Hey guys!!!

I’m finally opening commissions for the first time!!!! whoop! whoopp!!

What you’re gonna get:

  • -Hi-resolution PNG file, 300dpi
  • -Rights to do anything you want just as long as you dont resell or claim as your own


There are two versions one in American dollars (USD $) and one in Philippine Peso (PHP ₱). The rates are based on how much detail the commissioner demands.

B & W sketches: USD $ 3-7 ; PHP   ₱ 46-230 (depends on add ons)

1 Character (full color)

  • half body: USD $10-15 ; PHP ₱ 460-670
  • full body : USD $15-20 ; PHP ₱ 670-920


  • character (each): USD $7 ; PHP ₱ 300
  • background: USD $10-45 ; PHP ₱ 460-2000 (depends on how much detail)

What I can draw


  • fandom art
  • OCs
  • fury/animals
  • slight NSFW (#freethenipple)
  • slight gore (a few bruises and bloodynoses)


  • graphic nsfw
  • graphic gore
  • mecha
  • super complex backgrounds

Some Rules:

  1. Payments can be done via PayPal. If you dont have that, payments can be done via Bank Deposit, LBC, M Lhuillier or Cebuana.
  2. Once we settle all the details of the commission, i’ll send you an invoice.
  3. For OCs please, send me good references of the character(s).
  4. Through the whole process, i’ll be sending you thumbnails,WIPs and ask you for your opinions.


  • - Send me a PM to this blog
  • - Email me at sofiaruelle@yahoo.com.ph

         Subject: Commission
         Content: tumblr username, commission details, references

EDIT: increased the price of the sketches. 8)))


My visit to  Rocca Calascio, a mountaintop fortress or rocca in the Province of L'Aquila in Abruzzo, Italy.

At an elevation of 1,460 metres (4,790 ft), Rocca Calascio is the highest fortress in the Apennines. Built of stone and masonry exclusively for military purposes and intended only to accommodate troops and never as residence for nobles, the fortress overlooks the Plain of Navelli at one of the highest points in the ancient Barony of Carapelle.

Many medieval films ( Ladyhawke…) are set there and you can see why..

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
MΔΠUҒΔCTURΣR: Smith & Wesson
CΔLIβΣR: 460 S&W Magnum
CΔPΔCITΨ: 5 Rounds
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Sand and Sappiness

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bP2dsZ

by the_master_of_the_wicket

Kenma remembers how Kuroo loves the sea

Words: 460, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

read it on the AO3 at http://ift.tt/2bP2dsZ

Az irodánk elegáns ügyfélpartit szervez októberben, amire többek között a Four Seasons-től is kértünk be ajánlatot. A szórakoztató programok között szerepelt többek között egy angolul és németül beszélő mikulás is, ami azonnal megmozgatta a fantáziám, de a legjobban a gitár szóló program tetszett, 3 órán keresztül 460 EUR-ért. AKAROM! Hol kell aláírni? Szeretném látni a főnökeim és a Four Seasons vezetőségének arcát, ahogy a buli csúcspontján lazán besétál Slash, majd rágyújt, és nekiáll kurva keményen tépni a húrokat power pose-ban 3 hosszú órán át. 

New Look, Old Attitude (Bruce Wayne x Reader)

Request: Imagine Bruce Wayne seeing you in a formal dress for the first time -@askrosemarymckneal


Word Count: 460

Warnings: None

You looked at your wardrobe in turmoil. You had been invited by your boyfriend, Bruce Wayne, to a party that Wayne’s Enterprises was hosting and Bruce needed a plus one so he told you. You and Bruce had a pretty healthy relationship for such a young couple. You met him in school. You saw him getting bullied and you quickly turned the tables when you kicked the boys in the…umm…nutsack. You ended up in detention for one week but it was worth it. Bruce stayed with you in detention to keep you company and you both kicked it on from there.

Your eyes scanned the closet with casual clothes. You darted a black dress that was at the back of your closet. You reached out for it and looked at it. You turned around and looked in the mirror. “Okay…this is it. Ugh I have to shave!” *the struggles* You were surprised that you found a dress in your closet because you were more of a ‘shirt-and-sweatpants’ person. You placed your dress neatly on the bed and headed in the shower. You planned out your makeup, nothing special: foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. You were not like other girls who want to stand out and have a ton of makeup that if they hit a wall, they’ll leave their faces there.

