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The US leaving the Paris Climate Accord showed “the height of egoism and moral vacuum seeking only their own well-being, even at the cost of the entire planet. The selfish act of the US does not only have grave consequences for the international efforts to protect the environment, but poses great danger to other areas as well.“

North Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs (X)

This is where we are now, getting shamed by North Korea. Which, I suppose, stops anyone that was laughing at us, because now they’re horrified instead. 

Traveling Vocabulary

1. 비행기 = airplane
2. 기차 = train
3. 배 = ship
4. 버스 = bus
5. 지하철 = subway
6. 택시 = taxi
7. 공항 = airport
8. 국제 공항 = international airport
9. 버스 터미날 = bus terminal
10. 기차역 = train station
11. 지하철역 = subway station
12. 버스 정류장 = bus stop
13. 관세 = customs
14. 시설 = facilities
15. 출입국 관리소 = immigration office
16. 매표소 = ticket booth
17. 철도 = railway
18. 호텔 = hotel
19. 유스호스텔 = youth hostel
20. 입구 = entrance
21. 출구 = exit
22. 승치권 = ticket
23. 여권 = passport
24. 탑승권 = boarding pass
25. 출발지 = department point
26. 도착지 = destination
27. 환전소 = foreign exchange
28. 거스름돈 = change (money)
29. 미국 달라 = U.s dollar
30. 요금 = fare
31. 착륙 = landing
32. 이륙 = take off
33. 사업차 = on buiness
34. 휴가차 = on vacation
35. 짐 = luggage
36. 왕복으로 = round trip

37. 오다 = to come
38. 쇼핑하다 = to shop
39. 구경하다 = to sightsee
40. 날다 = to fly
41. 여행하다 = to travel

42. 한국 = Korea
43. 대한민국 = South Korea
44. 북한 = North Korea
45. 미국 = America/ U.S
46. 호주 = Australia
47. 캐나다 = Canada
48. 중국 = China
49. 프랑스 = France
50. 독일 = Germany
51. 인도 = India
52. 일본 = Japan
53. 멕시코 = Mexico
54. 태국 = Thailand
55. 러시아 = Russia
56. 영국 = England
57. 오스트리아 = Austria

Say cheese!

Totally forgot to mention - it was suggested to me that I have my picture taken with my husband and the girls at a park and have it framed for each of the girls as a remembrance of our time as a family. I loved the idea but took it a step further and looked into getting a pro photographer or hobbyist to take some nice quality candids. (We have maybe three pictures of the girls and us together… I am way overweight so not a fan of seeing me in photos. But the girls always say it doesn’t matter so I decided to suck it up and suck it in.)

I got some recommendations and someone suggested this really good pro photographer who is having a “Pay What You Can” experiment this month. My budget is way low and I looked at her usual fees and felt embarrassed at how low my offer was. After answering a few questions about us and the reason for the pics, this lovely woman contacted me within an hour and said she would love to be our photographer! I couldn’t believe it.  We are doing this tomorrow at a still-to-be-determined location about 45 minutes north of us. Thrilled, nervous. Psyched.

Welcome to Camp Sweetwater

Please forgive me for this mess, but I love the idea of a summer camp au so here we are!

AO3 link for people on mobile or if you can’t get past the read more. There’s another authors note there if you want to read it.

If anyone were to ask Jughead where the middle of nowhere was, he wouldn’t give a generic answer like the Sahara or some old age ghost town deep in the Midwest. No, for him, the middle of nowhere is 45 minutes north of Greendale and twice that many miles away from Riverdale on a little plot of land he affectionately referred to as his very own slice of hell - otherwise known as Camp Sweetwater.

Camp Sweetwater is where nightmares come true, but more specifically where nightmare kids come for the summer when their parents can’t handle them any longer. Their lives get put into the hands of teenage counselors, but Jughead thinks that if anyone wasn’t safe at camp, it would be him and not the kids who don’t seem to understand the concepts of ‘playing nice’ and ‘respecting your elders’. He doesn’t know why anyone would choose to come here, but most kids seem to like the camp for reasons he can’t understand.

The whole reason Jughead himself is at the one place he truly cannot bear to be is almost comical. Jellybean had heard about camp from one of her friends when they were still young, and begged their parents to let her go. Intrigued by the prospect of a Jellybean-free summer, Jughead had combined efforts with her in the struggle of persuading their parents to pay the surprisingly low fee and let her go to camp.

Unfortunately, Jughead was too young to recognize the glint in his father’s eyes at his son’s sudden interest in an overnight camp, and within a month he was whisked away to the four acres of forest he would call home for the next six weeks.

The next four summers invited multiple fights into the Jones household over camp, but it was three against one, and each year Jughead came out of every argument with a permanent frown stretched across his face and arms glued over his chest in defiance until the day came for them to be dropped off again.

