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how do u make ur lineart look so bomb all the time answer now child


so you do your lineart as usual (I usually use a dark warm color for clothes & hair and a dark red for skin & body)

then you COPY and PASTE the ENTIRE layer and on one of them you turn the mode to LUMI AND SHADE

you make the lumi & shade layers opacity 55% and the normal layers opacity 45% and then lightly brush away the normal layer on the nose and hand as you like!!

hope u find this useful because i dont really know what im doing either lmao

Louis and Harry

as shown with intention in Just Like You (part 2)

It’s helpful to start with part 1, here.

Note: I believe Louis and Harry are in a real-life relationship with all the joys and difficulties, trials and happiness any relationship can hold—whatever life throws at them. This video tells me a story about their relationship. It hasn’t been an easy road for them. I see strong indicators they are firmly together now. I believe it to be true. Still, these are simply my observations and opinions.

The video contains a rainbow of color, but blue, green, and pink are predominant. I subscribe to the “color code” theory of stealthy communication used by both Louis and Harry. The color blue signifies Louis, Harry is green, and that’s been that, for years. Pink appears often, but is sometimes hidden.

1:31 The privacy of the storage units comes into focus behind the silhouetted footie Louis (one of his public symbols). Louis and his H hands, in the storage units again.

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The last ounce of will drains out of me, and I just can't keep my head 
up any longer. I wilt in Raffe's arms. My head dangles, my eyes are open but unfocused, my breathing imperceptible. Just like a dead body.
"NO!" Raffe grips me as if he could bind my soul to my body.

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Wait is that an actual game if. So where can i get it and wat is it called ed?

oooohohoho well am glad you like it buddy…but its not, its just a thing i did in paintool sai…  actually LEMME SHOW YOU! how i did THIS POST

As always you start with the rough sketch of the body…man i rewatched a lot of G.T.O (Great Teacher Onizuka) for references…this is actually an old draw that i never finished but y’know… people just need the right moment for the right thing to show! PD:( I work with a layer with 45% of opacity, using the Pen Tool at 15 to 20 in size)

Of course, the lineart, not too much to talk about this… to be honest this is one of the cleanest and most nice looking i ever did
PD: (I use the pen tool in number 25 for details, i always work in a 3000x3500 space canvas)

Colors, hair highlights, shades, typical stuff PD: (I always use the EYES 3 tool in 80 size 100% opacity to color everything, the shades are with the same tool, using SOLID BLACK, in a layer in 60% opacity (so you don’t have to keep changing colors with a more obscure tone every single time))

This is one of those “free to use” backgrounds that google gives you for use you just need to find the correct one

Last but not least go and download a “Manaspace” font (the ones used in pokemon games) the panel is made in a layer with 60% opacity using solid grey) you cant make words on SAI but what you can do is do it on paint, then copy it and pass it to Sai (try to do it as big as you can then use the magic wand to erase the stuff around the words and just put it there)
Aaaaand that’s about it!… Sadly there’s no dating simulator game based on the loud house (or maybe its good thing i dunno anymore)… …SEEYA!

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hi so i love your editing style! can you please do a tutorial on how you edit your screenshots? They're beautiful and vintage and everything about them is yes

I feared for the day I would receive an ask like this lmao my editing process is a complete mess! Also, the credit isn’t entirely mine, since @daniparadise​ made the action I use.

I wanna state here that I’m a complete noob for what it comes to photo editing and most of what I do I ended up learning by mixing things and messing up with ps, so probably there’s an easy/better way to do what I do skpskspok idk I’m just. Very ashamed bc it’s a real mess. Also, I’m no that good in english (at least, not to the point of doing tutorials), so yeah. I tried my best, though ;; I hope it helps.

Resources (and many credits to):

  • Photoshop CS6
  • daniparadise​
  • GraphicBurger

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You’re in love with him but he has a girlfriend PART 2 - Niall Horan requested imagine.

