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20 ways to draw a more consistent character
1. Draw the most common appearance for your character. This is your comfort zone. (Color)
2. Draw your character from the front, the side, and the back. This is something called a ‘turn sheet’. It’s a little boring to do, but will be very helpful to you in the future to have on hand.
3. Draw your character from the front, the side, and the back, but have them in nothing but their undies at most. This is to show off how your character is built. Drawing nothing but a straight pant-leg with no structure under it is no way to learn! (Skip this if your character doesn’t wear clothes)
4. Draw your character at three different ages than they currently are. (Must be noticeably different. No ages: 4, 5, and 6, etc.) Color one of them.
5. BANG! Your character just heard a loud noise right behind them. Draw their reaction!
6. Draw a bird’s eye view of your character.
7. Draw your character feeling very happy. Show body language.
8. Draw your character feeling very angry. Ditto.
9. Draw your character feeling very sad. You know the drill.
10. Draw your character with a different body type than they usually have. This helps you map distinguishing features onto different ‘templates’.
11. Draw your character if they were the opposite gender.
12. Draw your character as a different species than they normally are.
13. Somebody has just handed your character a live duck. Draw their reaction. Keep them in character.
14. Mary Sue the HELL out of your character. (Due to being asked “What is Mary Sue?” several times, I have included a link to the evil that is Sue: [Click if you dare.]
15. Draw your character lifting something heavy. (no magic allowed!)
16. Draw your character in an opposite role than they appear in your story/continuity.
17. Draw your character doing something they enjoy.
18. Draw your character doing something they do NOT enjoy.
19. Draw your character in a dynamic pose that is not a profile shot (from the side).
20. Draw the most common appearance for your character. Color it. (Pssst! See if it improved from the first one you drew. I bet it did!)

Using the following 100 themes as titles, draw 100 scenarios using  your original characters (or fan characters!). Use this as a chance to practice whatever you feel the least confident in, whether it be poses, coloring, anatomy, or backgrounds.

I suggest doing them out of order, because I know that people will often get stuck on the third or fourth one because it doesn’t interest them, and then they’ll never get any further.  Also, feel free to use speech bubbles. Sometimes it’s hard to express something without words.

New: There is now a group for you to submit your work to! (The group is for art only, but feel free to do this on your own with photography and writing!):

1. Flowers
2. Idiot
3. Winter
4. Tea
5. Books
6. Water
7. Sick
8. Costumes
9. Blue
10. Sunshine
11. Outfit
12. Secret
13. Nighttime
14. Fireplace
15. Red
16. Escape
17. Group Photo
18. Magic
19. Black
20. Game
21. Kitty
22. Christmas
23. Cleaning
24. Toys
25. Boredom
26. Summer
27. Green
28. Lesson
29. Ocean
30. Three
31. Battle
32. Awkward
33. Lunchtime
34. Purple
35. Eavesdropping
36. Tree
37. Bull’s-eye
38. Memory
39. Blood
40. Apron
41. Yellow
42. Bravery
43. Love
44. Vegetables
45. Explore
46. Accident
47. Snack
48. Hate
49. Silver
50. Dirt
51. Wish
52. Puppy
53. Gift
54. Alone
55. Music
56. Drinking
57. Lost
58. Cute
59. Time
60. Rain
61. Nightmare
62. Spring
63. Laughter
64. Doesn’t fit
65. Switch
66. Picnic
67. Stars
68. Admission
69. Celebration
70. Tease
71. Blanket
72. Family
73. Circle
74. Two
75. White
76. Asleep
77. Fantasy
78. Socks
79. Falling
80. Coffee
81. Autumn
82. Valentines
83. Victory
84. Comfort
85. Art
86. Path
87. Protect
88. Beautiful
89. Confusion
90. Meeting
91. Silence
92. Missed You
93. Scars
94. Peaceful 
95. Dance
96. Trapped
97. Hold Me
98. Ribbon
99. Kiss
100. Success

50 reasons to love the Chimera Ant Arc HxH

In no particular order… (Spoilers to those who haven’t watched season 5!)

