[IG] 170407 winnercity: [Are your long legs real life] TEAMWINNER who works hard with the motto #artists who are loved inside (the company) #artists who are also loved outside (the company) owns a phone that is filled with photos of the members who are loved by staff members and by the public alike, so please look forward to seeing our future posts💙 #444th photo #already #nearing 4444th #I wonder if you know what I feel #Guys, don’t wake up yet #It’s actually 10PM right now, not 10AM (joking) #You were fooled, right? (cute)

trans by chrissy96_

Answer: Instagram @ elleellenic

Yes I do have one! Just made it actually, so I don’t have many posts there yet it’s basically a desert now but I’ll fill it up in no time x”D

Tumblr is where i put my finished art, where instagram is where I put the process of it like WIPs, sketch, doodles and teaser. I’ll put some tutorials/video of the art process in the future :) But I’ll also post some finished piece in there. Feel free to follow me ^^ Actually.. I just think of an idea~! Let’s hold a kiriban~!


Because I love number 4, then I’ll draw a headshot drawing for 444th follower in my instagram lol so far away from 25 For reference it’s like the Choi twins piece.

Well.. Looking forward to the kiriban.. onto the next question~!