45 minutes max

T-minus 4 days

until i hop on a plane and discover new places.

it’s going to be a whole different world living 1400 miles away from what i right now call home. i’ve never lived anywhere outside of the state of massachusetts and i’ve never been too far away from family, short drive to anyone in a 45 minute radius, max.

st petersburg is seriously a huge difference, even in thought. i looked it up, and the last time it snowed in the area was 1977 and we’re about to be slammed with probably a foot in a day or so here in nattleboro. i’m so used to the mood swings that is our local temperature, but i’m in for nonstop sun and blaring heat and a self-proclaimed glow-in-the-dark girl isn’t usually the first person you’d think of when you think “florida”.

the whole point of this trip is going to be to find myself a new place to live - have to find something in the 4 days that me and mom are there for. we made a list of like thirty complexes to look into and only a handful have actually reached back out to us. -_- let’s hope this changes in the next couple of days. s’kinda important.

in the list of priorities when it comes down to living arrangements, obviously something affordable comes to mind, but i also need to know that there’s a local yarn shop, and a 24hr diner that gives me waffles at 3am. priorities, haha.

also disney weekends are going to be a thing, so there’s that. first time for everything i guess.