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ProTip #47: Balance a book on your head

When studying for hours on end, or sitting at a desk for hours on end, it’s natural to end up tired, hunched over the desk, and have a horrible crick in your neck at the end of the day. Plus, you can end up with some medical issues from poor posture over the years!

To stave this off, sit with your back straight (pretend you’re balancing something on your head) and your head only slightly tilted downward, and drink a lot of cold water. This will help you breath deeper, stay hydrated, and consequently keep you more alert.

Ways to help with posture:

  • put a tape marker over the spot where you USUALLY end up hunched over your desk; this will remind you to not stray from your posture
  • tape a reminder to your computer/lamp/cubby: “sit up STRAIGHT” usually works for me

Get things UP and to your eye level:

  • an old shoebox as a computer stand
  • a stack of old textbooks as a computer stand
  • bookstands can be very cheap, save space, and prevent you from hunching over your textbooks!

Ways to stay hydrated:

  • put fruit in your water (I like cucumbers & citrus)
  • keep (unsweetened) pre-prepared tea on hand
  • put a checklist of how much water you drank today (half your body weight in ounces is good!)
  • put reminders in your work space (post its are good and don’t cause any residual stickiness)

i just want an episode that centers around a completely casual day with Jane and Maura doing mundane things like:

  • Maura taking Jane up and down Newbury Street 600 times and Jane carrying/balancing 47 shopping bags
  • Jane and Maura on the T and Jane glaring back at guys staring at Maura with a permanent scowl plastered on her face.
  • Jane standing in line tapping her foot and glancing at her watch every .4 seconds while Maura talks to the barista about fair trade coffee and the molecular differences between natural sugar and sugar substitutes.
  • Maura surprising Jane with Red Sox tickets and box seats, but wearing all pink Sox gear.
  • Maura eating a Fenway Frank and getting mustard on her face and Jane being all “lemme get that for you :3” and wiping it away
  • Jane, a little drunk and falling asleep during extra innings, and Maura pulling her baseball cap over her eyes so the field lights don’t bother her.
  • Sharing a cab back to Maura’s and Jane arguing to at least let her pay because Maura took her out and Maura being like “okay, fine, but i insist you spend the night because it is late..” blah blah blah
  • Jane texting Maura goodnight from the guest room and Maura in bed, still wearing the jersey Jane gave her smiling wistfully at her phone screen before setting her alarm for work.

anonymous asked:

What's the whole 47 thing about with the Progressive Era?

As far as i understand, the number 47 represents peace and balance.

This is because our 4th chakra known as the ‘Heart’ chakra gives us our ability to love and to open the 7th chakra known as the 'Crown’ chakra you must balance your other chakras.

STEEZ also believed that in 2047 the world would come to an end and he would be resurrected as a god/baphomet.

The number also has a meaning to indigo children but i’m not sure if it means the same to them or something completely different.