45 minutes from somewhere out there

No Regrets - Tough Mudder

This was born out of a conversation I had with @blacktithe7 - not really a request but kinda :D

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: hot muddy Jensen (and Jared).  

Word Count: 1238 (not a drabble but unbetaed so sorry for all the mistakes).

A/N: This is written as part of my LwR/NR universe, but can as most of them be read as a one shot. 

Tough Mudder was in May 2015 but for the sake of timelines this would be more like October 2015 since I really wanted Y/N to be at least somewhat visible pregnant and she didn’t get pregnant with AJ till May 2015 so had I kept the right time then she wouldn’t even be carrying their child yet.

I also changed a few of the obstacles at the end just to give Y/N something to stare at :P



You smiled walking down the stairs to see the six men laughing and joking with Becca as they were getting ready to leave. You would have loved taking part in the run with them but your pregnancy prevented you from doing so. It hadn’t prevented you from training with Jensen, but all the running and leaping might be a bit more than your current condition allowed.

“You’ll be there right babe?” Jensen asked you, wrapping you in his arms as you made it down the stairs.

“I’ll be there as soon as I pick up Gen and drop of the kids with Jared’s parents. You know that Jay,” you smiled up at him, loving how excited he was about this.

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Damaged (Wolverine x reader)

This is my first attempt at writing something, so please leave feedback!

text between —- and written in italic is a flashback!  


IMPORTANT! – This story is set in the time after Apocalypse and the grumpy old coot known as James Howlett is alive and kicking in this setting. I wanted to use the younger versions of the X-men, because they are the bomb dot com. PLUS: ALEX and SEAN (BANSHEE) DIDN’T DIE! I’m sorry, but my smol beans weren’t supposed to die and I won’t stand for it. 


That’s all you were doing. Running as far from the problems you had.

From the tragedies you had caused.

From the pleading voices in your head.

You weren’t going anywhere specific, just somewhere that was far enough from the place you just were. After 45 minutes of sprinting with your (Y/H/L) (Y/H/C) hair whipping around, you sank down beside a tree in the thick forest. It was then that you let the tears fall. At first, you could only squeeze out a few, but within a few seconds you were letting the waterworks flow. You couldn’t help thinking about what had just happened.

How two men had entered your house.

How they demanded that you show your powers.

How when you couldn’t, they cuffed you to a chair and made you watch them torture your parents.

How your parents pleaded that you do something.

How you wished you could.

How your powers once again kicked in front of your parents eyes and how the men killed them with one swift pull of the trigger.

How your parents looked at you in their last moments.

With fear, but also with love. Lots of love. 


Warily looking around, you sprinted downstairs into the kitchen. It was way past midnight and you had to be quiet. God knows who might be able to hear you here, especially Banshee with his supersonic hearing. Tiptoeing towards the pantry, you grabbed a packet of instant noodles, went to the kettle and filled it with cold water. You didn’t have to fear anyone hearing you or the kettle, as you could warm the water up yourself. Your mutation was pyrokenisis, which meant you could control fire and warmth. In this case, you could warm up the God-sent food called instant noodles.

You sighed and wondered why you didn’t just hang out or in this case eat with the others when they did. You reassured yourself that it must be because you had social anxiety, something you’ve had your whole life. You didn’t really like to hang out with others. You wanted to hide your past. Your experiences were something that had made you stronger, but distant from others. When Charles Xavier came to ask you to join his school, you didn’t even come out of your room for the first two weeks, until the exasperated professor forced you to.

Once your noodles were heated, you went back to your room and starting digging into the deliciousness. You thought about the lessons you attended. You were 23 already, so you didn’t have to follow any lessons, but you just did, to spike your knowledge. After all, you were running since you were 15.

At last, your thoughts landed on one specific lesson, or maybe one specific professor.

Logan Howlett.

The Wolverine.

Whilst the other teachers treated you the same as the other students, Logan saw through you and knew that you were having difficulties settling in. Maybe it was because he was very good at observing. Or maybe because you always fidgeted in every single class, barely uttered a word unless forced and didn’t even glance at the others.

After every lesson of history, Logan took you aside and made you talk. He was the only one you talked to. Who you had told about some of your past. The professor knew about what you had gone through, but you hadn’t told him. He had poked into your mind, with your permission of course.

With Logan, you felt a connection. And slowly, you grew fond of him and liked him even more.

Until those feelings blossomed into something else.

No, you thought.

You couldn’t let anyone get near you. You couldn’t let yourself love him. You had destroyed everyone you loved. You thought about your parents and Jason.

Oh Jason.

How you had fallen for him.

And how you had ruined him.


It was another day in the blistering summer heat. You were sitting in the grass near the canyon that lay behind a thick forest near the town. The heat didn’t bother you for some odd reason. You were going to meet Jason there. You two had been best friends for years, but recently you began developing feelings for him. You told him to meet you here so you could tell him. Who knows, maybe he felt the same way.

“Guess who (Y/N).“ You giggled as you felt Jason’s hands cover your eyes and decided to tease him a bit. “Is it ….. The Joker?” You answered, barely supressing the giggles. Jason laughed as he sat down beside you. That’s when you started sweating bullets.

“‘So, (Y/N). What did you want to tell me?” Jason looked at you with all seriousness.

Damn him.

Damn those gorgeous golden locks.

Damn those luscious pink lips, just waiting to be kissed.

“Um.. I, I think that I’m in love with you Jason. I hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship in any way.” You blurted out loud. Jason stared at you incredulously. “Wha- what did you just say?” You saw a tiny smile creeping its way onto his lips.

You glared and told him not to make you repeat what you had just said. It was obviously difficult enough telling him once. Jason smiled fully now. He has the cutest dimples ever, you thought.

“That, that’s great (Y/N), because I’m in love with you too.”

Now it was your turn to look at him in disbelief, until you saw him turning his head slightly. He slowly leant in for a kiss. You placed a hand on his cheek and pressed your (Y/L/C) lips on his. This was better than any first kiss you could imagine. Your mind was focussed on one thing: Jason.

And that’s when your happy ending was ruined. Like you had screwed fate over a million times and this was payback.

You watched in horror as Jason’s body caught on fire.

You screamed till you could scream no more. Yet no one heard a thing, because the screaming was inside of your head.

You then knew that you were different and distanced yourself from everyone and vowed to never get close to someone again.

The authorities only found his charred and beyond unrecognisable body dangling off the cliff.

You were 12 then.


Logan looked around the classroom, waiting for someone to raise their hand. He had asked a difficult question about what the world would look like if World War I and II hadn’t happened. Hearing about these wars always hurt him a little, as he was very much alive during them. He noticed that no one was raising their hand. To be honest, it looked more like they were avoiding his gaze for some odd reason. He glanced at you and his irritated demeanour melted a little. He always had a soft spot for you and was completely unaware of the feelings you had for him.

He was looking forward to talking to you after the lesson. You had been a little distant from everyone for the past few days, if that was even possible. The lesson ended abruptly and Logan sat down at his desk. He thought you would come up to talk to him, but no. You were one of the first one’s gone from the classroom. Logan nearly growled in frustration, grabbed his books and went to find you. But to no avail, as unsurprisingly, you were nowhere to be seen. He slunk back to his classroom and replayed all the memories he had of you, all of which lead to one specific memory: the day he met you.


