EVEN MUTANTS HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY. It’s not all capes and leather!! Getting all spiffy to moderate the 20th Century Fox panel at SDCC, Sat 7/11 at 5:45p in Hall H! Will there be more surprises than you can possibly handle? Why do you ask questions to which you already know the answers… (at Grey Jeans Laundromat)

45P’s BOTW!!

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in order for your chance to have a place on the poll you MUST be following me (http://45p.tumblr.com/) i will check!

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i will be picking the winners (which will apear in the poll) on Saturday 14th April, which will also be the day the poll will be put up. The poll will be put up for a week so if you win a place on there, remember to ask your followers to vote for you!

any questions then ask