Tom has a number of things that come very naturally to him. His height, his look, how he carries himself. Plus he has an exceptional ear for making language that is 450 years old sound alive, which is why I cast him in Othello. The reason he is in Ivanov is that I enjoyed working with him so much and found to my delight how astonishingly versatile he is.

Michale Grandage on Tom Hiddleston (x)(x)

Like seven people asked for Beforus pale Gamkar–so here!  

No listen though imagine Karkat is this sort of middle-aged general dude, like 35-40 years old, kind of weathered and jaded and he ends up getting together with this big, gangly highblood who still follows flutterbugs and repeatedly states a life-goal of making every single person he meets laugh and cheers about his birthdays. (”RIGHT, I FORGOT, YOU’RE STILL YOUNG ENOUGH YOU GET EXCITED ABOUT WIGGLING DAYS.”  “yeahhhh brother, don’t figure I won’t ever be so motherfuckin’ old as to not to.” “GOD YOU’RE SUCH A WRIGGLER. <>”)

And then he goes to the party and the goddamn empress is like “CLAMZ—E—E!! Hey crabsnack!  Yeah, we’ve been friends since we were wrigglers!  Happy 200th, sugargrub, mwah!”

Surprise, your boyfriend is literally four or five times older than you. UuU

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014 - Homeward Bound - trainspottingChicago

Wednesday, April 23, 2014 – Homeward Bound – trainspottingChicago

Happy Birthday!

The Bard is 450 years old. Wrigley Field is 100 years old. And my dear friend PN is radiant on her birthday today.

I also have to conduct a grade school, non competitive science  fair. I am the school PTA Science Guy. This is my only real direct participation with the school, except for those times I have an early day from work and can volunteer in my children’s classroom.


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Abbots Ann is an ancient and attractive hamlet on the outskirts of Andover, Hampshire. It is speculatively one of the oldest Roman settlements in Great Britain. It certainly possesses a Roman Villa, the tessellated floor of which was removed tile by tile and reassembled in the British Museum.

Abbotts Ann’s supernatural occurrences however, are not associated with the villa but with the Poplar Farm Inn. The building, which is some 450-500 years old, was originally a farm cottage, and so it remained for the vast majority of its long existence.

Rumours abound about previous tenants and equally various are the explanations of the supernatural activity that occurs there.

Villagers will tell you that it was once owned by a lady of society who kept it for orgies and revelries of debauchery. The drunken saturnalias lasting for days on end and shocking the local peasantry! There would seem to have been no untimely end inflicted upon this hedonistic sybarite. In fact there is no record of her birth or demise whatsoever. If the parties did indeed take place, they must have been enjoyed by a dedicated few, for the rather contracted dimensions of Poplar Farm Inn would have prevented many from indulging.

There is also a story that the old building was used by smugglers and that the stories of haunting were invented to put off the inquisitive. This was definitely the case for some of our coastal hostelries but it seems unlikely for one so far in land. In argument to this the locals will explain that the Poplar Farm Inn was a safe house used by smugglers in transporting goods from the coast to the capital. They will substantiate this by explaining the existence of an underground passage between the inn and the nearby River Anton (some say the River Pill). Although it is unlikely that this inn did conceal a series of underground passages, it is not impossible, and it could indeed be that the Poplar Farm Inn was used as a place of concealment, and conceivably also as a means of escape.

Ethereal happenings:

A local builder bought the old cottage in 1965 and turned it into a six bedroomed home for his family, using materials from the nearby Littleton Manor at Fyfield.

In 1967 inexplicable sounds began to emulate from certain rooms. Doors would open and shut when no one as around and footsteps would be heard in corridors.

Christmas 1968 was a prime example, ghostly noises were experienced on an almost daily basis and these unexplained happenings lasted spasmodically for the next decade. The only visual experience being a sighting of a lady like shade in flowing attire (which resembled that of the late 18th Century), ‘gliding’ up the stairway.

Since the mid 1970’s, supernatural noises have become less frequent but the occasional unaccountable noise still manifests itself on the unsuspecting. Incidentally, Abbots Ann also possesses one of the country’s spectral black dogs commonly known as shucks. There are some three dozen regularly reported, the Abbotts Ann one being particularly realistic. So much so that a local took a swipe at it with his cane which passed completely through the spectre.