Logan walked through the corridors until he stopped in front of the professor’s office, wanting to ask him something important. He heard the professor speaking in a low tone. That’s when Logan heard another voice replying. One he hadn’t ever heard before. Logan furrowed his brows. This, this voice. It was so beautiful and soothing. It was like he was addicted to hearing it because the next ten minutes were spent listening to you talk to the professor.

He was about to edge away when he heard a chair scraping. Well, now he had to see who the owner was of this voice. The door opened and Logan backed away a little. He didn’t want to seem like a stalker or anything. Professor X came wheeling his chair though the door and raised one brow when he saw Logan.

But The Wolverine didn’t notice him.
He only looked at you, the shy girl, standing behind the professor.
He watched your beautiful (Y/E/C) fixated on something on the ceiling.
He noticed that your (Y/H/C) hair was falling in strands in front of your face.
His gaze was fixated on you. His eyes never left until a minute later, when the professor coughed awkwardly. That was when you saw Logan for the first time. You averted your gaze from Logan and told the professor you were going to go to your new room. With that, you ran off.

Charles turned to Logan and smirked.
“Her name is (Y/N). She’s new here and has been on the run for around six years now.”
The professor said this sadly and with that he wheeled away.
Logan’s facial expression went from dreamlike to understanding. He knew the feeling of how it was to be on the run. The feeling of being scared and alone.
Logan never got to ask the professor his question.


It had been a week since you walked out of Logan’s lesson without talking to him. Since then, you had only attended training and only exchanged a few short words with Charles, but nothing else. And now, you, against your will, were sitting at a table at one of Charles’ fundraising parties, watching people dance. You put on a smile and made very small talk with people who started to talk to you.
It wasn’t like the party wasn’t any fun. Well, it wasn’t any fun to you, but still. This just wasn’t your scene. You wanted to get back to your room.

At that moment a slow song started playing and you nearly laughed when you saw Beast trip-trapping on Raven’s feet and Peter getting all worked up and causing mischief because everything was oh so slow. At that moment, a tired Alex Summers sat down next to you. Just great, you thought. Now it was impossible to slip away without seeming rude.

“Hey, you’re (Y/N) right?” You nodded at Alex and forced your lips into a smile. Oh dear god, why did social anxiety have to happen to you. Alex asked a few more short questions and you answered quickly and politely. To your inner glee, Alex muttered something about getting a drink and walked away. Now was your chance. You could get back to endlessly reading books.

But that’s when you saw it.
Logan, a few feet away.
With Ava, a human who was working with Hank for a few weeks.
Their bodies too close in your opinion.

Jealousy flared up in you. You felt like you couldn’t breathe. Of course he liked her. She was beautiful, smart and not a danger to anyone. She was all the things you weren’t. Tears crept up in your eyes, but you blinked them away. You only stared at Ava with hatred.

That is, until her dress caught fire.

You reeled back, surprised by what you had done. You watched as someone extinguished the fire from her dress. Thankfully, the fire hadn’t hurt her in any way, except for her ego, which was severely burnt from the looks of it.

“You!” Ava came storming up to you and slapped you across the face.
You flinched and brought a hand up to your cheek, which was throbbing with pain. You saw everyone turn to look at the sudden commotion. Just great, you thought. More unwanted attention.

Of course Ava came up to you and slapped you. You were the only one in the mansion (except for one of the students, who wasn’t present) who was pyrokinetic, so it was no surprise that you caused Ava’s dress to go up in flames.

“Why do you have to ruin everything? What have I ever done to you?”

You stood up and started edging back as Ava came closer. A tear escaped your eye and she laughed. “You are so weak, aren’t you? Crying like a pathetic baby. And why are you so mean? Look at what you did to me yesterday in the lab. I was just working peacefully and you had to come and shoot fire at me!”

You watched as Ava rolled up her sleeve to show a burn. A very big burn. She waved it around so everyone could see.

“I didn’t do that!” You spat in Ava’s face. At that moment, you also chanced a glance at Logan, but all you saw was disappointment in his eyes and he looked away.

It was a quick glance, but Ava saw.

“Of course you did, and now I know why, you little minx. You love Logan don’t you?” At this, Logan’s head snapped up, wanting to believe what Ava just said. The last part at least. “You just couldn’t bear to see him dancing with me. You were jealous. Well, he won’t ever love you, now that he’s seen what kind of monster you are.”

Tears were now falling freely from your eyes and you ran out of the room, bumping into Hank on the way, who you didn’t see because your vision was blurred. You ran straight to your room as Hank walked into quite a quiet and suspenseful room.

“Hank,” the professor started, “did something strange or unusual happen yesterday in the lab? You were there all day after all.” Charles Xavier didn’t believe a thing of what Ava said. He knew you and that you wouldn’t do anything to hurt someone intentionally.

Hank thought for a minute. “Oh yeah, now I remember it, Ava burnt her arm with some chemicals that she spilt. Quite a big burn, I must add. Why? Is something up?” Hank looked around, a little confused.

The professor sighed and looked at Ava with disgust. He told her to pack her bags and leave the very next day. Charles Xavier wasn’t going to have someone in the mansion that made people think badly about someone else, especially someone who had suffered so much like you had. He did smile, of course, when he saw a discreet Logan running out of the room. The professor knew then that you would be alright, in time.

You were in your room, packing a small duffle bag. You couldn’t stay here any longer. There was no one left that liked you. They all hated you for hurting Ava. You packed the last of your stuff when you heard running on the stairs. You nearly jumped out of your skin and ran to your window. Looking down, you saw that there was an 8 meter gap between you and the ground.
You heaved the window open and just as you stood on the sill, the door slammed open. You saw Logan look around for a split second before resting his eyes on you. He started to slowly walk towards you, one tiny step at a time.

“You don’t have to do this (Y/N). You don’t have to run away.” You scoffed at what he said.
“I have to go Logan. Everyone hates me and I’ll never compare to Ava. She’s amazing and I’m nothing. Everyone will believe her story no matter what I say. Even you believed her. ” You pointed out the last part quite accusingly. Logan hung his head in shame. He shouldn’t have ever doubted you but he did. He beat himself up inside for ever thinking that you would hurt someone. For the first time maybe, he felt tears threatening to spill from his eyes.

“We know that Ava was lying, (Y/N). Hank told us the truth about what happened a few minutes after you left. Everyone knows that you didn’t do anything. Just please, don’t go.”

You looked at Logan sadly. A part of you wanted to stay, but you knew that no one would ever like you after what had happened just 15 minutes ago. You were about to jump out of the window when you heard Logan utter six words. One of them was your name. And three of them were words which you thought you would never hear. Those three words gave you hope and made fireworks explode in your stomach.

“Please stay (Y/N), I love you.” Logan repeated, his voice was thicker than usual and it was quite obvious he was holding back the tears. Your heart ached for him and you then and there what you had chosen to do.

You turned to face Logan. He looked at you with the saddest expression you had ever seen on him. Your lip was trembling, tears were rolling down your cheeks and you muttered a small sorry, before………….

Rushing over to Logan and kissing him full on the lips. He hesitated for a moment before kissing back. You felt the butterflies fluttering in your stomach. You kept kissing until you had to breathe. Logan smiled at you fondly and pulled you into a hug and held you tight as if you were his life-line. Funnily enough, he was yours.