(After a while, Jughead began to suspect that the real reason he and JB still went to camp each year was to avoid other arguments that took place in their absence.)

At 14, he was resigned to the inevitable two hour car ride that would seal his fate as a camper. That is until Clifford Blossom, camp director and mess hall tyrant, offered him a spot on camp staff as a counselor. Jughead figured that if he was going to be forced to go every summer until high school was over, he might as well get payed for it.

So for the final time, he stands under the worn wooden arch, emblazoned with the words ‘Welcome to Camp Sweetwater’ across the top, that symbolizes the gates to his metaphorical hell and squares his shoulders, ready to take on whatever devils camp throws at him this year. With an eager Jellybean by his side, duffel bag in hand and beanie nestled firmly on his head, Jughead takes his last first step onto campgrounds, and the sound of twigs crunching beneath his boots feels like a goodbye.

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hmm since north node is going to enter leo, i was wondering, what is transit north node conjunct north node like?

wait so are you saying that you have your natal north node in leo? ok so the nodes spend 18 months in each sign… at age 18 or 19, you have your first Nodal Return, meaning that the north node and south node are in the same signs and same degree as when you were born… since the nodes are about your life purpose, and stepping away from what’s familiar, this is symbolic for how people often choose a college or move out at age 18-19.

at age 36-37 you experience your second Nodal return, hopefully by then you are more clear about what you want to do with your life… 54-55 is another one…

at ages 9, 27, 45, 63… the transiting North Node is conjunct your south node, and the transiting south node is conjunct your north node, this is called the Nodal Reversal. I’m not the expert on interpreting either the reversal or the return, I do plan on researching them more. All I can say is that they are typically milestones in figuring out your life.


Señora de Cao

Se denomina Señora de Cao o Dama de Cao a la momia perteneciente a una gobernante de la cultura mochica que se cree gobernó el norte del actual Perú en el siglo IV d.C. Después de su descubrimiento en el departamento de La Libertad y de las investigaciones científicas de rigor, los avances fueron dados a conocer el 15 de mayo de 2006, por un equipo de arqueólogos peruanos dirigidos por Régulo Franco Jordán del Ministerio de Cultura del Perú con la cooperación financiera de la Fundación Augusto N. Wiese.

Su descubrimiento se compara con el del Señor de Sipán. Antes del hallazgo, se pensaba que sólo los hombres habían ejercido altos cargos en el antiguo Perú. Se cree que la dama tenía el estatus de gobernante en la sociedad teocrática del valle del río Chicama, además de ser considerada un personaje casi divino. El lujo de los adornos y vestidos que acompañan el fardo funerario de la mujer confirmaron el estatus de la gobernante.

El deceso de la gobernante de la cultura mochica, aparentemente por complicaciones de parto, se produjo aproximadamente en el año 400 d.C., unos 150 años después del apogeo del Señor de Sipán, quien se considera el líder más antiguo que se conozca de esa región norteña del Perú. Los restos momificados de la mujer, de 1,45 metros de altura y entre los 20 y 25 años, estaban cubiertos por 18 collares de oro,plata, lapislázuli, cuarzo y turquesa, treinta adornos de nariz de oro y plata, diademas y coronas de cobre dorado.

El cuerpo de la dama tiene tatuajes de serpientes, arañas, cocodrilos, monos, leopardos, abejas y mariposas, aún visibles, que representan la fertilidad de la tierra pero que también podrían indicar sus dotes como adivina. La preservación del cadáver, así como de algunas vestimentas, fue posible porque se le untó con sulfuro de mercurio, una sustancia venenosa para las bacterias que podrían haber deteriorado el cuerpo. Se piensa que la Señora de Cao trabajaba en algo que tendría que ver con política o religión por sus tatuajes de arañas y serpientes en los brazos.

La tumba fue hallada en la huaca (centro ceremonial) de Cao Viejo, de donde proviene su nombre, ubicada en el complejo arqueológico El Brujo, que se levanta en el distrito de Magdalena de Cao, en el departamento de La Libertad, a unos 700 kilómetros al norte de Lima y 60 kilómetros al norte de Trujillo. En este lugar, se ha acondicionado una sala de exhibición especial para esta momia, en un museo muy moderno que, además, cuenta con guías bien formados.

En la tumba se encontraron cetros de madera forrados de cobre, utilizados en las ceremonias como símbolos de poder y hegemonía, y diversas placas de metal sueltas que cubrían la mortaja de algodón natural. El complejo está formado por cinco pirámides de barro. La tumba fue hallada en una plataforma intermedia, lo cual la preservó de las lluvias de esa zona costeña y del efecto de la capa freática del subsuelo.

The Lady of Cao is a name given to a female Moche mummy discovered at the archeological site El Brujo, which is located about 45 km north of Trujillo in the La Libertad Region of Peru.

