Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201)

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$ 42.99 Kitchen & Dining Product Features Easy-access design for fast, easy filling Adjustable brewing with bold, regular and 1-4 cup options Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff Swing-out brew basket with release button Wheeled base for fast, easy access to the water…

Hamilton Beach 46201 12 Cup Digital Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel

Hamilton Seashore 46201 Coffeemaker 46201 269 Product Options Simple-get admission to design for immediate, straightforward filling Adjustable brewing with daring, well-liked and 1-four cup options Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff Swing-out brew basket with unencumber button

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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201)

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Hooray for Hamilton Beach!
I’ve tried many coffee makers over the years and this model #46201 by Hamilton Beach is by far the best I’ve ever owned. There are several very intuitive features that make this particular coffee maker stand apart from the rest. The description and pictures on this Amazon listing don’t even begin to describe the features that make this coffee maker great, so I will describe them for you.

1. Removable water reservoir - The bottom of the coffee maker is equipped with little rollers. To fill the coffee maker with water, you simply turn the coffee maker around 90 degrees, grab the reservoir by the little handle and lift up to remove it. Take it over to the sink, fill it up, drop the reservoir back into place, and spin the coffee maker back around. This solves two problems that most other coffee makers have, in that I don’t have to pull the machine out from underneath the kitchen cabinet in order to open the lid, and I also don’t have to worry about trying to pour the water into a tiny little opening in the back of the machine. Great feature.

2. Front access to coffee ground basket - The coffee ground basket is located above the decanter, and it swings out to the front, giving me easy access to add my coffee and filter. Again, no more pulling the machine out in order to open the top lid like other coffee makers. There is a button on the right side of the machine, and when pushed the basket is released and it swings out to meet you. It takes regular sized flat bottom coffee filters, and the bottom of the coffee basket has the little spring loaded button that stops the flow of coffee if you decide to pull the decanter out while the coffee is still brewing.

3. Burner Temperature control - There is a button on the front that allows you to control the temperature of the burner under the decanter. It has three settings. I love this because after the coffee is done brewing, I can turn the burner temp down a bit and then my coffee can sit there in the pot for a while and not end up with a bitter burnt taste. With my old Cuisinart coffee maker, the coffee would taste completely burnt if it sat on the burner for more than half an hour. Burnt coffee no more!

4. Brew settings - There are 3 brew settings: Regular, 1-4 Cups, and Bold. The bold setting simply releases the water at a slower rate when brewing so the water has more time to extract the maximum flavor from the coffee grounds. If you like your coffee with a bold flavor, then this feature is for you.

5. The decanter does not dribble - This was a big selling point for me. The decanter for the Cuisinart coffee maker we just had (it’s in the trash can now) dribbled like you wouldn’t believe. We were finding ourselves keeping a towel next to the coffee maker because every time you poured a cup of coffee you had to clean up a mess of coffee that dribbled down the side of the decanter onto the counter top. This decanter spout has a nice deep groove to it, and it pours like a dream.

It also has the regular features that can be expected such as a clock, and the ability to set it for delayed brew. I would say the only thing that I don’t like about this machine is the blue light on the display, but that is just me. This coffee maker does exactly what it is supposed to and has none of the annoying flaws that most other coffee makers suffer from. I would like to meet the engineer who designed this machine and shake their hand. My morning coffee is much more pleasurable now.

*UPDATE 12/4/2013
Well, I’ve had this coffee maker for a year and a half now. I use it every day, sometimes more than once a day, and have yet to experience any problems whatsoever. It just works, and I’m very pleased with this purchase. I’ll probably buy another one to have on hand in case they stop making this model. By far the best coffee maker I’ve ever owned.

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Best yet
By AlanH
I rarely post product reviews, but this product is worth commenting on. My wife and I are retired and thus have worn out many coffee makers during the years. This is the best one yet. It simply makes a great pot of coffee and the design has solved most of the problems that plague other units. Other reviewers have done a good job of explaining the pros of this coffee maker. So I’d like to address some of the complaints that I’ve read here. (We bought one in spite of the complaints simply based on the 4-½ star rating and good comments.)

“Don’t like the blue light: - Well I like the blue light. I had to use a flashlight to read the display on our last (expensive) drip maker. With this one, the electroluminescent display is a good size and easy to read in the dark or light. It is not obtrusively bright.

