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I’ll be posting the orders of the Point of View zine / Bang Bros & Wardogs (second press - www.clairesterrier.tumblr.com) this week. Keep an eye out for them.

Catch Bang Bros in London on December 28th at the CORNERED/FRUSTRATION date. They will have the rest of the splits with them in a limited festive cover.

Thanks for ordering it. Peace.

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Here’s an interview with Jamie who does vocals in Bastions and My Project Ghost as well his own music under the name Sleep Beggar

Whats the current situation with Bastions? I was going to ask you whats the bands secret to longevity as many of the bands Bastions are associated with have broken up fairly recently but now you’re on a hiatus? Did you start recording for a 2nd album?

Hi Rory, thanks for the interview. Bastions are taking a break for the moment. We were eight songs into a new record but constraints outside of the band have made it difficult for us to continue for the current time being. We never have any shortage of new musical ideas we want to try, but life outside of music has a way of placing you in difficult circumstances at times.

What’s your opinion on all the bands that have broken up recently? A good chunk of all the UK hardcore bands that were heavily active a few years ago are gone now. Do you think it’s inherent for these kind of bands to have short lifespans?

I think it’s a privilege that I had the opportunity to play with and experience these bands and their music in the first place. Bands like Brotherhood Of The Lake, Grappler, Pariso, Goodtime Boys, Kerouac, and The Long Haul, to name but a small few, released some incredible records. What’s always been more important to me is not the lifespan of something, but it’s contribution to art and expression in the first place. These bands have left brilliant pieces of work to inspire future musicians.

Besides Bastions you’re also involved in My Project Ghost and Sleep Beggar. How did My Project Ghost start? Why did you decide to get involved in another heavy band besides Bastions? Do you feel MPG is a separate vehicle for you musically or are both bands interchangeable in terms of songwriting?

I’m always interested in making music and having the opportunity to do creative projects teaches me to be more adaptive in my approach to each different piece of work. Whether it’s rhyming couplets and composing my own beats with Sleep Beggar or writing with a band like My Project Ghost, I try to approach everything with a blank slate.

My Project Ghost started after Morgan (guitarist) had finished his time touring with Architects and had messaged me with a few ideas. Both he and Jake (drummer of Red Seas Fire) had been recording some music with Nolly (Periphery). I was interested to try some new ideas over the music and it grew from there. We played our first show last weekend and recruited Tony on bass whose toured/touring with The Long Haul and Svalbard.

Will My Project Ghost become more active now that Bastions are on hiatus? What plans are there for the band?

With My Project Ghost, we have recorded an EP and we’re focusing on releasing the music in the right way, but will be booking shows in the coming months. There are two tracks up on YouTube to view for anyone interested.

How, why and when did you start Sleep Beggar? Whats the process for you making music? is it a bedroom setup?

Sleep Beggar began in March 2013. I needed some word release from the circumstances I was in at the time and needed to be on tour, which is the vehicle that Sleep Beggar carried me in. The process happened pretty organically considering it’s largely electronic music. I had a mic, a laptop, a copy of Reason and Garageband and just built tracks from there. Now I’m working with Mr Phormula (check out his work on the track “Hiphopishiphop”) at Panad Studios on some cool releases coming very soon.

I guess I wanted to do something that scared the shit out of me. Something that pushed me out of my comfort zone. It’s taken me into a new underground subculture of music where noise/hiphop/live instrumentation/DJing/lyricism exists. It evokes a feeling in me the way I felt when I first saw Converge’s Long Road Home DVD or read Rollins’ Get In The Van. It makes me feel like electronic based music is kind of dangerous, exciting and unpredictable.

Could you (or have you) combined elements of Sleep Beggar into Bastions or My Project Ghost? Such as how bands like Refused have done?

Yeah electronic elements such as the old analog synths like the SH101 within tracks have been discussed for sure. I guess Sleep Beggar is a purely selfish thing, it’s just me making music I want to hear, whereas my role in a band setting is more collaborative. In a band setting everyone is working together to write a good song.

Now that My Project Ghost are playing shows are there any tour plans?

We’re focusing on releasing new material first, watch this space.

What are your thoughts on the current state of the UK hardcore scene? it seems to me to be dying down a bit with bands breaking up and venues closing down. It seems like around 2010/2011 was a high point in terms of the output from bands. Do you think anything has changed? (or is it just me? its probably just me)

I disagree with you about the UK hardcore scene dying down. There are bands like More Than Life, Landscapes, Broken Teeth, Svalbard, Human Future, Tantrum, We Never Learned To Live, Yards, Employed To Serve, Crows An Wra, Teef, Throats, Grey Widow, Up River, Mine, The River Card, Black Art (I could go on) killing it. We have people like Thrash Hits and The Death Of A Modernist blogs covering all the up and coming stuff. Maybe it’s just you looking back with a halcyon view? I agree there are some great venues closing down which is a shame but the scene finds a way to keep it going, always does.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for the opportunity to speak, trust your bullshit detector and take care.