It had been two months since the Ava-incident. No one ever mentioned her name again and slowly, but surely, with Logan’s help, you started to open up to people around you. And you were glad you did, because you never thought that you would become best friends with Raven and Jean.
Or help Peter in his shenanigans and cause the whole mansion to be after you two, while you both laughed your asses off.
Or have wicked parties with Ororo, Alex, Scott, Sean and everyone else.
Or even join the team of X-men and help Charles Xavier protect mutants and help others.
You were grateful, because all these people had brought you out of your shell in one way or another. Hank developed a special pill which made it much, much easier for you to control your powers.
But you were at your happiest when you were with Logan. He was there for you when you had your ups and downs. You let him in and he was ever so glad you did. He hadn’t known about the Jason incident before. You told him a week after Ava left and honestly, you expected him to break off the relationship, but no. He held you close and promised that you would never hurt him. You had smiled at him and knew then and there that you would be alright, in time, just like Charles Xavier had predicted.


People are sharing lies about Grenfell Tower firefighters - here's the truth
Two hundred exhausted firefighters are battling the blaze and deserve to be recognised as the heroes they are
By Nicola Oakley

At 4.12am one person wrote on Twitter: “WHERE ARE THE FIREFIGHTERS? THAT THE F*** IS TAKING SO LONG!? Fire getting out of control, people still trapped in Grenfell Tower, Latimer Road.”

She then added: “One woman said it took them 2 hours to arrive when their station is 2 block away.”

Another wrote: “The firefighters were about 1 hour and 45 minutes too late.”

It’s not clear whether people have read information somewhere online and misunderstood it or they are sharing lies in order to discredit the emergency services.

This is the truth

The first responders from London Fire Brigade arrived at Grenfell Tower within six minutes.

She said that the first 999 call was received at 12.54am and firefighters were on the scene within six minutes to begin extinguishing the blaze.

Two hundred firefighters have been battling the flames at the tower, taking it in turns to rest.

In an interview with CNN, a nurse who lives nearby - and who rushed towards the scene to save victims - told how firefighters were stumbling out of the building injured despite wearing protective gear.

the eclipse just passed us. for about five minutes leading up to totality the only sound to be heard were crickets. the ranch is just off a highway, so we get ambient vehicles-going-fast noise all day every day. but for five minutes, everything stopped. no traffic, no planes, no horse-grumbles, just crickets. i think i saw a gaggle of eclipsers a ways off, pulled off to the side of the highway. when totality hit, there came distant cheering from every direction. we had it for about 45 seconds and it looked amazing. and when the sun peeked around the other side, there was another round of distant cheering.

now it’s over and everything’s resumed. there’s traffic on the highway, as i type this i’m hearing a third plane passing over, and there’s something that sounds like a distressed chicken coming from somewhere out back.

45 Minutes from "Somewhere Out There"
The Brave Little Abacus
45 Minutes from "Somewhere Out There"

And even though I know how very far apart we are, it helps to think that we’re wishing underneath the same bright star, and when the night wind starts to sing a lonesome lullaby it helps to know we’re sleeping underneath the same bright sky. 

Somewhere out there if love can see this through then we’ll be together somewhere out there, out where dreams come true.


Summary: The twins are doing a lyrics prank video. They are both doing an individual person from their own contacts and Ethan chooses to prank you. He’s had a major crush on you for a while and he knows you so well. Little does he know you feel the same way.

Warnings: None

A/N: I got the idea of this from when my ex and I first started dating. The day he asked me out, he did this prank on me with Ed Sheeran’s Shape Of You. But I didn’t fall for it because I listen to too much damn music💁😂 but in this imagine I am using Check Yes or No by George Strait because it’s a cute song and I can😂 enjoy, love bugs.❤️ (the twins’ messages will be italicized and the “victims” messages will be bold)


“What’s up guys!? We’re back!” The twins say to start off the video, as per usual.

“This week we are doing something that we promised ourselves we wouldn’t when it first came out because it was super cringe and we just didn’t like the thought of it.” Ethan started off.

“BUUUUUT.. we didn’t have anything else planned so we chose this at the last minute. It is currently..” Grayson trails off as he looks for his phone. He gets up to grab it from somewhere off camera and then sits back down next to Ethan on the sofa. “..10:45, Monday morning and we are recording this.” He finishes, nodding his head.

Ethan says, “Shut up Grayson you talk too much. Yeah, so.” He is cut off by Grayson slapping his phone out of his hand. “How dare you!” Ethan says, his eyes narrowing. They begin wrestling, almost knocking the camera over causing them to stop. “Okay, okay! Chill Gray, chill!” He says as he hurries to catch the camera before it falls.

“So.. as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted.” He says looking at Grayson. Grayson stuck his tongue out at Ethan causing him to laugh. “Okay, seriously though. I’m super excited for this one because I actually have a reason to let out my feelings to this girl, without being scared.” He says. Grayson looks at him and then back at the camera and agrees.

“We all know who he’s going after now.” Grayson says causing Ethan to blush. Grayson laughs and then pushes him to the side a little, teasing him. “Go get ‘em, tiger.” Grayson says as he throws an arm around Ethan’s neck and pulls him in a little.

“Stop.” Ethan says in a quiet voice, like he usually does when he feels uncomfortable or nervous. He laughs and then goes on to say, “But, Grayson. Since you lost the last challenge, you have to go first. So, you need to go through your contacts right now, choose your victim and tell everyone who it is, their relation to you, and what song you will be using. And then it will be vice-versa when it comes to my turn. Have you got your victim?” He asked after explaining the rules.

“I do, indeed.” Grayson says.

“Who is it, what is their relation to you, and what is your choice of song?” Ethan asked.

“Well.. I chose a friend from the past. His name is Riley..” He says, looking at Ethan to see his reaction. Ethan looked at him, wide-eyed and jaw dropped. “Riley, like as in Riley from two grades above us?” He asked. Grayson nodded his head in reply with a laugh.

Ethan looks back at the camera and explains, “Look, you guys. This guy was the only person who actually liked us. He was one of close friends from the beginning of freshman year and he stood up for us if we needed him to. This guy was the MVP to us.” He finishes. “Good luck with this one Grayson. What is your go to song?” He asks.

“I chose Back by Colt Ford and Jake Owen. Because it’s a song that reminds me of the good times we had in school no matter how bad the hate was.” Grayson responds. Ethan nods his head, approvingly.

“Okay, I see you. Now go.” Ethan says.

Grayson begins and it only lasts about five messages before Riley realizes.

Is this one of those lyric prank things??

yeah, sorry. we are doing a video right now and we are doing the lyric prank challenge thing. idk I don’t like it but we had no choice, we were out of ideas😂

“Alright.” Grayson says. “That wasn’t that bad. It actually wasn’t bad at all. Now it’s Ethan’s turn.” He says turning to Ethan. Ethan groaned and took out his phone.

“Here we go.. okay.. umm.. I chose my crush, (Y/N). She’s my crush, uh.. umm, yeah.. she’s my crush, and I chose the song Check Yes or No by George Strait, but I’m adding my own twist to it. And I chose this song because she isn’t really much of a country fan, she’s more into like rock or rap and there is no in between with her. So hopefully she doesn’t catch on. So.. yeah.. let’s get started..” He said awkwardly.

it started way back in third grade..


“Oh my god I’m so nervous right now.” Ethan said to the camera. Grayson laughed at him. “Okay.. here we go.” Ethan said.

i used to sit beside (y/n)
A pink dress, a matching bow, and her ponytail

ummm… i don’t remember that but.. okay??