2.Crazy Slots and his lippy attitude
3.The way Killua decides to ride the horse.
4.Colt being a mamas boy
5.Gons positive attitude about Kite fighting Pitou
6. K N U C K L E and his soft spot for dogs
7.Meleron judging Shoot for his lack of eyebrows
8.Killua calling Gon ‘light’
9.Morel comforting Colt and promising he will protect him and the little ant baby and getting all emotional 
10.“Don’t make me repeat myself”
11.Meruem sitting in his big throne when he is so smol, angrily thinking about Komugi.
13.Pouf being overdramatic, (we all know the episode)
14.Crazy Palm all the way to Ant Palm, and Palm being MVP through out the last half of the arc
15.Netero and Meruems aesthetic fight
16.Killua and Ikalgo becoming bros
17.Welfin driving those trucks 
18.The Royal Guards have cell phones
19.When Meruem rips off his arm and Komugi stands her ground because she is boss
20. Meruems robot laugh
21.Knuckle and Youpi bonding
22.The music and animation to Gon vs Pitou 
23.That look Killua gives when Gon tells him the “it must be nice.."thing and we all wanted to cry because baby.. No don't :(
24.Komugi passing out because she can’t breath from her nose after she meets the King
25.Meruem smacking around his Royal Guards
26.Cheetu reading manga 
27.Meruem riding by his tail on the invisible nen dragon
28.Neteros choice of outfit he wears to his big fight
29.Ikalgos round red head
30.The narrator 
31.Hisoka doesn’t randomly appear 
32.The way Meruem carries Komugi to Pitou after Dragon Dive hits *sobbing*
33.Zeno having a midlife crisis
34.Silva flying out of no where, crushing Cheetu
35.Poor Knov and his hair D:
36.Morel smoking 420 blaze in the battle field
37.The part where Killua fights Youpi and poor youpi doesn’t know what is going on
38.Killua kidnapping Komugi
39.Komugi 'fighting’ Killua
40.Shaiapouf and his undying, obsessive love with the King and absolute hate for Komugi
41.When Meruem remembers Komugi and Poufs reaction to how much the King cares for her
42.When Morel, Knov, and Netero break into Ant territory and slay everyone by putting them in the nen room for Netero to get some warm up fighting.
43.Knuckle, Shoot, Killua and co. Thinking that maybe the King is getting hunnies, or frisky with Palm, and Gon not undestanding, when in reality the King is just playing a board game with bae
44.Baby Kite and Colt
45.Kites hunter team of explorers
46.Meruems 180 beautiful character development
47. Palm yelling at Meruem, who just wants to see the moogy, so he is gonna bow and she is screaming, and I am screaming, and that scene was intense man!!
48.Understanding, Restriction and Pledge, Kingdom of Predator, Hyori Ittai OSTs 
49.During the Pitou vs Gon fight when Killua arrives and the blood aesthetic and the emotions of everything because holy cow guys, emotional rollercoaster
50.EPISODE 135 NOW THAT WAS A ROLLERCOASTER. SO MANY TEARS SHED. SO MANY LIVES LOST. "I believe that I was born To be here today.” “I was born for this moment.” JUST KILL ME NOW WHY DON’T YOU. THIS POST WAS A LIE THE CA ARC WAS THE WORST. YOU WILL REGRET WATCHING IT. YOU WILL NEVER SMILE AGAIN. (When she strokes his face and gets to finally 'see’ Meruem.. When he tells her his name.. The tone of Meruems voice.. That hand holding.. Omg ef me up real good.)

Honorable mention: Reina getting to be with her mommy again :’)

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romanogers + 41???

#45 requested by @lanaparillaismyidol. #46 requested by @liliyxxx​. #50 requested by @iwontdrown​​.

41. His rough beard on shaved skin. + 45. Neck kisses will drive me crazy. + 46. Hands slowly explore all her curves. + 50. Feeling his body in the dark

She runs her fingertips up his body, dipping slowly over the curve of his hips and up along his chest, relishing in the way his body reacts to her touch: his breath hitching ever so slightly, his muscles trembling, his lips pressing a little harder against hers. They’d never managed to turn the lights on after they stumbled into their bedroom, and she’s not exactly sure how they’d gone from practically fumbling to tear each other out of their clothes to this – soft, slow touches and lingering kisses and heavy breaths rolling across skin, fingertips tracing over every dip and curve of their bodies as if trying to make up for the fact that they couldn’t quite see each other properly right now. Not that she could ever forget how perfect he looks, and with the lights off like this, she can feel everything so much more. It’s a little different, but she loves it, too.

