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Ronaldo’s brace against Getafe: watch (alt.) | May 23, 2015
300 official appearances and 314 goals with Real Madrid; 200 apps and 226 goals in La Liga. He is the 2nd highest Real Madrid scorer of all time with 314 goals in 300 apps, only ahead of him Raul with 323 goals.
- Ronaldo in La Liga 2014/15: 48 goals (top scorer) and 16 assists in 35 appearances. 
- He is the 2nd Real Madrid with most goals (226) in the history of La Liga, only Raul (228) ahead of him.
- Ronaldo (48) broken his previous record (46) with most goals in a single La Liga season.
- Ronaldo is the Pichichi winner for the 3rd time, and Golden boot winner for the 4th time.
- He is the first player in history to have won 4 golden boots (3 with RM, 1 with Man United). 
- Ronaldo is the first Real Madrid player to have finished as La Liga top-scorer in two consecutive seasons since Hugo Sánchez. 
- He has surpassed his own record and becomes the first Real Madrid player to score 61 goals in all competitions this season.
- Ronaldo equals Gorostiza and becomes the first player to score 36 goals in the history of La Liga regional derbies.
- 31 official hattricks for Cristiano. 8 hattricks in one season (broken his previous record with most hattricks in a single season: 7).
- 12 headers in La Liga (last time a player scored 12 headers was in 1997)
- Ronaldo (17) surpassed Carlos (16) and becomes the player with the most free-kick goals.
- Ronaldo scored La Liga’s 1000th goal of this season (2014/15).

Mobile Mail From Maiyan 2016-11-02






Maiyan’s Mobame Translation

Today I had a show recording.

Quite a while since I’ve gotten this tired…

Been working a little too hard!

New uniform(^_^)ノ

  • 01 - Bang Bros - Group Therapy

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Avengers Preference: Kisses

Tony: Pecks

Tony’s a fast guy; he never sits still and he’s always running out the door or onto a quinjet with little time for a proper goodbye. So you’re always close behind, pressing a quick kiss to Tony’s lips as a farewell or a greeting. It makes him smile, a small sense of normalcy in his otherwise hectic world. Tony finds it cute, and somewhat domestic, which is what he loves about it. You use this kiss like a weapon as well, often quickly kissing him to shut him up, or pressing a feather light one to wake him up in the morning. It’s fleeting, but loving, and often times Tony makes a game out of how many you can give him in a day. Your current record is 46, but you’re both willing to try and break it.

Thor: Hand kisses

Thor is very back and forth between Midgard and Asgard, so whenever he sees you, he always smiles like he’s seeing you for the first time. He takes your hand in his, bringing it to his lips and pressing a soft kiss to the back of it, saying graciously “My Lady,” with that precious look on his face. Thor does this at any time he can, grazing his lips on your hand as a sign of loyalty and respect. Whenever he catches you creasing your brows, or pacing with uneasiness, he stands to face you, pulling your palms to his face and kissing the center of it in reassurance. It makes your eyelids flutter, feeling like a queen in his presence. Thor wouldn’t have it any other way.

Bucky: Jaw kisses

Despite the thin stubble Bucky always sports, you loving to press kisses to the juncture between his neck and jaw. They’re normally light, airy things, just a soft reminder that you’re there, and that you love Bucky more than anything. You give them out quickly, often pressing one near his ear when he takes off, as opposed to a cheek kiss. Bucky also likes giving them, smiling widely as he leans down to your jaw, making you laugh as the pressure intensifies there. It’s something the two of you have made your own, a casual, yet achingly loving habit you can’t go a day without giving.

Peter: Hug and Kiss

Peter is generally too sweet for words, and the only gesture that can encompass all those feelings is hugging him with all your strength, followed by a tentative kiss to his lips. Peter grew fond of the this and played along, often spinning you in his arms, what with his superhuman strength. You’re always the first to initiate it, running to him at top speed and slowing to make it easier to be caught. Peter’s grin is a brilliant flash, like a camera, and then his head is buried in your hair, laughs escaping the both of you. It’s a particularly welcome sight after long missions and tough days at school, and you’re always ready to deliver. After he sets you down the two of you just grin lazily, holding hands and kissing again, much softer this time, as he whispers, “Missed you.” “Missed you more, Parker.”

Natasha: Neck kisses

Natasha’s favorite thing about you is your neck, so it only makes sense that it’s her preferred place to kiss you. It’s something she has access to, for your neck is almost always exposed at any given time. She often presses them lightly to your throat if she’s feeling content and happy, her head on your shoulder, T.V. on in front of you two. They can often be sultry as well, a repeated peck being placed in one spot as she scratches you with her teeth to gain your attention. It’s a gesture you find pride in dishing out as well, leaving lipstick marks and bruises whenever you can to try and embarrass her, but it seems the assassin has no shame. She walks proudly with her chin high, adorning the bruises like badges.