Name: Ulquiorra Cifer
Nickname(s): Cuatro, Aizen’s lapdog, bat
Age: Died at age 22, chronologically he’s approx. ~450 years old 
Species: Arrancar


Morality (Bold One Per Section): Lawful / Neutral / Chaotic ||| Good / Neutral / Evil
Religious Belief: There’s nothing really he believes in except in Aizen and his intentions. Adoring a god that you cannot see or comprehend sounds rather ridiculous to him.
Sins: Lust / Greed / Gluttony / Sloth / Pride / Envy / Wrath
Virtues: Chastity / Charity / Diligence / Humility / Kindness / Patience / Justice
Primary Goals In Life: To serve Aizen to his fullest and learn about the heart.
Languages Known: Japanese, Spanish
Secrets: Maybe his fascination for human emotions and what they refer to as their heart – of course, some might know about it, but they might now know how far he would go to actually learn more about it.
Quirks: The way he kills enemies that he deems ‘worthy’: stabbing them with his bare hand through their chest, the same location in which his Hollow hole is.
Savvies: Comprehending and creating plans that might mindfuck others. And following orders.


Build: Slender / Scrawny / Bony / Fit / Athletic / Herculean / Babyfat / Pudgy / Obese / Other
Height: 169cm
Weight: 55kg
Scars/Birthmarks: His Hollow hole is on his sternum and his Hollow mask resembling a helmet sits atop his head, enveloping the left side of it. Green lines run down his cheek from his eyes while his upper lip is black, creating a contrast to his pale skin.
Abilities/Powers: He has all abilties that every other Arrancar has, additionally he possesses High-Speed Regeneration and his Ressurección.
Restrictions: He cannot aim properly with his Lanza del Relampago, thus has always to be careful when throwing it – and in most cases, he will miss, though the destruction is massive. Added to that he might underestimate enemies that he fought once before and that he thought of as worthless.


Favorite Food: If he had to pick human food, it would be some kind of fruit – maybe pineapple or peaches.
Favorite Drink: All Ulquiorra ever really drank is tea. But I think even in his modern verse it would simply be tea.
Favorite Pizza Topping: //
Favorite Colour: Green
Favorite Music Genre: Classic
Favorite Book Genre: Something rather poetical – maybe Shakespear
Favorite Movie Genre: He wouldn’t be overly fond of any movies.
Favorite Season: Winter
Favorite Butt Type: …I don’t think he ever thought much about that nor cares.
Favorite Swear Word: Ulquiorra doesn’t exactly swear.
Favorite Scent: Cinnamon
Favorite Quote:  “Every word, every thought, and every emotion comes back to one core problem: life is meaningless. The experiment in nihilism is to seek out and expose every illusion and every myth, wherever it may lead, no matter what, even if it kills us.” Mitchell Heisman 


Theme music: Throat Full of Glass ( Combichrist )
Bottom or Top: Depends on his partner – if his partner is stronger than him, he will willingly be bottom, however, he also likes to be in control from time to time. If his partner is significantly weaker or doesn’t satisfy him to the fullest, he will top.
Sings In The Shower: No
Likes Bad Puns: No

Their Opinion On The Mun:

“A mere human. I do not mind her presence as she doesn’t talk much but that is all.” 

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Give 20 teenagers a free day in Istanbul....

Saturday was one of my favorite if not my absolute favorite day in Istanbul. We made sure to get up early as to not waste the day. We ate our normal Turkish breakfast and took the Metro for the first time to the Old Town. There we explored the old city; there is so much history, culture, and tourism there that it was a very symbolic ending of the trip for me. 

Once we made it through the old town to the Grand Bazaar, we all made sure to haggle with some Turks and get some compensation for it. Rugs, soccer jerseys, scarves were all bought, as well as everyone getting their Turkish pants to wear out to the club later that night (it actually happened!). 

After the Grand Bazaar, we ventured to Ayasofya, the pinnacle of the trip for me. Ayasofya is a 450 year old Turkish Bath, in fact, the number-one rated bath in all of Istanbul! The bath was incredible: beautiful marble (that was probably restored, granted its age), incredible woodworking and art, and the most divine bath I will ever take. 7 guys and 3 girls embarked on separate journeys of bonding and bathing together, and the result was marvelous.

-Aaron Raus

Road-tripping along #desert tracks with @ozyroadtripper in #SturtNationalPark. Protecting an enormous outback and arid area in @visitnsw, this National Park includes the rolling red sand dunes of the Strezlecki desert, flat-topped mesas and 450 million year old granite tors - which together form an incredible landscape! by australia http://ift.tt/1KlhsHQ

The Angel Oak Tree, More Than 450 Years Old Tree in South Carolina

The Angel Oak Tree, More Than 450 Years Old Tree in South Carolina

The Angel Oak Tree is a Southern live oak located in Angel Oak Park on Johns Island near Charleston, South Carolina. The exact date is missing, but it is believe the Angel Oak Tree is estimated more than 450 years old. It stands 66.5 feet tall, measures 28 feet in circumference, and produces massive shade that covers more than 17,200 square feet. The Angel Oak tree is the longest branch distance…

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