Crossfire - 11

Chapter 10
Yoongi x Reader
Gang AU
Chapter 11 / Words: 4595

Though the compound was more inviting than the bland suburban house you had been in previously, you felt less welcome and more stressed. You were invading a very private place that was almost sacred to them, and it put you on edge. You slept and ate less, and you were very aware of the close quarters everyone was in. There were always at least two of the boys home, and you’d be stuck around them unless you holed yourself up in Yoongi’s room, which was the surprisingly less desirable option. Everything about the room seemed artificial, despite the bed never being made and the desk littered with notes and papers with little to no meaning to you. You went there at night to attempt to sleep, but you often failed because your internal clock had been badly damaged. You tossed and turned uncomfortably in the bed until the sun rose, and you often took a short nap in the afternoon on the loveseat in a feeble attempt to compensate for your exhaustion.

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Cheer Up Post #4595 - Bodhi Rook Edition

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4595) For a while I thought I was just a girl who liked suits and was a little different than other girls but now I'm realizing/accepting that I am a guy who likes bow ties and boxers and the like
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