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Ronaldo’s brace against Getafe: watch (alt.) | May 23, 2015
300 official appearances and 314 goals with Real Madrid; 200 apps and 226 goals in La Liga. He is the 2nd highest Real Madrid scorer of all time with 314 goals in 300 apps, only ahead of him Raul with 323 goals.
- Ronaldo in La Liga 2014/15: 48 goals (top scorer) and 16 assists in 35 appearances. 
- He is the 2nd Real Madrid with most goals (226) in the history of La Liga, only Raul (228) ahead of him.
- Ronaldo (48) broken his previous record (46) with most goals in a single La Liga season.
- Ronaldo is the Pichichi winner for the 3rd time, and Golden boot winner for the 4th time.
- He is the first player in history to have won 4 golden boots (3 with RM, 1 with Man United). 
- Ronaldo is the first Real Madrid player to have finished as La Liga top-scorer in two consecutive seasons since Hugo Sánchez. 
- He has surpassed his own record and becomes the first Real Madrid player to score 61 goals in all competitions this season.
- Ronaldo equals Gorostiza and becomes the first player to score 36 goals in the history of La Liga regional derbies.
- 31 official hattricks for Cristiano. 8 hattricks in one season (broken his previous record with most hattricks in a single season: 7).
- 12 headers in La Liga (last time a player scored 12 headers was in 1997)
- Ronaldo (17) surpassed Carlos (16) and becomes the player with the most free-kick goals.
- Ronaldo scored La Liga’s 1000th goal of this season (2014/15).

  • 01 - Bang Bros - Group Therapy

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Astronaut Alan E.Shepard, Jr. , 1961

U.S. Senate. Committee on Aeronautical and Space Sciences. 7/24/1958-2/11/1977  Series: Committee Papers, 1958 - 1976Record Group 46: Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2015

Alan Shepard became the first American and second human to venture into space 55 years ago on May 5, 1961, travelling aboard the Freedom 7 spacecraft as part of Project Mercury.

More at @nasa‘s feature: Freedom 7: Celebrating 50 Years of American Spaceflight

Roman Naumachiae

Naumachia (detail), an imaginative recreation by Ulpiano Checa

A naumachia was a mimic sea battle that oftentook place in a constructed basin. These entertainments also took place in flooded amphitheatres. The opposing sides were prisoners of war or convicts, who fought until one side was destroyed.

The earliest naumachia recorded (46 bc) represented an engagement between the Egyptian and Tyrian fleets and was given by Julius Caesar on an artificial lake that was constructed by him in the Campus Martius. In 2 bc Augustus staged a naumachia between Athenians and Persians in a basin newly constructed on the right bank of the Tiber at Rome. In the naumachia arranged by Claudius on Lake Fucino in ad 52, 100 ships and 19,000 men participated.

The introduction of new technologies initially led to an increased number of naumachia. The first three naumachia were spaced about 50 years apart; the following six, most of which took place in amphitheatres, occurred in a space of 30 years. Less costly in material and human terms, they could afford to be staged more frequently. Less grandiose, they became a feature of the games, but could not be considered exceptional. The iconography bears witness to this. Of some twenty representations of a naumachia in Roman art, nearly all are of the Fourth Style, of the time of Nero and the Flavian dynasty.

After the Flavian period, naumachiae disappear from the texts almost completely. Apart from a mention in the Augustan History, a late source of limited reliability, only the town records (fastia) of Ostia tells us that in 109 Trajan inaugurated a naumachia basin.

A later version of the naumachia was practiced in indoor theatres, such as London’s Sadler’s Wells, during the 19th century. A tank was constructed in the pit and stalls areas, and real boats were used for the purpose.

Kyoraku live tweets his first day as head captain

As requested by missingkitsune. :)

If Kyoraku decided to live tweet his very first day as the new head captain, this might be the result!

–I just got appointed as head captain

#they sent me a letter  #not a butterfly  #a letter  #i guess that makes me special

–People always told me that if I was lazy and drunk all the time, I would never get anywhere

#and by “people”  #I mostly mean dear sweet Nanao-chan

–Turns out that strategy will get you appointed as head captain

#either that or it was the cool eye patch  #central-46 can’t resist an eye patch

–I am a bit worried though, given Central-46’s track record

#previous decisions include  #exiling the visored  #wanting Ichigo dead  #putting Aizen in prison

–Does getting chosen by Central-46 mean that I am a bad choice for head captain?