I kissed her on the school bus but told her not to tell

BOY YOU LYIN, WE DIDNT EVEN GO TO SCHOOL TOGETHER😭 but I wouldn’t have minded kissing you then, most definitely wouldn’t mind it now either😛

“DUDE. DUDE. I’m not even kidding right now.” Ethan said, hitting Grayson’s leg over and over again. He didn’t know if he was dreaming or not right now because YOU said THAT.

Grayson read the messages and got excited when he got to that part. “But you have to keep it going until you get to the end of the song or if she realizes what is going on. Maybe she’ll check yes.” Grayson said winking to the camera. They were gonna make that like the cringe part in the Foreign Foods Globe video. “Okay. Okay. I’m gonna keep it going..” Ethan said, as if he had a choice.

Next day I chased her around the playground
Cross the monkey bars to the merry-go-round

uh sorry, I don’t run. And I especially would run from you. And why are you using nouns like her and she? I’m so confuzzled🙃

And I got caught passing her a note

ooooh, a note? what’d ya say? because I can’t remember any of this. this is interesting..

“You guys!” Ethan said jumping up from the sofa and he started pacing around the room to which Grayson turned the camera to face him. “Ugh! I’m so nervous!! What if she hates me for this after?! What if I’m annoying her??!” He kept babbling on and on and then he read your message. “Okay.. I think she genuinely does not know what is going on so I’m gonna keep on going until something turns up.” Ethan says, starting to pace again.

Before the teacher took it she read what I wrote

I don’t read, like I don’t run but if it came from you I’d read every aspect of the page. even the tiny specs on the page. like I know they don’t say anything but what if it does and I read and it’s something I want to happen so badly and I’m super excited it has finally happened. Because ugh, I’m just sitting here waiting on you but you can find someone better. okay lemme stop, I sound desperate now. byee😭

“What the fuck.. guys, I’m so nervous right now. oh my god what does she mean.” Ethan says as he gets another set of lyrics to send.

Do you love me do you want to be my friend
And if you do
Well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand
If you want to
I think this is how love goes
Check yes or no

I thought we were already friends tho…. ooooh, I know what’s going on..

you do???

yeah.. it’s a song lyrics prank thing.. I’m so embarrassed right now.. I thought you were being serious.. forget everything I said in this conversation.. I gotta go.. I’ll talk to you later…

wait. what?

no, Ethan.. I gotta go.

wait, no! (y/n) please! call me!

“What is going on? I’m so confused.” Ethan said to the camera. Grayson pulls Ethan to the sofa to sit down when you call his phone.

“Hello? (Y/N)?”


“I am extremely sorry if I hurt your feelings.. I’m really confused because I couldn’t think straight because I was texting you.. you know the song?”

“Yeah.. that’s my mom’s favorite song. Her and my dad danced to it on their prom night. And no it’s fine… I’m stupid enough to think you’d be serious about liking me.. it’s not your fault..”

Hey, stop that. You are not stupid at all.. I don’t care what you say. I will not allow you to say that about yourself. And what makes you think I wasn’t being serious?“

“Okay.. but were you being serious?”

“I didn’t say that.” He laughs.


“see? we aren’t even a couple yet and we are already fighting. we just butt heads that way. we are both hard headed assholes, at times. but we could love each other to know end. I’ve realized that about us..”

You giggle a little. “Yeah.. I guess. I’m sorry I blew up on you like that.. I just felt really upset by that point..

“It’s fine. I don’t blame you, I’d be upset too.”

“Haha, yeah.. but hey, I actually do have to go, dad needs me..”

“Wait! Before you go.. Do you love me? Do you want to be my friend?
And if you do
Well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand
If you want to,
I think this is how love goes,
Check yes or no.” Ethan said.

You laughed. “Let me think about it for a little while.. I’ll get back to you on that. I seriously have to go now though.”

“Okay, bye!” Ethan said.

You hung up and right after you did, Ethan said, “I love you.”

“Alright. Well…. that was quite some video for you guys…” Grayson said. The atmosphere was kind of awkward.

“Yeeeeeaaaahhh…” Ethan agrees. “But I’m all good. I’m living like Larry.” He says causing a laugh to come from the both of them.

“Alright. That was the video. Hope you enjoyed it!!” Grayson says.

“Yeah! And don’t forget to thumbs up because you know, life’s crazy… weird ass shit happens like it did in the video today.” Ethan laughs. “And, yeah.. we post twice a week, every week. One video on Tuesdays and another on a random day. Don’t miss anything, hit that subscribe button down below. And yeah..”

“Peace!” The boys yelled together.

Grayson grabs the camera off of the tripod and heads for his bed room. “I’m going to transfer the footage to the laptop and I’m gonna start editing and I guess you can take over later?” He says. “Uh, yeah. That’s cool.” Ethan agrees.

Ethan can’t focus on anything but your answer to his question.


A few hours go by, and then there’s a knock at the door. Ethan is in the room editing so Grayson answers the door. “Oh! (Y/N)! Hi! Ethan is editing the video I’ll go get him.” Grayson says turning away. He grabs the camera and turns it on.

“You guys look..” Grayson says turning back to the door where you stand. You smile and wave at the camera. “She’s here with Ethan’s answer. I’m going to get him now.”

Grayson walks into the room. “Yeah, bro?” Ethan asks taking one of his ear buds out. “There’s a package for you at the door. It says it’s from a local address. Did you order anything from anyone?” Grayson asks. Ethan’s eyebrows furrow as he shakes his head.

He takes out the other earbud and sets the laptop down on the bed as he gets up. “Wait. Why do you have the camera?” He asks, pulling his hand back from the door as if it were gonna bite him. “Oh, I only forgot to put it up from when I left the room. That’s all.” Grayson replies giving an innocent smile. Ethan nods his head slowly as he reaches back down to open the door and then they walk out.

Ethan in front of Grayson, Grayson recording. “It’s probably a wrong address.” Ethan says as he pulls the door open. His face instantly turns red when he sees you standing on the front steps of his house. He turns to Grayson with the camera and pushes him away. He steps out onto the steps with you and shuts the door. “Sorry about him. But… h-hi.” He says to you.

You laughed. “It’s okay. And I found this note in the pocket of my pants and it has your name written on it.” You grab the folded up piece of paper from your pocket and hand it to him. He smirks. “Well my oh my. What could this be?” He laughs.

You shrug your shoulders and give him a little wink. He looks down and unfolds the paper and starts reading.

“Do you love me? Yes, a lot. Do you want to be my friend? never hurt lovers to be friends And if you do, well then don’t be afraid to take me by the hand, if you want to.
I think this is how love goes..
Check yes or no. Yes.” He finished reading and looks up from the paper to you. He folds it back up and sticks it in his pocket.

“I think this is how love goes. We keep the notes the other person wrote for us. This is the most important one. This is the proof, the contract of us.” Ethan said laughing.

You nodded your head. “Very true. So.. would little Romeo like his kiss and tell now? Or are you just gonna keep fantasizing through a song?” You ask.

“I think little Romeo would love that.” Ethan said as he pulls you in. His thumbs caress your cheeks on either side as he puts his lips on yours.

And then there went that spark that flew through both of your bodies as his lips met yours. His lips curled into a smile against yours.

There was a tap on the window. Ethan put his forehead on yours and flipped Grayson off behind him, he got it on video.

“I’m no Emmylou Hayes, but I’m as good as you’re gonna get.” You said, causing Ethan to laugh. He pulled away after what seemed like forever and he grabbed your hands. “Hey, at least I have a reason to not be afraid to hold your hand now.” He said.