Okay so can I just start by saying that I know I’m awful. It’s honestly been over 2 weeks since the first part and I said that this imagine would be posted days ago. I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry. A few things went on and I was feeling really shitty and not up to writing. BUUUUTTTT here is the second part to the Niall Imagine. I don’t know what it is but whenever I sat down to write the first and second part of this my brain went blank and it felt like I didn’t even know the english language. I was stumped for ideas and feel really eh posting the second part but I hope it had the ending you wanted! Let me know what you think :) 


Two months.  No call. Not even a text. Nothing. The person who you gave everything to for eleven years of your life didn’t even want to pick up the phone to try and communicate with you. Not that you blamed him, you didn’t. You hadn’t tried to speak to him either, but from the moment you walked away from him on his front porch two months ago you had somehow hoped that he would come after you. He didn’t.

You wanted to say you had at least tried to get over him, or that you were trying to be the bigger person and be happy for his happiness, but you weren’t, and you hadn’t. You checked the articles written about him, stalked the twitter fan accounts to see what he had been doing day to day. Nothing hurt like seeing him go on with his life when it felt as if yours had been put in reverse.

You also wanted to be angry with him for not making any sort of effort towards you, because if he cared he would have at least called, right? You couldn’t bring yourself to be angry, all you were was sad. The kind of sad that ate you up throughout the day, having you check your phone constantly every five minutes, hoping that he would have at least liked one of your Instagram posts. The kind of sad that made you restless throughout the night, when you desperately wanted to sleep but the ache in your chest and the lump in your throat made it impossible. You felt so small.

The pictures of Celine and him at another music festival came out three days after you had exploded in front of both of them, and the Tuesday night after that pictures of them eating at one of the most expensive restaurants in London came out. You were petty, you were bitter, but you could admit that. You hated her. You hated that she made Niall happier in four or so months than you had in eleven years.

Every Tuesday since what had happened was the same. You would walk to your favourite Italian restaurant, order take away pasta and then make your way back to your apartment, before eating alone on the couch. You missed your Niall filled Tuesday nights, talking about whatever came to his mind or listening to him strum different chords on his guitar to bits and pieces of songs he was working on.  You missed how at two o’clock in the morning Niall would be mumbling nonsense because he was too tired to form proper sentences, and how he would then push his face into your shoulder, telling you it was too late for you to leave and you should just stay. You always did.

This Tuesday was no different to the rest. You finished your classes at midday before making your way to work, after going home to get dressed and then walking to buy yourself dinner. It felt stupid that every Tuesday hurt, but it did. You were feeling unusually light today, the weather was starting to warm up for spring and you didn’t need to be wearing 45 layers of clothes.  

You rambled down the sidewalk, taking the longest route possible trying to enjoy the weather and also if you were being honest with yourself, to waste as much time as possible. The longer you could delay eating alone in your apartment while you saw new paparazzi photos of Niall and Celine out at dinner, the better. You watched children being ushered away by their parents, young couples giggling and striding through the streets and an elderly couple slowly walking through the park, holding hands. Your heart squeezed in your chest, tight.

After thirty-five minutes of wandering, the sky was its darkest blue and the streetlights were glowing. You only had to walk into the shop for the owner to smile and nod at you, gesturing for you to take a seat because he already knew what you were going to order. You sat down on one of the plastic chairs before unlocking your phone and scrolling through it. You hadn’t seen any new photos or articles about Niall and Celine for a while and were beginning to wonder what tropical island he had whisked her off too, free from the paparazzi and obsessed fans. This hiatus made you want to nose dive into cement.

Soon enough your food was called and you thanked and paid the owner before quickly leaving the shop. The warm weather had left along with the light of the day and you hadn’t thought to bring a jacket.

Putting your head down, you started back to your apartment, determined to get there as fast as possible, the complete opposite to how you had walked to get your dinner. The feeling of guilt, loneliness and sadness had sunk back into the pit of your stomach and you just wanted to be rugged up in bed, watching shitty television to try and make yourself feel better.

“Stubborn thing yeh are” A voice stopped you in your tracks, your eyes widening although still looking down at the pavement. You knew that voice.

It wasn’t.

Had you missed him so much that you were imagining his voice on people? You were fucked. Quite literally deluded.

You slowly looked up at the owner of the voice before blinking. Once. Twice. Three times even. You weren’t going crazy. Your blonde haired, sky blue eyed shit head of a best friend was really standing in front of you. You realised you had been staring at him for a little bit too long, but you couldn’t find the proper words to respond to him.

“uhh, what?” You questioned, hoping that it was an understandable response.

