45's single

Sburb “single-player, no godtier, any%” run in 2:44:54 by ASwarmOfBees - liquidCitrus - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
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This is an improvement on HatCollector65’s 2:45:01 “single-player, no godtier, any%” Sburb speedrun. The “no godtier” category was established because some people felt the double-godtiering-for-arbitrary-code-execution glitch was making speedrunning predictable, and also because not all of us have the guts to pull off a suicide-and-ascension in an Immersive Simulation game. (An FPS, fine. A VR game with a helmet, fine! But I draw the line at simulation of visceral sensations.)

I’m not really sure why my inspiration decided that I had to write this of all things. But I’m not complaining.

(For once, this isn’t in Replay Value AU.)