You shoved his shoulder. “You’re a cheesy little fucker. I gotta go back now. Dad let me take a break from the shop finally. I’ll talk to you later. I love you.” You said squeezing his hand. You turned to walk away and his hand dropped from yours. You got in your car and drove off.

Ethan walked back in the house. “So how’d it go?” Grayson asked. Ethan just walked right by him to the room to finish editing. “I’m guessing it went well.” Grayson said to the camera. And he cut it off.

Things took a turn for the better that day. For everyone.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I no joke started writing this imagine at fucking 2 in the morning, and it is now 5:10 in the morning. I need sleep lmao. But yeah, I hope y'all enjoyed. ❤️

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I Don’t Want To Live In A World Without You Pt. 2 (Dan Howell x Reader)

Part 1

Genre: Romance

Word Count: 1,675 

Warnings: None



It’s been a few weeks since “the incident”. Yup that was the name you decided to go with, not being mentally able to recognize it as “the time when the love of your life broke your heart”. After you had shut the door on Dan, you stood at the door staring at it.

What did he want to tell me? You had wondered.

You took some time after that to assess the situation. The relationship had seemed to be going fine and then he just springs this on her out of nowhere.

Did you overreact? Should you, maybe call him. He seemed distressed- NO, your inner monologue interrupted. You heard him. He doesn’t love you.

You took a shaky breath. He had said that. Right to your face. Dan had told you that hurtful message that would have made you despise anyone in a heartbeat. So why was it so hard to let go?

After that, you took sometime before you decided to reconnect with society. For the first two days you pretty much sat a home in a cocoon made out of your duvet and scrolled through Tumblr. According to your fans, everything was fantastic! You and Dan had never announced your relationship or showed any grand displays of affection after the first time you two met so it would be logical that no one knew of your break up either. Your friend, (F/N) had tried to set you up with someone in her Marine Biology class but you felt it was too soon. You weren’t ready to dive back into the dating pool when you were still reeling over “the incident”.

Anyway, you had decided to move on with your life (or at least try). It had been going well, kind of. You uploaded a video and Dan was one of the first people to comment. You would be lying if you said it didn’t spark anything inside of you.



+(Y/C/N) Hilarious as always! We should collab again sometime :)


He was acting as if nothing had happened. Was he doing it for the fans? Did he want to still be friends after the breakup? Of course as soon as you begin to recover from “the incident” that meme pulls something like this.

That’s it, you decide, this will not rule my life.

With that final thought, you grabbed your purse and stormed out of your apartment. You were angrily tapping on your phone.

“Hello?” (F/N) answered.

“Hey (F/N)!” you greeted, “So, um, who was that guy from your classes?”


Day 5 of trying to become one with the carpet, still no success. Dan had fallen into the same state you had but it was harder for him to get out of it. He couldn’t stop blaming himself for what he had done to you. Every time he closed his eyes your pained expression flashed across his eyelids.

You blew it, he scolded himself, you had one chance with the most perfect girl in the world, and you blew it.

He had seen that (Y/N) had uploaded a new video and something came over him. He ended up posting a comment about the video.

Why did I just do that? Dan asked himself. That was just another thing that added to his shame and embarrassment.

As Dan was curled up in his comforter, trying to hide from the world, he heard a knock on his door. He groaned and kicked his way out of his sanctuary. As Dan swung the door open lazily, he was met with a worried Phil.

“Dan, I’m worried about you” he said, crossing his arms.

Called it. “I’m fine Phil” Dan dismissed Phil’s concerns. Dan was closing the door but Phil stopped it with his foot.

“You’ve been locked in your room ever since you came back from (Y/N)’s. You need to get out of the house! Get some sunshine!” Phil sounded as if he were Dan’s parent.

Dan ran his hand through his curly fringe. He hadn’t bothered to straighten it these past few days.

“Which is why I have come up with a solution!” Phil stated proudly.

Dan froze, his hands still in the middle of his hair. “What…solution?” Dan asked warily.

“I’m throwing a party here and YOU are going to come out and socialize” Phil sounded very proud of the little scheme he put together.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” Dan was in shock.

“Nope! Now get ready. The party starts in four hours and you need to help me prepare” Phil ordered him.

“Ugh fine.” Dan said as he shut the door in Phil’s smug face. It was going to be a very long day.


The party was in full swing about 45 minutes in.  God Phil, how many people did you invite? Dan was pretty sure he saw the cashier from the supermarket somewhere in the small crowd. Dan did recognize some familiar faces such as, Louise and Tyler who was visiting from the U.S. He was actually feeling a lot better, the best he had all week. It was nice to talk to friends, to have a distraction. Soon the fake smile he had plastered on his face wasn’t fake anymore. Dan had gone into the kitchen to grab something to drink and when he came back he saw Phil talking to a girl. Dan stopped like a deer in headlights when he realized who Phil was talking to. How could he not recognize your silky (h/c) hair and bright smile? Something he did notice was the guy who standing next you. He was tall with a muscular build and jet black hair with an eye color that resembled the sea. Dan quickly dashed to his room before you or your mystery man could notice him.

Are they together? Did she move on already? Why did Phil invite her? It wasn’t that Dan didn’t want to see you, it was the fact that he wasn’t ready to.

Maybe I can just stay in my room until the party’s over? That could work. Dan had begun to pace across his room. A loud knock disrupted him from his thoughts. The fact that he could her it over the blaring music was amazing but was even more astounding was who was knocking.

“(Y/N)?” Dan was slightly shouting so he could be heard over the music.

“Hi Dan. Can I come in?” you were also yelling so your voice wasn’t drowned out by the beat of the song.

“Uh, sure” he stepped aside so you could enter. He shut the door behind you in an attempt to slightly muffle the booming sound.

You sat on the end of his bed and Dan sat with you. A good distance away but with you none the less. There was an awkward silence before Dan decided to break it.

“Sooooo” He drawled out. Your first time talking to your (sadly)ex-girlfriend and that’s all you can come up with?

“Why did you visit me the other day?” you asked softly, your head looking at your hands in your lap.  

“I-uh…” Dan stuttered. How do I explain this?


“I-uh…” he stuttered and looked around as if he was thinking about what to say. Why did I even ask? Why am I even here? I should have just stayed with Percy in the lounge.

“I needed to tell you something” he said sheepishly. I could barely hear him so I inched closer.

“What did you say” I asked. You could feel the base of the song vibrate throughout your body. You were wondering if you should never have come to talk to Dan in the first place. Maybe you should have just stayed with your new friend Percy.

Dan took a deep breath. “I needed to tell you that I made a mistake” Dan looked right into your eyes.

“A mistake? About what?” You questioned softly. Dan scooted closer to you on the bed.

“A mistake about ending our relationship” You froze. You felt as if you were cemented in place, unable to move anywhere else. You both had moved so close to hear each other your knees could touch.

“I was scared,” Dan muttered taking your hands in his, “I was never good with relationships and I was afraid of heartbreak. You don’t know how sorry I am for doing this to you.”

“Oh Dan,” you said smiling slightly, “you could’ve just told me.”

“I panicked ok?” he defended. You both shared a small laugh with that. “I would like to give us another chance. That is, if you want to as well?” Dan asked anxiously, biting his lip.

“I would love to” you smiled a genuine smile.