"Water reservoir leaks all over the counter” - Mine doesn’t leak a drop. There is a valve on the bottom of the reservoir that must close when the reservoir is removed from the unit. I suspect that this reviewer has a defective valve, which would be replaced under warranty. And as other reviewers noted, there are multiple benefits with a removable reservoir including being able to fill it at the sink and to remove it for cleaning. It can be immersed.

“Doesn’t heat enough for full coffee taste” - The coffee made with this unit tastes better than any we’ve had before.

“Drips each time you pour from it” - I don’t understand this comment at all unless it was made by a competitor. I poured coffee from a full carafe as slowly as possible and could not get it to drip. There is a plastic ring bonded to the rim, and the pour slot has a very sharp designed edge to prevent dripping. It works great.

“It’s slow” - Our last (expensive) drip maker took 13 minutes for 12 cups. This one takes 12 minutes on the “Regular” strength setting, and the strength was to our taste. Let’s face it - it takes 212 degrees to boil water. So there are only two variables that control drip maker speed of brewing: 1) rate of water flow and 2) retention time in the grounds cup. Unfortunately or not, both of these variables also affect the quality of the brew. So the goal is to adjust these design parameters to achieve the best tasting coffee, and brewing time is what it is. This one is definitely not overly slow, and it brews a great tasting pot of coffee. Again, I don’t understand the criticism.

“Impossible to empty carafe” - This one is true, but for a good reason. If you examine the plastic rim on the carafe, you’ll find that the designers incorporated a lip to help prevent sloshing over when handling a full pot. This is a nice feature. But it also necessarily retains a bit of coffee on the last pour. I measured less than a tablespoon. I think this was a good design tradeoff.

“Grounds overflow for anything greater than 8-9 cups” - If you read the manual, in the “Troubleshooting” section, under “Filter basket overflows”, it lists 11 possible causes, all user errors. We have not had a problem with basket overflowing using standard paper filters.

“The unit is loud” - All coffee makers make some noise. For drip makers, this usually occurs as the last water is used from the reservoir as the boiler starts running dry. I’d say this one is slightly noisier at the end of the cycle than our last one, but definitely not annoyingly so. And even though I think not by design, it serves as a nice audible notification that the brew is ready.

“Emits too much steam” - All drip makers emit steam. We’ve never owned one that didn’t have to be pulled out to the edge of the counter to keep from damaging the overhead cabinets. This one is no different. The emitted steam didn’t seem excessive.

“Poorly made” - I disagree - it appears to be well made. Since we’ve just started using it, I can’t comment on reliability. But for $50 (about the price of a couple of meals out), we can afford to replace it every year. If it fails before a year, it will be repaired or replaced free.

I would definitely buy this again. I’m considering buying another and putting it in storage in case they are discontinued in the future.

5/21/13 followup - “Carafe lid won’t come off for cleaning” - I was able to get ours off. It just snaps into the hinges, but is granted a little tight.

12/13/13 update

I would like to clarify a few points from my original review. My review was of the Hamilton Beach 46201. It was not my intent to offer advice on how to make coffee. Nevertheless, making good coffee basically requires three elements: 1) good equipment, 2) good materials (coffee and water) and 3) using the coffee and equipment correctly. The Hamilton Beach 46201 uses the same technology that most home drip brewers use, which is an electrically-powered heating element which heats the water to boiling (212 degrees). Reaching the boiling point of water is necessary to generate the bubbles which push the water up through a tube and into grounds cup. If the water doesn’t boil, the coffee maker doesn’t work. As the hot water travels through the vertical tube, and across to the drip nozzle, it cools. How much it cools depends on the particular coffee maker. Coffee maker designers attempt to design the length of the travel to allow the water to cool to the ideal extraction temperature by the time it reaches the drip nozzle, which according to the National Coffee Association is between 195 - 205 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal extraction.