You applied your lipstick and looked in the mirror with your dress on and a beautiful smile to complete your outfit. “Here goes nothing.” You said. As you opened your door, you found Bruce and Alfred smiling at you. Bruce’s mouth dropped as he saw you. You walked down the few steps that connected your home with the pavement. “Hey Bruce.” You smiled and kissed his cheek. He was mesmerised by your beauty. “Is something wrong?” You asked. Was it the makeup? Maybe too much perfume? “Bruce!” You snapped him out of the moment; he blinked fast and looked at you again. “Wow you look…beautiful.”

“You’re finding it weird, aren’t you?” You giggled.

“Yeah, a bit. But in a good way. You look beautiful in a dress, sweatpants…naked.” Alfred cleared his throat and you pursed you lips from bursting out in laughter. “I think we should go because the party has already started and I don’t to miss the shrimp boats.” Bruce opened the car door for you and you went in. Bruce closed your door and went on his side. He waited by the door and looked at Alfred. “What are you doing Master Bruce?” Alfred asked.

“Well the door isn’t going to open itself, isn’t it?” You heard him say. You leaned on the car door and pulled down the lever to open the door. “Are you serious Bruce? Open your own!”

“I opened yours!”

“I’m a lady!”

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Picture Perfect (Baekhyun Photography/College!AU)

Requested by anon:  Ok soooorry for the spam with Baek (I send the date one hehe) buuut can you do a Baek scenario with a photography/college! AU? Tysm~

Genre: Fluff, Photography/College!AU

Word Count: 460


(I am so sorry to the anon who had to wait so long for this)

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Photography has always been one of your passions, ever since you were young. You would take photos constantly; nature, people, you name it. You grew up and finished high school and decided to take a photography course to further enhance your knowledge and deepen your love for photography.

So far, the course had taken you on one of the best paths of your life. You made many friends and did really well in all your assignments. There was only one problem though.

Byun Baekhyun.

You had met at the start of your first year of college, when he undertook the same photography course as you. You two were always thought to be rivals amongst your friends, but in all honesty, you admired his work and the amount of time and effort he put into all his assignments. What you didn’t know however, was that he felt the same way towards you.


Walking into class early on a Thursday morning, you inhaled deeply and took in your surroundings; statues placed neatly along the walls, students strolling leisurely through the hallways, but your eyes immediately caught something, or someone, that never failed to catch your attention.

Baekhyun’s tousled brown hair had been swept off his face, and his brows were furrowed in concentration as he tried to perfect his photo of a frog perched on a lily. He was so concentrated that his tongue had begun to stick out, making you giggle a little bit, which caught his attention.

He looked up from his work to make eye contact with you, making you blush slightly. “(Y/N)! Nice to see you!” He called out, waving at you. You waved back and made your way over to see what he was currently working on. “What are you working on this week Baekhyun?” You ask, interest piqued, as you looked over the simple but elegant design on the screen. “Oh, just a photo that I am going to submit as my work for this week, nothing special” He said nonchalantly, shrugging his shoulders. “It’s amazing Baekhyun! I don’t know what you are thinking, but you are an amazing artist and photographer” You said, without really thinking about what came out of your mouth. He looked at you with a large grin and turned off his computer before facing you and saying: “You have no idea how much you saying that means to me. I think you are an amazing artist and don’t get nearly half the recognition you deserve.”

This shocked you. You stared at him with wide eyes and gaping mouth before coming back to your senses and smiling at him. “Thank you Baekhyun, maybe you could be my muse one day for my work”

And that day could not have come sooner.


(If you want a part 2 of this let me know!)

Clean Slate

Translucent nostalgia,
coating days of this week,
impartial reflections,
bridge two subtle things:
duvets of a foreign nature,
the leak of an important artwork.

Combined to form euphoria,
it’s everything I ever wanted,
behind the veil for you,
tides turn a different way.

Making up an exit strategy,
I’m tied to Plan A always,
but where were you that November night,
my bloody nose and fat lip,
A Song For Ernest Hemingway rang faintly.