Dan matched your grin and you both sat there staring into each other’s eyes for a minute. Dan leaned in slightly and closed the gap between both of you. His lips were soft against yours. It was at that moment when the music wasn’t pounding anymore. Nothing could disturb the moment you and Dan were sharing. He released your hands and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you to him. You locked your fingers behind his neck. You both pulled away and smiled at each other once more. It must have been late at night because you were beginning to feel sleepy. You nuzzled your face in the crook of Dan’s neck. He hugged you closer if that’s even possible.

“Tired, love?” He whispered to you. You nodded.

He picked you up bridal style and laid you down on the bed. He crawled in on the other side, facing you. He draped an arm over your waist and pulled you near him. You laid your arm on his side.

“Goodnight (Y/N)” he said sleepily.

“Goodnight Dan” you responded, just as tired.

With those final words you both fell into a dreamless sleep. After all, your dream was sleeping right next to you.


(A/N) Just one note, who appreciated the Percy Jackson cameo there? I sure loved it ;)


Right or Wrong *Cristiano Ronaldo imagine*


Looking over to the time, I rushed around the house getting ready so I could head down to the school to pick him up. When I’d finally gotten ready, I got in the car and headed down towards Jr.’s school. As I was driving my phone rang throughout the car, on the bluetooth.

“Hello” I said answering it

“Hey babe, where are you right now?” He asked

“I’m going to pick up Jr. why?”

“Oh Mae didn’t call you and tell you?”

“Tell me what?”

“She picked him up early, there wasn’t anything to do so she brought him to her house”

i sighed, trying not to let my anger out. “Alright” I said

“You mad?”

“No I’m peachy “

He chuckled, “I love you Y/N”

“Love you too” I said hanging up

I really disliked this, and I know I’m being  over dramatic. It shouldn’t matter that a grandmother picked up her grandson early from school, however it does matter. Children need an education, and how is he going to get it when she’s always picking him up early?

Sitting at the red light in the car, I headed over towards the park and parked. Getting out and sitting on the park bench, I tried to calm down before I went back to the house because I knew his mother would be over soon.

After a while, I went back to the car and headed home. When I arrived at the house, I began to cook getting everything ready for the bonfire tonight. After I finished I went and took a shower, and got ready by the time I finished Maria and Jr. were at the door.

Answering the door, Jr. ran straight into my arms a smile on his face. “Hello Y/N” Maria said giving me a hug and kiss

I smiled, “Hello Maria”

She walked in and I closed the door behind her Jr. still on my hip telling me about the race cars he played with at Nana’s house. “Where Cristiano?” She asked sitting on the couch

I set Jr. down, and went into the kitchen. “He should be here soon, he was on his way to the store when I called him a while ago” I said

She nodded, and literally not even a full minute went by before Cristiano walked through the garage door, with some groceries in his hands. I smiled, and he gave me a kiss before walking over to his mother and Jr. and doing the same. We both put the things away and then I got out what we needed for tonight.

“Jr. why don’t you go and take a shower” I said

He nodded and started heading towards the bathroom when Maria stopped him, “Why? That doesn’t make sense why take a shower when he’s going to get dirty an sweety again” She said

Jr. looked over to me, tilting his head in confusion. I sighed, “If he takes a shower now he won’t have to take one later” I said

She shook her head, not liking my idea. “No no no no no, Jr. go change your clothes and come back down” She said

“But Mae said to take a shower” He said to her

Maria looked over to Cristiano looking for him to say something. “Cristiano” She called his name

Cristiano looked between the both of us, and then looked over to me. “Babe she has a point he is going to get dirty later” He said

I scoffed, “Okay, go on Jr. go change your clothes” I said not wanting to look at Cristiano

Jr. looked like he was about to cry, and I walked over to him. “Baby, it’s okay you can take a shower later okay” I told him

Jr. nodded, and headed into the bedroom. I stood up and walked into the bedroom Cristiano and I shared, looking through the closet for something. “Y/N” Cristiano said walking in

“What?” I asked

He sighed, “Are you mad?”

I shook my head, “There’s nothing to be mad about” I said walking past him

“Please don’t be mad, she’s my Mom”

I looked over to him, “Cristiano please just drop it so I can finish getting things ready”  I said

He didn’t say anything else and went back outside. When I went back to the kitchen, I saw Maria scolding Jr. and there was a broken glass on the floor. Going over to him, I checked him to make sure he wasn’t hurt, “What happened Jr.?” I asked

He hiccuped, and rubbed his eye. “I was playing with the toy, and I bumped the cup” He cried out

I wiped his tears, “Jr. it’s okay but remember what Mae said to you?” I asked

Maria scoffed from behind me, “Jr. you’re not going to go to the party go sit on the chair” She said

I stood up looking at her, “You can’t be serious” I said

She looked at me arms crossed, “Excuse me?”

“He’s a little kid who didn’t mean to bump the glass on purpose, you should be glad he’s not hurt”

“It was his fault after all I told him not to run around the table, Jr. go!“ She said

I stood up, and took Jr.’s hand in mine heading to his room with him. He had tears down his face and I couldn’t stand it anymore, "Mae I’m sorry” He said as he rubbed his eyes

I shook my head, “No baby you did nothing wrong it was an accident. How about I take you somewhere for a little while?” I said


I smiled at him, “Anywhere ”

Jr. got excited and nodded his head, He turned and went to his toy box grabbing some toys and his favorite soccer ball.

We walked out of his bedroom and I grabbed my purse and keys from the counter. “Where are you going?” Cristiano asked

I sighed, “Cristiano, I’m taking Jr. out for a little bit” I said

“Why? A whole bunch of people are going to be here soon"He said

"Well when they get here just tell them I went somewhere” I said as I pushed past him

As I got to my car I buckled Jr. into his car seat and then we were off to the park.

We probably stayed at the park for around 45 minutes before heading home, and when we arrived home there were a lot of people there. Jr. headed into the back where the kids where, while I went through the front.

As soon as I walked in I was greeted by the people that were in that vicinity, “Oh Y/N Cristiano said to tell you he’s in the back” Marcelo said

I nodded and headed to the back. Cristiano was talking to someone so I just waited, after a while he looked at me sending a smile.

When he finally made his way to me, he took my hand and we went to a quieter place in the house. And he let out a sigh, “I’m sorry for taking my mom’s side. It was wrong and I realized that you were right, I hope you’re not mad at me” He said

I pretended to think about it, “I don’t know you sounded pretty serious about taking her side” I said

He scratched the back of his neck, “I know, I know I’m sorry”

A small smile made its way onto my face, “As long as you know you’re wrong, I guess I can’t be mad at you”

He smiled, and placed a kiss on my lips. “I’m sorry once again”

I chuckled , “Now you have to say it to Jr.”

“Will do”

Inked (Tatto Artist Michael au): Chapter 3

other chapters

5:15, 45 minutes until the store closes and I can go home. Working at Lush had its benefits, half off everything in store, being able to talk to people all day and always smelling nice. However, after a 2-hour lecture and a flat tire forcing me to take the bus, I was spent.All I wanted to do was get home, eat and fall asleep. The store only had a couple people in it, so I resorted to standing by the door to greet anyone coming in and out of the shop, but ended up straightening up the displays.

“Hey I know you from somewhere don’t I” a voice came from behind me. I spun around to see Michael. He was carrying a large black bag and was sporting a Blink-182 sweatshirt and his classic skinny jeans.

“yeah aren’t you the guy who gave me a super lame tattoo?”