The Lady of Cao was discovered in 2006 by a team of Peruvian archaeologists led by Regulo Franco Jordan of the National Cultural Institute of Peru with the financial cooperation of the Augusto N. Wiese Foundation. The mummy, which was heavily tattooed and wrapped in many layers of cloth, was found with a number of ceremonial items, including weapons and jewelry. Also found were the remains of a second young woman, possibly a human sacrifice. A modern autopsy indicated that the Lady of Cao was in her mid twenties when she died and may have of died of complications due to pregnancy or childbirth. The estimated date of death for the Lady of Cao is about 450 CE.

The richness of the burial site, as well as the presence of weapons, suggest that the woman might have been a high ranking priestess or even a Moche ruler, possibly governing what is now known as the Chicama District region of northern Peru. Prior to this discovery, it was believed that only men held high rank in the Moche culture. The discovery of the Lady of Cao burial is compared with that of the Lord of Sipan in terms of important archeological discoveries relating to the Moche.


Hugo, MN

It’s no big deal to see “Rue Victor Hugo” in France, but it’s something of a different story in the American Midwest.

Enter Hugo, Minnesota.  No one can agree if it was actually named for the famous author, but the town about 45 mins north of the Twin Cities has obviously decided that the literary touch makes for good publicity.  In particular, one development of very nice homes is called “Victor Gardens” and is full of streets named for characters like Valjean, Cosette…and Grantaire.

Bobcatmoran and I braved subzero temps to check it out this afternoon.

Laura Ann Aime, 10th grade, North San Pete high, 1973. A rough pic, but it has a bit more detail than other versions of this shot that I have seen. I scanned this and the person who was to the left of her had been cut out, as if the owner of this yearbook had been angry with them. The student with glasses behind her on the next page was interesting when I cropped it, so I left it in. A bit sinister. This would have been taken in the fall of 1972, and put in the 72-73 yearbook. Laura would leave Mt. Pleasant the following summer, moving to American Fork from San Pete county, about 45 minute north/west of Fairview, couch crashing with friends in Lehi and AF, before running into Bundy sometime (supposedly, according to friends in the area interviewed by Utah County Deputy Dick Smith) in early September. It is possible that Laura did indeed start high school at American Fork High in the fall of 74, yet to be substantiated. 

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I saw those pictures you reblogged of Santa Cruz and I was like, "Oh, that looks familiar." Then I saw that it was Santa Cruz and I laughed because I live about 45 minutes north and I did totally recognize it. Totally beautiful place. The ice plant is really pretty too, you can see it well in the last picture. Thanks, love you, have a great day!

Ohh it’s such a beautiful place, lucky you <3 

Thanks for sending such a sweet message that made me smile, I hope you have a great day too xxx

Can Americans please start specifying when they are using statistics that only apply to the USA?? Like. It’s getting frustrating to see things like “45% of women experience X thing” while being left without a fucking clue as to the demographic it’s actually talking about. 

Do you mean 45% of American women? North American women? Women living in OECD countries? All women? I WILL NEVER KNOW IF YOU DO NOT TELL ME.


Ending today’s #mypubliclandsroadtrip in BLM Arizona with a the history and habitat of the Agua Fria National Monument

Just 45 minutes north of Phoenix, the Agua Fria National Monument includes an abundance of wildlife as well as geological and archaeological wonders. The monument’s water resources include the Agua Fria River and streams, creeks and pools that  provide habitat for fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds and larger wildlife species like deer, pronghorn, javelina and mountain lions.  To date, 194 species of bird have been recorded.

The monument also contains more than 450 recorded archaeological sites, spanning some 2,000 years of human history.  From the Pueblo La Plata site to the rock art located at the confluence of the Badger Springs Trail, visitors are encouraged to explore these sites but to help preserve them by not removing, defacing, collecting or further damaging any of the artifacts, structures or rocks.  Given the unique features of the monument, it offers excellent recreation opportunities, from hiking to camping to photography.  

Story by Michael Abalos, BLM Arizona; click photos for photographer credit

Out of Gas

for Day 1: Snow

By PatriziaNordsee aka @greetingsfromthenorthernsea

Beta reader: @xerxia31 (who had a hell of a job, thank you)
Support and encouragement from: @thegirlfromoverthepond

Rating: Teen

Pairing: Katniss Everdeen/Peeta Mellark

Here it goes. My very first HG fanfiction story. If you find a mistake - they all mine. English is not my first language - sadly.

Out of Gas

2015, December the 22nd, 5 pm, District 12, North America

It could have been the headlights of a bicycle, a motorbike or of a flashlight, that was coming their way.

He wasn’t certain. The light was moving up and down, from left to right and back. It almost looked as if the light was dizzy or drunk.

And it came closer. Slowly but steadily.

There was one thing he was sure about - the light was important.

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