450 d

(( Aaaa, this blog have reached 450 followers and I’d like to thank you all for the support! Thank you very much!

College started so I’d probably only post once a week or so from now on? I don’t know, I haven’t figure it out yet but I’ll tell y'all when I do ●v●)/

Also, it’s Ramadan! There ought to be some muslim followers in that 450, hahaha. Soo, y'all muslim followers, take care and happy fasting aye~ ^ω^)/ )) -admin

hi  guys! 

I really want to tell you guys that I really appreciate for over 450 liked! yay! :D 

I really didn’t expect that and have never had a lot of liked so i’m really

really happy :) thank you so much. 

today’s qr code is mercury and mars. 

both are my favourite but especially Rei is my most favourite character in Sailor moon world. I like her long dark hair and skills and identity too. :)

i wonder who is your most favourite character :)

(+) i added my dream code in qr image! come over anytime then 

i’ll be glad :) my dream code is  8400-2547-2622 !