#man I hope Yama-jii left a note or something

–I suppose I shouldn’t think that way. The job is mine. I have to make do.

#it’s what Yama-jii would want

–I hope Yama-jii left some sort of a handbook

–A guide for being a head captain

–Because it may be the panic talking, but the only head captain things I’m sure of are 1) don’t cut your eyebrows 2) call meetings at bad times 3) rescue Hisagi

–And I’m not even sure I can grow eyebrows that long

#tbh, I’ve never cut mine  #they’re still pretty short  #maybe there is a secret head captain growth formula

–shit i just told nanao that she might not get to be my lieutenant anymore

#why did I do that  #I’m going to try to keep her  #why did I have to worry her when nothing’s settled yet  #i don’t like to worry her

–time to go see Central-46

#get myself in head captain mode  #i can do this  #i have a hat  #and a flowery kimono

–wow I can’t believe Central-46 is making me wait

#like what other business do they have?  #what do they do anyway  #these are things a head captain should know

–I suppose I should figure out what I’m going to say

#I need to convince them to let me have 2 lieutenants  #and maybe have good ideas for winning this war  #in that order


#time to get this show on the road

–I’ve decided to try just telling them that I’m going to have 2 lieutenants

#that seems like a head captainy thing to do  #yama-jii never asked permission

–ooooh they don’t like that idea

#there’s like a million of them  #doing nothing  #and they have problems with 2 lieutenants?  #did kensei send them a fruit basket or something?

–Method #2: use their own laws against them

#thank goodness for Nanao-chan’s rule book!

–And success! I am going to have two lieutenants

#I will not leave Nanao-chan behind  #unless something dangerous is happening  #of course

–“Kenpachi is too dangerous to be trained.” are you serious? have you met Ichigo

#kenpachi is simple  #want him to not revolt?  #let him fight  #ichigo is a 17 year old teenager  #waaaay more dangerous

–“Yamamoto thought it too dangerous to train him.” yes but yamamoto also refused to get his arm healed and kept leaving Unohana out of fights

#i love him  #but infallible he isn’t

–oh man I’m glad they went for that. otherwise i’d have felt bad about making unohana stand in the shadows for all that time

#a fight to the death she’s cool with  #but I feel like waiting might make her grumpy

–Two lieutenants: check. Ideas for the war: check. I’m on a head captain roll

–although if I put unohana and kenpachi in a cage to fight…probably one of them will die

–so on my first day of head captain, I’m going to kill one of my subordinates

–and - let’s be real here - it’ll probably be unohana, who is my elder and the best healer we have aside from Inoue Orihime

–Am i doing the right thing? am I cut out for this? am I going to get us all killed? and seriously can I grow out my eyebrows?

–man I hope that eyebrows feed on stress

Researchers set new multi-junction solar cell efficiency world record at 46%

A new world record for the direct conversion of sunlight into electricity has been established. The multi-junction solar cell converts 46% of the solar light into electrical energy and was developed by Soitec and CEA-Leti, France, together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, Germany. Multi-junction cells are used in concentrator photovoltaic (CPV) systems to produce low-cost electricity in photovoltaic power plants, in regions with a large amount of direct solar radiation. It is the cooperation’s second world record within one year, after the one previously announced in September 2013, and clearly demonstrates the strong competitiveness of the European photovoltaic research and industry.

Multi-junction solar cells are based on a selection of III-V compound semiconductor materials. The world record cell is a four-junction cell, and each of its sub-cells converts precisely one quarter of the incoming photons in the wavelength range between 300 and 1750 nm into electricity.  When applied in concentrator PV, a very small cell is used with a Fresnel lens, which concentrates the sunlight onto the cell. The new record efficiency was measured at a concentration of 508 suns and has been confirmed by the Japanese AIST (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), one of the leading centers for independent verification of solar cell performance results under standard testing conditions.


Christmas Day in America, and in Europe, 12/25/1915

(Untitled), 12/25/1915
Series: Berryman Political Cartoon Collection, 1896 - 1949Record Group 46: Records of the U.S. Senate, 1789 - 2015

In this cartoon which appeared in the Washington Evening Star 100 years ago on December 25, 1915, cartoonist Clifford Berryman reminds his readers of the vast difference between the prosperity in America and the devastation in Europe as a result of the on-going war.