“Nope that wasn’t me” he smirked “but I know you are the girl who took me to the worlds tackiest restaurant.” His grin spread from cheek to cheek as he laughed as I crossed my arms. “I forgot you said you worked her. I was just passing by and saw you”

“Well welcome to my kingdom of soaps” I joked “did you want to have a look around?”

“I have no idea what any of this shit does” he snickered “can you help me find something to make my hands not so rough? Having rubber gloves on for most of the day make them pretty gross” he rubbed his neck.

“Oh my gosh yes! I have a ton of things for that” I responded as I took him into the store. While I was demonstrating all sorts of soaps, scrubs and creams to him, I didn’t even realize the time, until my coworker informed me to get Michael out so we could close up.

“Sorry your visit was so rushed, next time if you come earlier I can show you even more products” I smiled at him

“I think I’ve got more than enough for now” he grinned back at me “how much do I owe you?”

“$58.22, and I’ll throw in our catalogue so you can browse some more at home”

He took out his credit card and paid for his products, as I bagged them.

“so-um-y/n are you just heading home after this?” he questioned grabbing his bag from off the counter.

“yeah oh my gosh I had the longest day. My car broke down after my lecture, so I had to take the bus here and was almost late for my shift.”

“your car broke down” his eyes softened with concern “do you want me to give you a ride home?”

“god no Michael you don’t have to do that, I don’t want to be a bother”

“it’s no bother” he smiled again, god did he have a nice smile, “I mean I owe you. I came in less than an hour before you close and made you take me through the entire store”

“okay thank you so much”

After the shop had been cleaned and closed for the night, I met Michael who was standing outside the doors.

“sorry for making you wait, And thank you again” I greeted him when I came out

“Don’t worry about it, I didn’t mind waiting”

We walked through the empty mall to the parking garage, although our conversation was made up of small talk, it was blissful. The more time I spent with him, the more I began to care for him. He is so kind, gentle, funny and nothing ever felt forced with him. In the past, I’d never had much luck with relationships; always knowingly settling for less than I deserve, and getting mad at myself when things didn’t work out.

As we pulled out of the parking garage, it began to pour. The rain hit the windows in buckets, flooding down the glass clouding our line of sight.

“it’s a good thing I saw you when I did. I wouldn’t want you going home alone in this weather” He said softly

I smiled and thanked him again as we drove out of the mall. The radio softly played through the radio complementing the sound of the summer rain. We were both comfortably silent, enjoying the sounds that surrounded us. It was a short drive but it was the most peaceful I had felt in a long time.

He pulled up to the front door of my building and told me to wait as he began rummaging around in the storage compartments of his car.

“what are you doing?” I enquired

“I think I have an umbrella in here somewhere. I don’t want you walking in the rain” he responded

“Michael, the door is literally a 10 feet away. I think I’ll be okay” I laughed at his kindness “thank you so much for the ride”

“It’s not a problem y/n. Anytime” he smiled at me with those emerald eyes again, the golden specks in them seemed more prominent when the sky was stained with gray.

“Do you have work tonight?” I asked him

“nope, I’m going to head home and order a pizza I think” he laughed

“did you maybe want to come up for dinner? I mean you don’t have to but I was just thinking because you don’t have plans and-“

“I’d love to” he interrupted “I like spending time with you”

“ I wasn’t expecting company so sorry about the mess” I told him as we entered my small apartment.

“if this is messy, then my place is a train wreck” he joked

“It isn’t much, but it’s home. Would you like a tour?”

He nodded as I walked him around my small place. He seemed to be intrigued by everything, from the photograph montage of my memories on my bedroom wall, to the elephant mug half full of coffee that stood on my counter.

“So I don’t know about you but I’m extremely hungry. So would you mind if I made something quick? Maybe pasta and sauce?”

“that sounds perfect, what do you want me to help with?”

He plugged his phone into the speakers that we sitting on my counter, and we began to cook. As we cooked we chatted, and moved around each other to make our food. I wondered if this was too intimate for Michael and I. Sure we’d been talking for nearly a month, had been on a date and had kissed, but it still felt very intimate. But it did feel right. Being with him in this cozy setting, felt blissful and natural. I could defiantly get use to it.

A half hour later, our dinner was finished and I invited him to sit on my couch and watch a movie while we ate. As the movie played we continued to talk, and eat our food.

“sorry for such a terrible dinner, when I invited you over I forgot I didn’t have much food, and was way to sleepy to make something complex” I told him

He smiled affectionately at me, before speaking “It’s fucking delicious, and way better than anything I would have made at home.” He laughed glancing down “Next time you can come over to my place and you’ll see how great this pasta is compared to whatever I’d make”

My heart swelled at his statement, he wanted to invite me over. “I’ll hold you to that, next time we’ll eat at your house and the food better be terrible.” I Joked

“Well I know you wouldn’t be disappointed” he flirted.

After we had finished eating, Michael took our dishes to my kitchen, and despite my protests, washed the dishes we had used. “You’re lucky I like you, I usually hate doing dishes”

He came back to the couch but sat closer to me this time. Our knees vocationally bumped together as the movie played in the background. He drummed his hands on his legs, as if he was contemplating something. The comfortable silence was back. It happened quite often with Michael, we’d be talking for a while, then the conversation would die down and we’d sit in silence. It was a nice quite though.

“could I-um. Would you mind if I-um” he stuttered

I looked at him questioningly, before he continued

“Is it okay if I put my arm around you?” he asked, he cheeks flushed ruby red.

“yeah please go ahead” I smiled at him. I loved how kind he was. His affection was always so nice, but he was always so scared to give it. I wanted more than anything to be intimate and affectionate with him.

His large inked arm snaked around my shoulders and pulled me slightly closer to him. Our knees knocked again as I leaned into him, our sides now pressing together. I could smell the cologne and mint on his skin again. His body was also so warm, even though we were barley touching, his warmth radiated off his milky skin and made me feel warm as well.

In what seemed like just a moment, the movie ended, and the clock read 11:30. “crap y/n, I have a morning shift tomorrow, I think I have to get going” He said soflty pulling his arm away from me. “Yeah I’m so sorry I didn’t realize the time. I have a morning class, then work as well” I responded getting up.

I walked him over to the door, and gave him a tight hug. His hugs were warm and soft, his stubble grazed across my neck as his head rested in its crook.

“Thanks again for the ride home Michael”

“No worries, thank you for dinner” he smiled “and y/n”


“you can call me Mike if you want”

“Mike?” I repeated

“yeah, if you want I mean”

“what about Mikey” I joked

“I usually hate when people call me that, but I don’t mind if you do” He smiled at me again with those bright green eyes.

“Well goodnight Mikey” I smirked, kissing his cheek.

“goodnight y/n” he responded, lacing his fingers with mine, bringing them up to brush against his jaw, before dropping it again.

As I watched him walk out of my home, and down the hall to the elevators, I couldn’t help but think about how excited I was for things to come with Michael. I could only hope that he wanted things to come as well.

Study Buddy

Request: can you do an imagine where liam, isaac, and stiles all have a crush on the reader and they all fight over her and in the end she picks liam? thanks!!
Word Count: 1233
Note: This was my first request, making this my first written imagine. I’m really sorry that it’s not good, but I hope my writing will improve over time. Send me honest feedback! :)

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The Drug I Need

Pairing: Yoonmin
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dom/sub, Name-Calling, Dirty Talk, Humiliation, Spanking, Choking, Collars, Rough Sex, Drug Use, Cocaine, Angst
Word count: 4015

Working yourself to the bone to keep an empire under control when everything is fucked up isn’t easy. Sometimes a man just needs to let go, to become another person for a while, to release everything that’s been building up inside.