There is a lot of confusion about “brewing time”. Folks talk about brewing time as though there is a singular time in the drip-brew process. Actually, there are at least four times worth mentioning. First is the process time, which is the overall time from when power is applied to the heating element until the last drop of coffee leaves the filter basket. Process time is what I was referring to when I said it takes 12 minutes to brew 12 cups. “Process time” is made up of the sum of element-heating time, flow time and brewing time. What do these mean? It takes a few seconds, or maybe minutes depending on the unit, for the heating element to get the water in the heating tube hot enough to boil. This is “element-heating time.” This is measured from the time power is applied until the first drips reach the drip nozzle. Once water starts flowing through the drip nozzle, it takes some time for the reservoir to be fully emptied. This is the “flow time”. Flow time is fixed for any given coffee maker and how much water is in the reservoir. For example, in the Hamilton Beach, I measured a flow time of about 9 minutes for 12 cups of water, with no filter and an empty cup. Obviously, other than the amount of water used, the amount of coffee and its grind have nothing to do with flow time - you are strictly at the mercy of the unit’s design. Finally, there is “brewing time” which the National Coffee Association defines as “the amount of time that the water is in contact with the coffee grounds.” This definition is vague and brewing time is where it gets complicated. There is the time it takes for a molecule of water to transit completely through the filter cup. And there is the overall amount of time that the coffee is wet, from the release of the first drop until the last drop exits the filter basket. Both are important. For a given coffee maker (aside from using a “Bold” button if the maker has one), the only controls the user has over “brewing time” is the amount of water placed in the reservoir, the amount of coffee in the filter basket, coffee grind, and filter porosity. Chances are you are not going to get these optimum the first try - it requires a bit of experimentation. And please note: brewing time will always be shorter than process time.

There are basically two filter basket designs - cone and flat-bottom. The baskets for both types have ridges which are to keep the filters from touching the sides of the basket, thus allowing the coffee to escape from all surfaces of the filter. Because water enters the filter at various points and because the sides are porous and thus water can exit anywhere along the filter’s surface, an analysis of how many water molecules hit each molecule of coffee would require complex finite-element analysis computer modeling, much like weather prediction models and has probably never been done, nor would it be a good use of anyone’s time. It is worth noting that Bunn, which makes commercial coffee makers and some higher-end home units and arguably produces some of the best-tasting cups of coffee around, also uses flat-bottom filter baskets.

The National Coffee Association website has more good information on the subject.

Are you going to produce an excellent cup of coffee with the Hamilton Beach 46201? Probably not. Are you going to produce a good cup of coffee with it? Yes. Is it a thoughtfully-designed, easy-to-use coffee maker? Yes. Is it well-made? Yes, and for under $40 it is a great value. After seven months, ours is still working great.

(I am not an employee of Hamilton Beach or its affiliates, nor do I stand to profit from this review in any way. The general information in this update only applies to the most common type drip-type coffee makers using a heating element and one-way valve, and not to other technologies. Thanks to those who have posted kind comments recognizing the time I spent writing the review. I hope that this update helps.)

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Buy this coffee maker!
By M. Wilson
I don’t write many reviews, but this coffee maker is the whole package. In almost 40 years of making a home, I’ve been through multiple coffee makers and they all let me down for one reason or another. If someone were to custom make one for me, it would have the exact features found here. It has the auto-brew feature that I require, so I can put my coffee together at bedtime and I wake to aroma of it brewing. Of course it has the 2-hour auto shutoff for my safety. No problem to just hit the button if there is still coffee left that I want to keep warm. It has the “cheat” feature I require some mornings, also known as pause-and-brew, that lets you sneak out a cup without coffee running everywhere. Those are available in many coffee makers. But with this one, in the keep warm scenario, I also have the option to lower the heat on the warming tray so that my coffee doesn’t cook away and become bitter. An additional feature I love is that I can slow the brewing time to get a stronger brew from my coffee without the bitterness that just adding more ground coffee to the basket would cause. Awesome taste. It has a simple square profile that I love. The pot snugs in there nicely. The pot itself is the FIRST ONE I have owned that doesn’t dribble coffee over the side as I pour. Not once. Note one drop. There is a button on the side that swings the basket out to me, no muss, no fuss. Last, but by no means least is the awesome water reservoir. It comes off the maker altogether, you put it under the faucet, fill it, return it to the maker. You do not EVER have to pour water from one vessel to another. Amazingly wonderful combination of all excellent features. Coffee dream come true.

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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker Stainless Steel Reviews

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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201)

• Easy-access design for fast, easy filling
• Adjustable brewing with bold, regular and 1-4 cup options
• Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff
• Swing-out brew basket with release button
• Wheeled base for fast, easy access to the water reservoir

Hamilton Beach 46201 12 Cup Digital Coffeemaker, Stainless Steel

Fresh, hot, and flavorful — for two people or a crowd.

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup coffee makers make consistently fresh, flavorful coffee — whether you’re brewing a few cups or serving a large group. Attractive, functional and easy to clean, Hamilton Beach 12 Cup coffee makers help you serve great coffee and look great on your countertop.

