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Peter: Reassemble

A/N: guessed who finished their scholarship and still had time to update!!! I’m excited, are you excited?

Summary: Reassemble: verb; to gather together again; to put (something) together again.

Warnings: Cursing

Word count: 4452

“Hurry up, Spider-Boy, or we will leave you!”

Despite the cold air that swirled around their hair, the sun was shining with full blast as the rays of light threatened to dip below the horizon. It washed Stark Tower in orange and pink, a light that complimented Natasha and Peter very well.

“How come you aren’t rushing her,” Peter mumbled twisting his arms as he walked into the stationed quinjet. The denim jacket he wore was a little stiff, considering he hadn’t touched it in almost a year. It didn’t feel as baggy as it used to, fitting closer to his taller, more muscular physique than it had when it was bought. He frowned when he sat down next to Sam Wilson, face etched in deep concentration.

The older man had taken quite a notice to it. “You’re not nervous, are you Spiderling?” his toothy grin was borderline malicious, obviously reveling in Peter’s discomfort. “Relax, Stark’s parties aren’t so bad. Besides, this one is for Tin Man,” he grumbled, referring to the metal-armed man of honor. “There’s no way this party is going to be any fun.”

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One Time Thing

Sam Smut!  It’s a frail excuse for a plot that I’ve loaded with Sam sexiness.  Multiple orgasms, oral (reader recieving), fingering.  This is a slight AU cause for how I wanted to introduce reader and Sam, it just wouldn’t work in the hunting world.  I hope you all like it all the same!

Words: 4452 (probably my longest ever!)

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“Winchester!  Open up!  I know you’re home.  I can see the Impala in the driveway!”  You were yelling as you banged on his door.  “You promised me last week that’d you’d help.”  You kept banging on his door, a bit miffed that he’d backed out of helping.  “Get your lazy ass out of bed and…”

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anonymous asked:

Taylor earned $39 million last year alone just from touring/music sales/video steaming. That doesn't include merchandise/branding/sponsorships etc. $39 million/365 = $10,6849 per day. $4452 per hour. $74 per minute. $1.20 per second

EDIT: 39 million divided by 365 is 106k per day….the comma was misplaced. 

ALSO, snowfallsblue reminds us that there is Taylor Swift and then there is Taylor Swift Inc.