Down like a sinking ship,
blood dripped dramatically,
your face amongst the crowd.

Two months later you’d be there,
sitting in a classroom,
talking about the eighth film,
waiting to carve my name in your ink.


Reclaiming Nature 

by Kathleen Bodenlos

Pittsburgh has a reputation for transforming itself. Once a grimy industrialized city, we have become a network of neighborhoods with green spaces, bike trails, culturally rich attractions, and a thriving economy. The Pittsburgh Botanic Garden mirrors our transformation story. Reclaiming land from Pittsburgh’s industrial past, they transformed land and ponds into an artistic nature experience. Acres that were once farmed, logged and mined have been reinvented and now offer hiking trails, flowers, and surprising works of art. A Monet worthy pond that was once filled with acid is now alive with lotus. Barred Rock Chickens protect the plants through their natural diet of insects and also help to fertilize the crops. 

The gardens offer plenty of surprises for kids from a giant bird nest that could fit a large human family to an enchanted area for reading time complete with toadstools on which to perch. 

With 460 acres left to steward, it seems this impressive example of reclamation has only just begun.

Kathleen Bodenlos is the Director of Marketing at Carnegie Museum of Natural History. Passionate about nature, art, and travel she enjoys visiting other organizations with a similar focus on conservation and education.

Untitled #2567 by briarachele featuring Miss Selfridge

Chloé collared shirt, $1,150 / Freebird brown leather jacket, $56 / Yves Saint Laurent stretch jeans, $460 / Stuart Weitzman over-the-knee suede boots / Yves Saint Laurent handbag, $2,095 / Midi ring, $99 / Miss Selfridge necklace / Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, $175 / Lowie leather belt
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btw, for ppl looking to change their name and gender, if you’re on any government assistance it’s probably going to be free ( at least in California). It’s normally $400 but i got everything for free, the only things i paid for were a new id and birth certificate ($60 altogether, as opposed to totalling $460+)

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Myth # 1 – Mercury is the hottest planet

Since Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun, it would be natural for people to assume that it is the hottest planet in our solar system. It is however, certainly not true because it can actually get pretty darn cold there. Mercury’s hottest temperature is about 801◦ F (427 Celsius).  If it would be the planet’s constant temperature for the entire time, it would still be cooler than Venus for the temperature of Venus is 860◦ F (460 Celsius).

The reason Venus much hotter despite of it further away. That is because Venus has an atmosphere of CO2 to trap in the heat, whereas Mercury has nothing. Another reason Mercury can get so cold, apart from the lack of atmosphere, is to do with its rotation and orbit. A complete orbit of the sun for Mercury takes about 88 Earth days, while complete rotation of the planet is about 58 Earth days. It means that night lasts 58 days on the the planet, giving the temperature plenty of time to drop down.

Myth # 2 – The moon has a “dark side”

When we talk about the moon’s “dark side”, we all know that we’re only referring to the side of the moon that is unlit by the sun but in reality, there is no dark side of the moon. we can never see the other side of the moon from the surface of our planet because both the earth and the moon rotate simultaneously As our satellite spins around its own axis, its entire surface is well lit by the sun at regular intervals (just like our planet).

Myth # 3 – Black holes are like vacuums

This is another common misconception that can be put down to the portrayal of black holes in movies and cartoons. Black holes basically don’t suck up everything nearby, instead they sit pretty dormant, and then if a star approaches it and gets too close, the black hole becomes active.

Myth # 4 – The Sun Is Yellow

The sun is actually white. Although we see the sun as an orange, yellow or a red sphere in the sky, depending on the time of the day and its position in the sky, it emits white light. The color of anything depends on its temperature. It appears to be yellow due to the longer yellow and red waves of the spectrum that pass the atmosphere, almost without any loss but if you get a chance to see the sun from outer space, you’ll observe that it is actually white.

Myth # 5 – People without a helmet in outer space will explode!

This is yet another one of those random bits of Hollywood movies and science fiction book knowledge that we have which made us believe in this myth. A human in outer space without a space suit or a helmet will NOT explode. Death is not going to be as immediate and as horrible as what is often shown. In fact, half a minute in outer space might not kill a healthy person. One will only feel  horrible pain because of lack of oxygen until he or she faints and die of suffocation.