At least Min Yoongi does.

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What I have learned from scribing in the emergency department

*results may vary*

1. Everything gets better with practice. 

I started out scribing convinced that I was going to be unable to do it because I was so overwhelmed with everything required of us (at my site we get to do a lot more than other places just due to the volume of patients we see). I was a ball of nerves going to work every day for at least a couple of months. I knew I would be okay once I got there but I was always stressed and wondering which doctor I was going to be working with and trying to remember how they do things. I didn’t believe the other scribes who had been doing it longer that it would eventually come naturally. 

Spoiler alert, after about 4-5 months I stopped having to be super focused on each step of what I was doing and could focus on the patient and learn some of the medicine. 

Next time around when I’m in a hospital for rotations, I think I will have an idea of what to do to better integrate myself sooner so I won’t feel so lost. 

2. Ask questions (at the appropriate times)

I noticed that some doctors were more receptive to questions than others and the key was finding a good time to ask them. Obviously asking about a paperwork related task during a critical situation is NOT the time. For a while when I started, I kept asking “is this/that okay?” when I realized I should just ask that once in the beginning after I did my first chart for them and then just leave it open for them to say something later. I should have realized it at the time but now I know for sure that it is annoying if somebody asks for your approval on every. single. thing. The physicians (at least the ones I worked with) have no problem saying something if they don’t like how I charted something (or they wouldn’t say anything but they did change the note, which I would notice and make note of it to improve for the next time). It’s okay to ask questions related to the patient if you have some down time! A lot of physicians enjoy teaching (and you will realize the ones who don’t very quickly). 

3. It’s okay to take a (quick) break

People will understand that you need to eat something during your really long shift. When I first started, I was afraid to ask the physician for a food break (if they didn’t take an official one themselves) because I wanted to be completely caught up before I went (and I was so slow that I really was never caught up). If I could go back I would have taken that 10 minute food break every shift and it would have reenergized me for the rest of my shift.  Not saying you should be gone for an hour or anything and leaving your physician to do your job but it is okay to ask to go eat something real quick if there is a decent lull during your day/night. Self-care is important! Sometimes the doctors would bring food and just eat while they worked and others would forget to stop and eat. That is when I realized it was okay to ask and the response most of the time was “of course! I was going to remind you to go sometime but forgot”. 

4. Medicine is a team sport

Everybody has to work together in order to get the patients the best care possible. It’s a no-brainer but looking out for everybody else on the team helps make the doctor’s job easier. For example, I always tried to find the nurse if we needed an interpreter and they were already there so the nurse wouldn’t have to wait for another one to come later. Just generally giving a heads up to all the other team members is something easy to do and it makes everybody’s jobs run smoother. I used to be a little afraid to talk to all the different team members (I didn’t want to get in anybody’s way or bother them) but it started to be more natural once I had become used to doing it and people would say thank you for it.  

5. Most of the time you won’t know the right answer

So find someone who does. It’s okay to say “i’m not sure but I can find out for you”. People appreciate the honesty and it allows you to learn something too! This is what would happen if somebody asked me where something is/a patient asked me a question about something that I couldn’t answer. 

Bonus: I will never live somewhere that is far away from work. ever! Wherever I live for residency needs to be super close to school. For scribing I commuted 45 minutes each way and especially after a long shift it was killer. I would much better be stuck on a subway or something because at least then I could read and not really pay attention. I just end up singing to myself a lot. 

I loved my scribing experience and I think it maybe gave me a better idea of how to be a good med student/physician and just overall a more confident human being. 


DON’T GET EXCITED! Before the rumors get too out of hand; just to clarify (the above is from a guide for March 2nd) “Weirdmageddon 4: Somewhere In The Woods” is just the second half of “Take Back The Falls.” Which, as you all recall is 45 minutes. In order to fit into regular 22 minute programming “Take Back The Falls” will be split in two. “Somewhere In The Woods” is basically a second title/subtitle.

“You take your chances and I will take mine

  You take forever to make up your mind

  But it’s all the same, it’s all the same, it’s all the same signs”

I thought that pursuing my dreams would set me free. I’ve always imagined that by living a life in service to others, I’d leave no room for things to haunt me. It is a gift that we humans hold so much power over our lives and the choices we make, but it is also daunting. It has never been difficult to take chances on small glimmers of what could be; I have always been a riot-maker; I will fight to the ends of the earth for the things that are important to me. My family, my beliefs, the success of people I cherish…I hold them all valuable. It has taken me a long time to add my name to that list.  

 “You are a brick house but you never let it all hang out

  And all of your neighbors wonder about you

  But it’s all a game, it’s all a game, it’s all a game babe”

It was easy to admit that I needed help the first time. I was visibly struggling, wearing my pain in public like a scarf in the middle of winter. It was a part of me, and I was vocal about my desire to leave that part somewhere far away from my future. But to return to that place years down the road? While I’m working for an organization that I’ve loved for so long, while I’m spending my time sharing hope with so many others? It’s not so easy to acknowledge that hurt. I called my mom, and after a heartfelt and honest conversation, we made arrangements for me to talk to someone about it, something I hadn’t done in years – but it was an experience I welcomed. I went to that appointment, I spent 45 minutes pouring out my experiences and expectations for what life was supposed to be, and I welcomed the opportunity to build a new foundation.   

“You drew a fine line for giving up

 Well, I had enough.

 You keep a black dress tucked in your closet

And you wait forever to wear it”

I’m giving myself to this movement of radical self-love. I’m going to accept help in dealing with what I’m feeling and with the weight of what and who I am. I will embrace the fact that it’s OK not to be OK, and I will continue to write my story in recovery; I will choose life each day that I wake up. I need to make it to the brighter days that I so emphatically believe in and cheer other folks toward. I believe that I deserve to be healthy and happy. But I have come to know that I need help in maintaining such things. It’ll take some time but I’m headed in the right direction. I will meet my hurt where it’s at, and I will learn how to overcome its domineering presence. It’ll be worth it. I am worth it, and I deserve to believe that. So I’m getting help. And I hope that, should you find yourself feeling adrift, you will do the same. Because you matter very much to me and to other people and we want nothing but health and good things for you. You deserve to know that and to be at peace with where you stand. We all do.

- Rachel, TWLOHA Fall 2014 Intern


Clayton sighed as he wiped down the bar for the final time that night. It was late and there were a few stragglers, mostly the regulars who didn’t know when to quit drinking, and a few college kids who were to drunk to see straight. The respective cabs had been called, the music had been turned down from the blasting sound it had been, and all Clayton had to do now was a quick inventory then he was free to leave. Due to the patrons still inside, he hadn’t gotten a chance to lock the front door yet. So, upon hearing the bell over the door ring, Clayton didn’t stop himself from letting out a groan of annoyance. “Sorry, last call was 45 minutes ago. If you wanna drink go somewhere else.” Looking up from the clipboard he held, the mans annoyed demeanor changed upon seeing who was there. “Oh, Sophia, what are you doing here?” 

One day our ship will burst out of the water and sail again, just like the Pirates of the Caribbean moment I’ve searched 45 minutes for so I could write a post about the glorious reemergence of our ship from the depths with the perfect gif to illustrate my point.

>insert gif here<

*artists impression