45 ps

do-you-ever-feel-worthless  asked:

2, 17, 40 en 45! PS u rock 💛

2. Wat is een gek trekje dat je hebt, waarvan de meeste mensen niet af weten? 
Oeie goh, ik heb eigenlijk echt geeeen idee 
17. Welke soort of soorten bloemen vind je leuk? 
Bloemen hmmm, ik vind rozen wel tof maar ik hou meer van cactussen ookal zijn dat geen bloemen maar ja kijk
40. Wat vind je ontzettend leuk om te doen, maar krijg je eigenlijk niet vaak genoeg de kans voor om uit te voeren? 
Schommelen hahahahah
45. Wat is je favoriete avondeten? 

Bedankt voor de nummerkes m8! Nog fijne namiddag in de zon! :-)))) <3


Yuzuru Hanyu’s Short Program at the World Team Trophy 2017.

Let’s Go Crazy (from “Purple Rain”) by Prince

TS 37.62 + PS 45.89

Overall 83.51

Ranked 7th. [Before FS]

Team Points 6.


Hi guys!!! I’m so excited to finally share something I’ve been working on the last two weeks. This is my fan edit of the opening credits for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life, which we lacked from the Netflix revival! Enjoy, rewatch and share! xx

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Imagine #45 Barcelona hostess

Ps: As requested, here it is. I hope is good, but I’m not proud of it. Tell me what you think and send me some more requests :)


You were working as a hostess and now you were transferred to work on the private plane of the Barcelona FC.

You were excited about it but a little bit scared since they were all important players. As you saw, the coming on the plane to fly to England to play with Manchester City you stood in front of the door to greet everyone.

They were all looking good and nicely greeting you. As they, all walked inside you followed them and told them that if they would need anything they just have to press the button next to their seat.

 When the flight started and you were in captain’s room, you heard someone of the players needed you. You walked and saw a boy with a hat on his head and black glasses waving at you letting you know he was the one who needed you.

You walked to him with a smile as everyone followed you with their eyes.

“What do you need Sir?” you asked kindly.

“Call me Neymar… (y/n)” he said as he read your name on the card you had on your shirt.

“I just wanted to see what your name is (y/n)” He said making everyone laugh including you, but you just walked away leaving them.

It didn’t take long as you once again were called by one of the players and walked to them. Once again, it was Neymar.

“What can I do for you now Neymar?” You asked forcing a smile.

“Well I was wondering if you could give me hug, I’m feeling lonely you know (y/n)” He smiled as his teammates laughed again at him for being stupid.

“Well Sir…If this will make you feel better.” You said as you spread your arms, hugged him, as you tried to let him go he pulled you closer, whispered in your ear “Thank you (y/n)”, and moved away. Of course, you blushed and everyone noticed and started shouting.

“I’m also feeling lonely” you heard Jordi on the other part, and then also Rafinha, Munir and Dani.

You walked to all of them, hugged them all, and then left. You were confused about that, but they made the flight more fun for you.

“How can I help you Sir?” you asked Rafinha who called you for something.

“Oi Rafa! Be careful or I’ll get jealous!” you heard Neymar on the other seat and looked at him smiling and then back at Rafinha who laughed at Neymar.

“I just want a bottle of water please.” Rafa said kindly, as you nodded and walked to get him some water.

“Here you go.” You smiled as you came back and handed him his water.

“Thank you (y/n), you’re the best, why don’t you come see us play tonight?” He winked at you making you blush.

“Oh I wish I could, but I have to work. I will have my fingers crossed.” You smiled at him and saw Neymar showing you with his hand to come there, he didn’t shout because most of the team was sleeping.

“(y/n) let’s take a picture for Instagram.” He said as you noticed he got already the camera ready.

“I’m sorry but I don’t think I can do that for you.” You said a little bit embarrassed.

“Oh c’mon (y/n). Just one, I need to show my fans how beautiful our hostess is.” He winked and you looked at him lifting one eyebrow, because you knew he was such a flirt.

“Okay.” You said and placed yourself closer to him as he took a picture of you two.

“Thank you (y/n).” He kept on reaping your name in a flirty way making you roll your eyes since you knew he was totally playing with you.

“Hey (y/n) can you please give me a good night kiss” Dani said as he noticed you and Neymar talking and he choose to teas Neymar.

“Dani you have a wife, go to sleep.” Neymar said getting more serious as Dani laughed at his reaction.

“But she can still give me a good night kiss, right (y/n)” he said that and winked making you know that he was trying to make Neymar jealous and to play with him.

“Of course.” You said with a smile as you decided to play the game with Dani.

“Then I want one to.” Neymar said seriously.

“Well I hink it’s better for me to leave now.” You smiled at both of them as you left.

Later Neymar afell asleep and you were finally free to take a break for him calling you all the time. Even though you liked having his attention.

When you were already, landing you walked to the boys and told them that and they all woke up. You smiled at them looking sleepy and confused. As the plane landed, they took their stuff and you walked in front of the door to greet them and wish them good luck for the game.

The all said goodbye to you and then Neymar came.

“See you later (y/n), but just to be sure you won’t leave, I need your number,” He said, as he got out his phone ready to type your number.

“And why do you need it for?” You teased him.

“To be sure you won’t fly away from me.” He said with a smile and you gave him your number.

“Ney c’mon leave your romanticism for later, we are late!” you heard Pique who was waiting with Xavi, Messi and Bravo to get in the cab that was supposed to take them to the stadium.

“Yeah I’m coming! Well (y/n) talk to you later” He said and kissed you on the cheek then ran to the boys and got in to the cab.

You were actually happy that he asked you for your number, because you were really attracted to him and he seemed like a good guy. After ten minutes, you went on Instagram to see his profile and noticed that he posted the picture f you two.

“My lucky charm for this game” was his description and you liked it happily hoping that you really will bring the entire team enough luck to win the game.