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Aw, I'm sorry your day is so sucky! Okay, 4,5, 19, 20, 24, 26, 33, 35, 47, 50, 54, 76, 84 (LOL), 91-93, and 98! :)

4. If you could travel back in time, to what year / period would you travel?
I’ve always been really interested in early 1900s Russia, like around and just before the Russian Revolution. And of course, who wouldn’t want to go back to the 80s? :P

5. If you could travel back in time, who would you like to meet? Ooh this is hard. There are so many people! I’d probably go with famous writers though … like maybe the Brontë sisters … or Oscar Wilde? And this is super cliche but probably Abraham Lincoln. 

19. What is your favourite Jane Austen novel? Guess who has yet to read Jane Austen? :P So I tried to read Pride and Prejudice a few years back and couldn’t really get into it, but I’ll give it another try at some point! I just don’t think I’m particularly going to enjoy Austen, other than maybe Northanger Abbey because I love gothic stuff. 

20. What is your favourite Brontë novel? I’m currently reading Jane Eyre and it’s amazing but I may have to go with Wuthering Heights on this one. 

24. Do you read fanfiction? Nope. I prefer to do the healthy thing and rant about canon instead :P

26. What is your favourite Disney-movie? The Hunchback of Notre Dame IS THE BEST AND MOST UNDERRATED DISNEY MOVIE OF ALL TIME THANK YOU AND GOOD DAY. 

33. Do you like complete silence when reading or can you stand some background noise? I need complete silence (I can’t concentrate at all if people are talking), but occasionally I can listen to music and read at the same time (especially if the music isn’t in English). 

35. What is your dream major? Computer Science (with a minor in French)! But also linguistics would be really cool too … 

47. Are you into Yoga? Definitely not. It’s a little too slow paced for me and I’m not flexible at all and so I’m terrible at it and so I hate it ;)

50. Do you smell books? Sometimes :P 

54. Chemistry or Physics? CHEMISTRY. I fucking hate physics. 

76. Pencil or pen? Pencil. My handwriting is so much neater in pencil and I like being to erase things. 

84. Do you like Rory Gilmore? No. I love her! But that doesn’t mean I put her up on a pedestal or cease to love her when she makes mistakes. She’s a flawed person and I love every aspect of her- good and bad except for Revival!Rory I don’t even know who that girl is she’s an impostor oops I’m ranting now 

91. What fictional character is your favourite? I can’t answer that! Excuse you! My copout answer is Hermione Granger because she’s the first character I’ve ever loved and a large part of my early identity was tied to her (and I still love her so much, blah blah blah). 

92. What fictional character do you identify most with? Lots! Hermione Granger, Rory Gilmore, Logan Echolls … 

93. What fictional character do you hate? So many! Duncan Kane always comes to mind … as does Peter Florrick, Dolores Umbridge, Dean Forrester … 

98. Are you a messy or a clean student? Clean!

Thank you so much for asking! <3

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