Check out Sleep Beggar here: https://soundcloud.com/sleepbeggar

Check out My Project Ghost here: https://www.facebook.com/myprojectghostband/info?tab=page_info

Check out Bastions here: https://bastions.bandcamp.com


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No. 46

No Foods (revised 05/05/2015)

  1. Peanut Butter
  2. Wheat Bread
  3. Sweets***
  4. “Oils”/Salad Dressings
  5. “Avocados”
  6. “Bananas”
  7. “Potatoes”
  8. “Juices or other liquid calories”
  9. Jellies/Jams
  10. “Yogurt”
  11. Pasta
  12. Condiments (except Mustard)
  13. Chips***
  14. Trail Mix***
  15. Cereals***
  16. Flour tortillas
  17. Nuts***
  18. “Hummus”
  19. Cheese***
  20. “BUTTER”

***denotes binge foods

“” denotes fear foods

Safe Foods

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Oatmeal
  4. Water****
  5. ALMOND Milk (30 cals)
  6. Beans (whole/cooked without oils)
  7. Eggs (limit 1 or 2/ cooked without oils or salt)
  8. Mustard
  9. Corn Tortillas (140/2 pieces)
  10. Corn Thins :^D****
  11. Corn Cakes (various flavors. Chocolate for cravings)****
  12. Tofu
  13. APPLES :^D / other fruits
  14. Pre-popped Pop Corn (30 calories/cup)****
  15. Hot sauce (0 calories)****

:^D denotes favorites

****denotes binge-able foods

Czech anti-Semitism spiked in 2014, report shows

46 incidents recorded, compared to 13 the previous year; Gaza conflict seen as reason for increase. The number of anti-Semitic incidents in the Czech Republic rose by more than 200 percent last year, according to an annual report on anti-Semitism. Prague’s Jewish community released the report on Monday. In 2014, 46 such incidents were registered across the country, compared to 13 incidents the…

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GNC One Mile Challenge @ The Pittsburgh Marathon Expo

I was challenged to the GNC One Mile Challenge. They didn’t tell me until after I agreed that I’d have to run it at a 3 incline. Needless to say, I didn’t hit my 6:46 minute personal record. Lol, 7:40 it is! …but hey I got a free T-shirt! 😜

I ran with MapMyFitness! Distance: 1.00mi, time: 07:40, pace: 7:40min/mi, speed: 7.83mi/h.

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Magic's O'Quinn not pleased with how he played during 2014-15 season

Kyle O'Quinn was more than a well-liked player known for his hustle when the Orlando Magic began last season. O'Quinn was second to center Nikola Vucevic in offensive rebounds during the Magic’s 2013-14 season and averaged nearly two blocked shots in 19 starts. But he recorded only 46 offensive rebounds and 39 blocks for a team which missed the playoffs for the third year in a row and fell from 18th to 26th in defensive efficiency, 17th to 23rd in scoring defense and 22nd to 29th in blocks. The Magic were 8-36 in games where they allowed at least 100 points, including a 2-11 record during Vaughn’s final 13 games as coach.

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Liked on YouTube: “46 Recordings of Stravinsky’s "Rite of Spring” in 3 Minutes" http://ift.tt/1Dt5JQ1

On Sunday we attended the Rhododendron Festival at Lampaeri Botanical Park. The festival features the rhododendron garden walk and exhibition, local culture and cuisines, arts and crafts, traditional games, cultural program, guided walks and activities. The festival showcases different species that are in full bloom in their natural habitat. Of the 46 rhododendron species recorded in the country, 29 are found in the park.

Joe Calzaghe Talks Mayweather v Pacquiao - "Being Undefeated Can Be A Burden"

Joe Calzaghe Talks Mayweather v Pacquiao – “Being Undefeated Can Be A Burden”

Legendary British 168lb wizard Joe Calzaghe has spoken to the BBC ahead of the Vegas super-fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, predicting a win for Floyd, though calling his undefeated record “a massive burden.”

If there is anyone well placed to talk of the burden of protecting an ‘0’ then it’s Calzaghe, who finally retired in 2008 after an unblemished 46-0 record and 11 long years a world…

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Confession #46

Using a voice recorder to tape your interview seems like a great thing. I think to myself, “oh, now I don’t have to scribble everything down frantically, I can just calmly take notes.”

But then, taking extra time out of my day later to listen to the whole thing proves to be a daunting task because I have so many other things to do!