Wanda: Air kisses

Wanda isn’t too huge on showing affection outside of privacy, so instead of grand gestures, you find yourself blowing her kisses from wherever you are, smiling softly and saying “love you.” It’s become a signature now, and almost every time either of you enters or exits a room, you kiss your hands, outstretching them. This even applies on battlefields, when Wanda is far from you but still in sight, you send her one and she smiles, shaping a heart with her glowing red hands. You’ve even done them while she’s away, often asking “where’s Wanda?” only for Tony to explain that she’s away. You’ll then kiss your hand and send a kiss straight up. “That’s for Wanda,” you say aloud, causing your teammates to coo over your actions.

Steve: Forehead kisses

Steve is an old fashioned guy, and some of his flirting techniques are a little outdated and too domestic for this century. But one expression you took a liking to was forehead kisses, placed right above your brow with firmness and closed eyes. It was a spur of the moment when Cap first did it, throwing his shoulder around you after a mission and planting on right in the center of your forehead. He’d thought for a second you hated the gesture, but when you melted into his embrace he did it again. He’s made it a tradition, kissing your forehead after every successful mission, as gratitude for your safety. You like to return them when the soldier least expects it, like in front of all the avengers or when he’s half asleep. No matter when you do it his expression always softens, a serene smile gracing his lips.

Sam: Cheek Kisses

Sam’s a gentleman. He may not be a super soldier, or a Norse god, but he’s a good guy all the same. He presses kisses to your cheeks when he sees you, which he always goes out of his way to do anyways. They’re quick and simple, unlike the ones you return. You’re always looking at Sam with something akin to admiration, so whenever he kisses you grab his cheeks, peppering kisses all across them quickly, watching his face flush and that lovely grin of his spread across his face. He wasn’t used to it at first, but now he’s almost expectant of it, often closing his eyes turning his face towards you. “You’re full of shit, Sam Wilson,” you laugh, but oblige him nonetheless.

Clint: Nose kisses

It started as an accident. You missed Clint’s cheek completely, ending up hardly grazing your lips on the tip of his nose. He had blinked back in surprise, but his whole face turned red. “Did you mean that?” he laughed, but said nothing else of it. He started giving them to you the day after, a rushed, hasty press on his lips to your nose, an action that caught you by surprise. Now he does it whenever he’s on the go, his first move to grab his bow, the second to kiss your nose. You close your eyes and feel the soft pressure there, unaware of his adoring gaze, but still basking in the feeling of warmth the action brings you. You return the kisses when Clint is sitting down, using it as a way to acknowledge that you see him; when you haven’t spoken yet, when you’re passing him for the first time, and all those moments when words don’ seem to fit the mood. You nonchalantly lean down and kiss his nose, and then keep going about your day as though you’ve never stopped at all, tiny grins spreading on both your faces.

Astronaut Alan E.Shepard, Jr. , 1961

U.S. Senate. Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences. 7/24/1958-2/11/1977  Series: Committee Papers, 1958 - 1976Record Group 46: Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2015

Alan Shepard became the first American and second human to venture into space 55 years ago on May 5, 1961, travelling aboard the Freedom 7 spacecraft as part of Project Mercury.

More at @nasa‘s feature: Freedom 7: Celebrating 50 Years of American Spaceflight

Roman Naumachiae

Naumachia (detail), an imaginative recreation by Ulpiano Checa

A naumachia was a mimic sea battle that oftentook place in a constructed basin. These entertainments also took place in flooded amphitheatres. The opposing sides were prisoners of war or convicts, who fought until one side was destroyed.

The earliest naumachia recorded (46 bc) represented an engagement between the Egyptian and Tyrian fleets and was given by Julius Caesar on an artificial lake that was constructed by him in the Campus Martius. In 2 bc Augustus staged a naumachia between Athenians and Persians in a basin newly constructed on the right bank of the Tiber at Rome. In the naumachia arranged by Claudius on Lake Fucino in ad 52, 100 ships and 19,000 men participated.

The introduction of new technologies initially led to an increased number of naumachia. The first three naumachia were spaced about 50 years apart; the following six, most of which took place in amphitheatres, occurred in a space of 30 years. Less costly in material and human terms, they could afford to be staged more frequently. Less grandiose, they became a feature of the games, but could not be considered exceptional. The iconography bears witness to this. Of some twenty representations of a naumachia in Roman art, nearly all are of the Fourth Style, of the time of Nero and the Flavian dynasty.

After the Flavian period, naumachiae disappear from the texts almost completely. Apart from a mention in the Augustan History, a late source of limited reliability, only the town records (fastia) of Ostia tells us that in 109 Trajan inaugurated a naumachia basin.

A later version of the naumachia was practiced in indoor theatres, such as London’s Sadler’s Wells, during the 19th century. A tank was constructed in the pit and stalls areas, and real boats were used for the purpose.


“Beatle Speech” 

4:25 - “Do you want to fight?!” “No.” “Okay. Let’s settle it.. other ways.”

5:49 - “I can’t go on. I really can’t. C’mon, let’s do this bleeding record.”

6:46 - “How come you fuck up everything that you do?”

9:34 - “YEAH, but let’s face it you’re CRAP.”

11:41 - “Do you want to hold a penis?”