South Carolina Lawmaker Files Bill To Treat Viagra Like Abortion Pills
"The purpose is to make sure he understands the risks associated with the drugs, but also to inform him of non-pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction, including counseling and celibacy." H-4544

A Democratic state representative in South Carolina says she is fed up with her fellow legislators attack on women’s healthcare, and has filed a bill she hopes will - at least temporarily - put an end to more paternalistic abortion legislation.

Rep. Mia McCleod, a communications consultant with a law degree from the University of South Carolina, has pre-filed H.4544  which would subject Viagra, and the men who need it, to the same restrictions South Carolina has imposed on women trying to obtain Mifeprex, the abortion pill. Savannah Now reports Rep. McLeod hopes subjecting her male colleagues to discussing erectile disfunction on the House Floor might give them a taste of how it feels to be a woman in South Carolina, with her reproductive choices subjected to their tender mercies.

“Some people will look a the bill and say, ‘Oh that’s funny. It won’t go anywhere,’" admitted Rep. McCleod. But she says she thinks the bill could shame and embarrass the “pro-life” Republicans, who seem intent on Planned Parenthood investigations and imposing more clinic restrictions, into reordering their priorities.

“If it means this bill helps the other conversation (abortion) to go away - and that’s a long shot - but if it gets folks to thinking about the important issue we need to think about, then it was not in vain.”

H.4544 would amend Section 44-88-20 of South Carolina law to say:  

(A)    No person other than a physician may issue to a patient a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

(B)(1)    Before issuing a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction, a physician shall:

(a)    obtain from the patient a notarized affidavit in which at least one of the patient’s sexual partners affirms that the patient has experienced symptoms of erectile dysfunction during the ninety days preceding the affidavit’s date;

(b)    refer the patient to a sexual therapist licensed by the State Board of Examiners in Psychology for an assessment of the possible causes of the patient’s symptoms of erectile dysfunction and obtain a written report in which the therapist concludes that the patient’s symptoms are not attributable solely to one or more psychological conditions;

©    conduct a cardiac stress test and obtain a result, described in writing, indicating that the patient’s cardiac health is compatible with sexual activity;

(d)    notify the patient in writing of the potential risks and complications associated with taking drugs intended to treat erectile dysfunction and obtain the patient’s signature on a form acknowledging the patient’s receipt of the notification; and

(e)    provide a written statement, under penalty of perjury, that the drug the physician is prescribing is necessary to treat the patient’s symptoms of erectile dysfunction, which includes the physician’s medical rationale for issuing the prescription.

(2)    A physician must not issue a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction any sooner than twenty-four hours after the patient provides written acknowledgement of receipt of the notification required pursuant to item (1)(d).

(3)    A physician shall place all documents described in item (1) in the patient’s medical record and retain the documents as part of that record for not less than seven years.

©    To ensure the continued health of a patient to whom a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction has been issued, the physician, as part of the patient’s course of treatment, including treatment by issuing a prescription for one or more refills of the drug originally prescribed to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction, or the prescription of another drug for that purpose, shall:

(1)    require the patient to undergo a cardiac stress test every ninety days while the patient is taking the drug to ensure that the patient’s cardiac health continues to be compatible with sexual activity; and

(2)    require the patient to attend three sessions of outpatient counseling within a period of not less than six months after the drug initially is prescribed to ensure the patient’s understanding of the dangerous side effects of drugs intended to treat the symptoms of erectile dysfunction and which includes information on non-pharmaceutical treatments for erectile dysfunction, including sexual counseling and resources for patients to pursue celibacy as a viable lifestyle choice.

Rep.McCleod admitted her bill is intentionally paternalistic, just like most abortion legislation.

“Who am I to tell them that?” she asked. “But by the same token, who are they to tell us to do what to do with our bodies?”

H.4544 has been assigned to the House Committee on Medical, Military, Public, and Municipal Affairs.

I sure hope they hold a public comment session.

4544) I wish it were possible for me to go away somewhere, start T, have top surgery, change all my documents - then come back home and get on with my life as a man. The thought of seeing people I know and having to explain what's going on during the beginning stages of transition (when my appearance and voice and gender marker on my ID are incongruous) is kind of intimidating.

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