He smooths one of his hands up her side, fingertips brushing over the spot on her ribs that always drives her crazy, making her suck in a breath. Then that hand cups her breast, and his other slides down her other side, dancing over her hip and down her thigh until he hooks his fingers under the bend of her knee, spreading her a little wider and pressing their bodies flushed together. She sucks in another gasp and digs her nails into the muscle of his arms to pull him close, as close as physically possible. He slides his lips from hers, skims them down her jaw and nips just barely at the skin of her throat. She moans.

“So beautiful,” he murmurs against the column of her neck, pressing a wet kiss there. She makes this little noise and arches her back, curving her body even more against his. She can feel his length brush against her slick folds with each little movement and it’s making her body tingle all over again. He kisses her neck once, twice, three more times, and she breathes his name and holds onto him even tighter, her heart skipping in her chest. “How’d I get so lucky?”

“Should be me asking that,” she says, voice soft. He shakes his head, dips it lower to brush his lips down the curve of her collarbone, spreading her legs a little wider. She lets out a sharp, hot breath, the anticipation coiling tighter in her stomach as he moves lower, slower, down her body, kissing every inch of skin as he goes. She grips onto his shoulders until he’s settled between her legs, and then she moves her hands to grip the sheets, peering down at him to find that stupid (perfect) smile on his face as he meets her eyes. He dips his head, pressing a wet kiss to the inside of her thigh, and she gnaws her lower lip at the sensation of his beard brushing against her skin. He hasn’t bothered to shave ever since they’d been sent away for some much needed time off, a luxury they weren’t quite sure had existed until they’d found themselves in a beach house with not a care in the world but each other.

It’s perfect.

He rolls his tongue, passing it gently through her folds, slowly, stopping just short of her bundle of nerves and making her whole body curve off of the bed as her fingers tug on the sheet and her moan echoes through the room.

“Definitely should be me asking that.”

His breath is warm between her legs as he chuckles, making her tingle, and then he takes another slow lick, this time flicking his tongue against her clit and drawing this sound from the back of her throat. Then he presses his tongue into her and she moans his name, rolls her hips up before she can quite stop herself, but he’s prepared, of course. He knows her body like the back of his hand, knows her like the back of his hand, and it’s a thought that had once terrified her. Not anymore. Not with Steve, and definitely not if it means that she gets to have this – gets to have him take his time, gets to have him know exactly what she needs to make her come apart at the seams so that he can take his time unraveling her until a shaking mess, all because of him. There’s not one part that she doesn’t love about how well he knows her, even when he works her up and leaves her on edge, over and over and over again, for hours, practically, because he knows that she can take it. He knows that as much as it frustrates her sometimes, she always loves it.

Steve,” she moans, voice loud, echoing in the dark as she rolls her hips a little faster against his tongue. Her eyelids flutter open and she tips her head down to peer at him through the dark, his face barely outlines by the moonlight that’s coming in through the window. He looks so caught up in what he’s doing, so caught up in her like he could never get enough, like he could spend all night between her legs, and her heart thumps in her chest.

She watches as he slides his hand up her thigh, teasing her skin for a moment and making her whole body shudder. She feels him smirk, and then he brings his hand between her legs and presses two fingers into her slowly, closing his lips and sucking lightly over her bundle of nerves, and she swears that the soft grunt he makes almost sends her right over that edge. “Oh,” she breathes. He curls his fingers, pulling out slowly and pressing in just so to make her hips snap up and her neck arch as she presses it harder into the pillow. “Oh!”

“Close?” he asks, even though he can tell. She knows he can.

She moans and nods, moves one of her hands to push her fingers into his hair and tug him even closer.

He rolls his tongue against her nerves once, twice, then licks all the way through her folds, curling his fingers, and her thighs trembling around his head as he lazily pushes her right on that edge. She’s close – so, so close – and then he pulls his mouth off of her, slides his fingers out and turns his head to kiss her wrist when she whimpers and grips his hair even tighter. Her eyelids flutter open to find him smiling again, pure adoration in his expression.

He moves himself back up her body, sliding his hands up her sides as he settles between her legs, length brushing against her slick, sensitive heat. Her body jolts, but he soothes her with a kiss.

“Do you trust me?” he asks, barely above a whisper.

“With my life.”

He smiles against her lips, kissing her against as he angles his hips and starts pressing into her slowly, and her lips part in a moan as she digs her nails into his back, trying to pull him as close to her as possible as he fills her completely.

Absolutely perfect.