“We’ve had fights before, but yeh usually call meh after a few hours. 8 weeks an’ nothin’. I was startin to think we’d never eat dinner again together”  

You were supposed to call him? Did he not hear you pour your heart out to him and tell him that you were in love with him? You couldn’t help but be irritated. For the past two months the only thing you had properly thought about was him, and now that he was standing in front of you, leaning against a street light, you wanted to kick him.

“I figured if you ever wanted to speak to me again you would have Niall, didn’t know it was up to me to come back to you.” You muttered to the ground, not being able to look at him.

“Wha? Just because you were rude to Celine at dinner once doesn’t mean I never wanted to speak to yeh again”

“That’s not really why Niall, and I think you know that, but I’m glad I’m forgiven for that anyway. How is she? Celine?” You could almost see the bitterness of your tone in the air as you spoke those words, hoping he wouldn’t pick up on it. Either he was choosing to ignore what this was really about or he was thicker than you ever thought he was.

“Wouldn’t know,” He mumbled. You looked up at the same time he looked down, your positions swapping.


“We broke up, bout two weeks ago now, maybe three” He nodded at you, looking up from the ground

“Oh Niall, I’m so sorry” You didn’t like her, but you’d rather you be upset over him being in a relationship than him being miserable and heartbroken.

“s’not a big deal, really” He softly smiled before continuing, “Yeh probably wondering why I just showed up on the side of the street near yeh house. I actually knocked on your door, bout half an hour ago and I was just leavin. M’not following yeh”

“Oh, no I didn’t think you were. Confused that you’re standing in front of me, yes. But not worried that you’re stalking me. I’ve been thinking the complete opposite for the past two months” You chewed on the side of your cheek, not sure why a conversation with him was becoming so awkward so quickly.

Neither of you spoke for a while, not even glancing in each other’s direction as the air grew thick between the both of you. You felt sick. You hadn’t thought about what your first encounter with Niall would be like, but it definitely wasn’t awkward silence on the pavement.

“I miss yeh,” He whispered, almost inaudibly. “I miss yeh so much it’s fuckin eatin me”  

“What?” You almost gasped, staring at him dead in the eyes.

“I couldn’t do it,” He started, narrowing his eyes at your shoes, breaking the eye contact before continuing “Yeh know when we were around 17 I was convinced I was in love with yeh? You were the only one who was still you after everything changed. After X factor, when things started getting crazy everyone started being so fake to meh. It’s like I couldn’t do anythin wrong. But yeh didn’t change with me, not one bit. Still rolled yeh eyes at me, told me I was an idiot when I was doing things wrong. Yeh kept me grounded. But you were my best friend, so I couldn’t think of yeh like that could I? I was so scared I was goin to fuck something up that I pushed those feelings away. Pushed em so far away I didn’t even think about them until dinner with Celine.”

“Niall, you don’t have to explain” you muttered, but he wasn’t having any of that.

“Let meh finish, please. So I hadn’t thought about any of that stuff, because we were best friends, right? Yeh don’t think about yeh best friend that way. I needed you; I couldn’t be in a relationship and mess it up, because I needed my best friend. And then when yeh said what yeh said at dinner all the feelins’ just came back. I thought they only came back because you said it, and it was meh 17-year-old self being an idiot. I had a girlfriend who I loved so I couldn’t be in love with yeh. But it didn’t go away, as hard as I tried, the feelin just didn’t go away. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t be in a relationship with someone while the girl I loved wasn’t even talking to meh.”

You inhaled sharply, not sure if you had heard any of the conversation correctly or if you were making it all up in your head.

“And I know I was an asshole, I didn’t even try to speak to yeh, I’m so sorry” He finished, walking up to you properly.

He slowly lifted up his hands to gently cradle your face, thumbs wiping at the tears you didn’t even know had started to fall.

“Don’t cry over this, ‘m not worth yeh tears” he whispered, his face so close to yours.

Your heart was rattling in your chest, you were positive he could hear it. You closed your eyes and leaned into his touch, his warm hands forcing you to forget that you were only wearing a thin jumper and that it was freezing out. Wrapping both your arms around his waist you pulled him closer to you, his scent washing over you. You knew you had missed him, but this was more than you thought.

“Niall?” you asked softly, looking up at him.

“Hm?” He replied, keeping one of his hands on your face while winding the other around your waist, pulling you closer to him.

“Kiss me.”


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