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Why? Part II - Zico Scenario

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  • Request:  Can I get a scenario where Zico and the reader r best friends and the reader has a crush but hears dating rumours with seolhyun and she ignores him happy ending please ❤️❤️❤️ for admin amanda plzzzzz
  • Genre: Still angsty AF / Fluff found somewhere hopefully
  • So this scenario will magically have more parts and you’ll probably have to wait like another 2 months before you get part 3. Anyways I hope you enjoy part 2! ❤️  -Admin Amanda

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that-one-greaser  asked:

34, 45, 11, 74, and 37:)))

11 go-to hiding place

Under my covers bc i’m tWELVE

34 favorite book quote

“Yeah”, I said. “And I’m gonna look like him.”
The black cat paused and looked me over.
“No you ain’t baby. That cat is a prince, man. He is royalty in exile. You ain’t ever gonna look like that.”

Rumble Fish by S.E. Hinton

37 do you believe in soulmates?

Nah, but mainly bc I don’t believe in ‘souls’

45 what is love to you?

I can’t quite put in into words but everything my girlfriend is and does,,, Man, that. That is love. 

74 craziest thing ever done

all of these stories are long and,,,, slightly illegal so rIP

Seth’s Tweets - a summary: 2009-2010-2011

Alright, let’s get this party started.

Let’s begin with the basics:

  • Seth’s account says he joined January 13, 2009 at 11:04am.
  • His first actual tweet was on April 22 2009.

So, starting from this tweet I’m gonna browse yearly, staring on April 22 from every year, mmmkay?


He didn’t actually tweet relevant stuff. He just thanked a couple of people, but I couldn’t see what they told him because back then twitter didn’t link your replies to the source tweet. Anyways.

No more tweets.

Jump forward.

2010 (he tweets again in August) -> 22 April 2011

(Most of what I’m going to list are questions he answered, and things he just felt like sharing)

  • His personal favorite episode of Family Guy is 01ES09 “And Then There Were Fewer”, says it was a lot of fun doing it.
  • He said if you wanna hear something sweet, download “Fancy Meeting you There” by Bing Crosby & Rosemary Clooney.
  • His favorite book is “The Demon Haunted World” by Carl Sagan.
  • His favorite Woody Allen movies are “Play it Again, Sam” and, “Crimes and Misdemeanors”.
  • He said to look up on YouTube “Learn to draw” by Tom Gammill, it’s fucking hilarious.
  • He said his favorite composer is John Williams, but after Alyssa Milano replied to him “Aaron Copland”, he said “yes, Appalachian Spring
  • His favorite Neil Tyson book is “Death by Black Hole”.
  • He also did #FF every Friday to his buddy Neil Tyson and said funny/cute jokes about Neil and how smart he is. Also his Jew friends. He loves Jews.
  • He also Celebrated 100.000 followers and thanked Alyssa for that.
  • Said everyone should watch Season 9 Christmas Special. He says it was fun to do.
  • His favorite OSTs (and underrated by most) are Temple of Doom, and Poltergeist.
  • His favorite horror movie is “Watcher in The Woods”, still scares him, and it’s a Disney movie!
  • His favorite (fiction) book is “Replay” by Ken Grimwood.
  • Funniest actor - Jackie Gleason
  • Favorite sex position and cigarette brand after he cums - Camel. Both cases. 
  • Best underrated comedy movie - The ‘Burbs
  • He said apostrophes are not for decoration. 
  • Mostly replied to correct people’s spelling.
  • He said that for 2011 people’s new year resolution should have been the correct use of “your” and “you’re”.
  • Also “The Ref” is an underrated comedy movie.
  • “The Sound of Music” and “The Bounty Hunter” are 2 movies that make him cry for completely different reasons.
  • He did lot of jokes about CW, True Blood, and popular movies of the moment.
  • He recommended to read “Under The Dome” by Stephen King.
  • He  also wanted to have Verizon’s iPhone’s baby.
  • Didn’t know whose bitch he was: booze or coffee.
  • Family Guy has around 20 episodes in production, at a time.
  • A Family Guy script is about 45 pages long
  • He used to tweet announcing the place he was going to sing that night. (mind you, this was before his first album came out)
  • He doesn’t believe in ghosts. But firmly believes in the possibility of life in other planets. Why? because life on earth is a clear evidence of a possibility, He asked someone to show him a ghost somewhere as a proof.
  • About capital punishment: he doesn’t see the point in “Killing someone to show a killer that you shouldn’t kill people”
  • He said that when models say “oh I’m a nerd!” he knows they are not.
  • Multiple times said he’s a space nerd.
  • Multiple Star Trek jokes. Star Wars references.

Notes from me:

He said a few times he didn’t take compliments very well.

And that’s it for today! :D more to come in the next few days.

You Make Me Feel Warm

Happy (very belated) birthday bfketh

I’m sorry it took me so long, but here we are :3 I hope you like it!

[Mirror on AO3]


Levi squinted at the whiteboard in front of the classroom, stifling a yawn as he wrote down another bunch of scribbles that were supposed to look like notes for that class. He dragged his arm tiredly over the paper, barely being able to read what the words said. Hanji, who was beside him, looked him over with a worried stare, but they said nothing and turned their attention back to the lecture Levi wasn’t listening to anymore. Levi couldn’t find himself to care – he was far too tired to.

Nightmares had been invading his sleep and as he was already an insomniac, it was really taking a toll on his body. He found himself feeling incredibly sluggish and grumpy. In the state he was in even coffee could sadly only do so much for him.

“ – Levi Ackerman and Eren Jaeger,” his professor said all of a sudden, making him focus back on the lecture, a confused expression on his face as he glanced around to try and get what was happening. He caught sight of Eren, who was a few rows ahead of him, and the other smiled at him widely, giving him a thumbs up. Levi’s heart started pounding a little faster in his chest.

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Say Something (07/07)

Title: Say Something (07/07)

Pairing: Joel/Ray (Roosterteeth)

Rating: T

Summary:  It’s 4.20am in the morning and mistakes happen. And that’s basically the story of how Ray meets Donut.

You’re weird.


Chapter index: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Notes:  Format and premise inspired by Little Numbers. Ayyy! Last chapter! This one’s a monster in terms of length, but I hope that you guys will enjoy reading it! Shoutout to my sister, who’s been helping me beta this. <3

Joel in italics, Ray in regular, Michael in bold, Jack in underline. (underline does not show in tumblr mobile app)

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