• Adjustable brewing with bold, regular & 1-4 cup options.
• Adjustable keep warm.
• Automatic pause & serve.
• Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff.
• Nonstick warmer plate.
• Filter used: 8-12 cup basket/cupcake style.

Easy-access design for fast, easy filling.
Removable water reservoir.
Swing-out brew basket with release button.

External image
External image

Love it. Have had it over a month now and it was the best one so far. Wasn’t a fan of the really bright clock but got used to it.

Like that the water is at the back and don’t have to worry about putting the coffee first and if it gets wet and messes up filter like I did with my Mr. Coffee.

Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffee Maker, Programmable Brewstation Summit Dispensing Coffee Machine (48464)

• 12-cup programmable coffeemaker with insulated inner tank and no carafe
• Brews a full 12 cups, and dispenses one fresh cup at a time, allowing for more consistent flavor
• Digital display; removable water tank; water-level indicator; dishwasher-safe parts
• Dispensing bar for one-handed serving; keep-warm mode; customizable auto shut-off
• BPA free – all parts that come into contact with coffee and water

48464 Brew Station 12 Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker

The Brew Station 12 Cup Dispensing Coffeemaker offers convenient one-hand dispensing without a conventional glass carafe. There’s no pouring or spills, and nothing fragile to break and replace. Best of all, there’s nothing to give your coffee that scorched flavor, so you can help yourself to cup after cup of fresh-tasting coffee. The enclosed brewing system and gentle keep-warm heater ensure that coffee holds in heat and flavor for hours. Brewing is easy because you make coffee the way you always have, by adding water and filling a paper or permanent filter with ground coffee.

• Coffee is dispensed right into your cup; there’s no breakable glass carafe or messy pouring to contend with
• Gentle heater maintains coffee’s temperature without scorching the flavor, so your last cup tastes as fresh as the first
• Versatile brewing options include Regular, Bold and 1-4 Cups
• Programmable timer with auto-shutoff time that’s customizable from 0-4 hours
• Stainless steel on control panel for added style

External image
External image

Care & Cleaning

Before first use, wash the coffee tank, filter basket and drip tray in hot, soapy water. Never put the coffee tank or removable reservoir in the dishwasher. Use coffeemaker cleaner monthly (once a week in areas with hard water) to prevent deposits that adversely affect coffeemaker performance and can decrease the life of your appliance.

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Hamilton Beach 46201 Coffee Maker (46201) -


1. Removable water reservoir. This convenient feature can solve a few problems for most. No longer have to pull the coffeemaker out from underneath your kitchen cabinet to fill. Also, for most, it solves the problem of filling, and spilling, trying to fill a tiny opening without dripping. No more messy morning sponges
2. Front access to ground basket. Don’t have to slide the coffee maker out to fill ground basket
3. Adjustable Burner Temperteture. This excellent feature once the Hamilton Beach 46201 coffeemaker is done brewing. Adjust it for temperature control to preference, but also, lower the temperature so the coffee can sit longer without getting bitter.
4. Multiple, multiple brew settings. Like strong coffee? The Bold Slow the brew process down to make it stronger. Don’t need a full cup, the 1-4 cup setting for morning or afternoon perk can help.

  • Brand:Hamilton Beach
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  • EAN:0040094462018
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  • Feature:Adjustable brewing with bold, regular & 1-4 cup options
  • Feature:Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff
  • Feature:Swivel base for fast, easy access to the water reservoir
  • Feature:Removable water reservoir
  • Feature:Swing-out brew basket with release button
  • ItemDimensions:
  • Label:Hamilton Beach
  • Manufacturer:Hamilton Beach
  • MPN:46201
  • PackageQuantity:1
  • PartNumber:46201
  • ProductGroup:Single Detail Page Misc
  • ProductTypeName:MISC_OTHER
  • Publisher:Hamilton Beach
  • Studio:Hamilton Beach
  • Title:Hamilton Beach 46201 Coffee Maker (46201) -
  • UPC:040094462018
  • UPCList:
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Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Digital Coffee Maker, Stainless Steel (46201)

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$ 21.00 Coffee Tea Espresso Product Features Easy-access design for fast, easy filling Adjustable brewing with bold, regular and 1-4 cup options Programmable clock with 2 hour automatic shutoff Swing-out brew basket with release button Wheeled base for fast, easy access to the water…