47 47

A Bosnian girl, holding an AK-47 rifle smokes a cigarette as she waits for a funeral service at Sarajevo’s Lion’s cemetery in 1992.


maybe the Silver Crystal operates on D&D rules

“I roll to use the Silver Crystal” 

“you rolled a nat 20. everyone in the city comes back to life! Tokyo is saved!”

“I roll to use the Silver Crystal again”

“a 2? oh. oh no. the earth is on fire. everything you might have loved is gone. nothingness engulfs everything. there is no God. there is only Serenity” 

Happy 47th Birthday, Dearest River

“It is a very beautiful river.
I have often listened to it, gazed at it,
and I have always learned something from it.
One can learn a lot from a river.“
- Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse


^^ And, last but not least, the Exceeds: