at the age of three from a cancer research clinic in Texas.
  • 96. Bubbles sat in on recording sessions for the Bad album and accompanied Jackson to Tokyo
  • 97. The artist Jeff Koons made a series of sculptures of Jackson and Bubbles
  • 98. Jackson fathered two children with Deborah Jeanne Rowe – Michael Joseph Jackson Junior (also known as “Prince”) and a daughter, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson
  • 99. The couple divorced in 1999 and Rowe gave full custody rights to Jackson
  • 100. Vitiligo, the skin disease from which he suffered, affects 1 to 2 percent of the population
  • ~Courtesy of The Telegraph

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