Número de Emergencia para Puerto Rico

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1.   Cuartel General de la Policía de Puerto Rico: 787-343-2020/ 787-793-1234
2.   Servicio Nacional de Meteorología: 787- 253-4586
3.   Cruz Roja Americana, capítulo de Puerto Rico: 787- 758-8150
4.   Bomberos de Puerto Rico: 787-722-1120 (zona metro)
5.   Autoridad de Energía Eléctrica: 787-521-3434
6.   Autoridad de Acueductos y Alcantarillados:  787-620-2482 (Zona Metro)/ 787-882-2482 (Zona Aguadilla) / 787-816-2482 (Zona Arecibo) / 787-732-2482 (Zona Cayey) / 787-860-2482 (Zona Fajardo) / 787-846-2482 (Zona Manatí)/ 787-805-2482 (Zona Mayaguez) / 787-869-2482 (Zona Naranjito)
7.  Agencia Estatal para el Manejo de Emergencias y Administración de Desastres: 787-724-0124 (Oficina central) y por zonas

Zona 1 San Juan
-San Juan - 787-294-0277
-Bayamón - 787-786-6400
-Carolina  - 787-769-9858
- Guaynabo - 787-720-2320
- Toa Baja - 787-784-2150
- Trujillo Alto - 787- 760-4440

Zona 2  Vega Baja
- Vega Baja - 787-965-7770
- Dorado -787-796-4442
-Florida - 787-822-2074
-Manatí - 787-854-2110
-Vega Alta - 787-883-4837
- Vega Baja - 787-858-5080

Zona 3 Arecibo

- Arecibo - 787-878-3454/ 787-879-1700
-  Barceloneta - 787-846-3210
-Camuy – 787-898-5400
-Hatillo - 787-898-5200
- Quebradillas - 787 -895-4000

Zona 4 Aguadilla
- Aguadilla - 787-882-6871/ 787-891-1565
- Aguada - 787- 868-7000
- Añasco - 787- 826-3160
- Isabela - 787 -872-0020
- Moca  -787- 877-5540
- Rincón  - 787- 823-4188
-San Sebastián -787- 896-2710

Zona 5 Mayagüez

- Mayaguez – 787-833-7272/ 787-833-7372/ 787-833-9494 /787-833-9594/787- 831-5454 / 787 -831-5850
- Cabo Rojo – 787- 851-5050
- Hormigueros – 787 -849-0590
- Lajas - 787 -808-1450
- Las Marías – 787- 827-3394
- Maricao – 787- 838-3344
- Sabana Grande – 787- 873-2389
- San Germán - 787 -892-5620

Zona 6 Ponce

- Ponce - 787-844-8272/ 787 -840-5353
- Guánica – 787- 821-2079
- Guayanilla – 787- 835-2275
-  Juana Díaz -  787- 837-2065
- Peñuelas - 787- 836-1361
-Villalba - 787 -847-1590
- Yauco – 787-856-3940

 Zona 7 Utuado
- Utuado – 787 -814-7680
- Adjuntas – 787- 829-2138
- Ciales – 787- 871-4710
- Jayuya -  787-828-4420
- Lares – 787- 897-7020
-  Utuado – 787- 894-6781

Zona 8  Comerío
- Comerío – 787-867-7000/ 787- 875-2490
- Barranquitas – 787- 857-3594
- Corozal – 787- 859-2052
- Morovis – 787 -862-2884
- Naranjito – 787- 869-0100
- Orocovis - 787- 867-4004

Zona 9 Guayama
- Guayama -  787-864-1600
- Arroyo – 787- 839-1330
- Coamo - 787- 825-7008
- Guayama - 787 -864-1946
- Patillas – 787- 839-8991
- Salinas -787- 824-4185
- Santa Isabel – 787- 845-5555

Zona 10 Caguas
- Caguas - 787-737-6980
- Aibonito – 787- 735-0181
- Cayey - 787- 263-1101
- Cidra – 787- 739-1280
- Aguas Buenas - 787- 732-4701
- Caguas – 787-745-5425 / 787- 653-5500
- Gurabo – 787- 737-3459

 Zona 11 Humacao
- Humacao – 787-852-4044
-Juncos - 787 -734-2244
- Las Piedras - 787 - 733-8188
-  Maunabo – 787 -861-0888
-  Naguabo - 787- 874-1222
-  San Lorenzo – 787- 736-0210/ 787-736-0220
- Yabucoa - 787 -893-3190

Zona 12 Ceiba
 -Ceiba - 787-863-3330/787- 885-2740
-Canóvanas – 787- 876-2465
-Culebra – 787- 742-3849
- Fajardo -  787- 863-1502
- Loíza - 787- 876-3561
- Luquillo – 787- 889-2525
-  Río Grande – 787- 888-5590
- Vieques - 787- 741-1616

8. Departamento de Transportación y Obras Públicas: 787-787-9918/ 787-225-1539/ 787-721-8790/ 787-721-6043/ 787-722-1401/787-289-3867
9. Agencia Federal para el Manejo de Emergencia (FEMA ) 1-800-621-3362 (Si se emite una declaración de desastre, para hacer alguna reclamación en caso de daños)

Source: El Nuevo Dia

Broke My Dream

Characters: Sam x Reader

Word count: 4442 - sorry not sorry blame @a-sea-of-fandoms

Warnings: fluffy fluff, smutty smut, a bit of angst if you squint

A/N: Anon Requested: “Can you write one about Sam x reader. Reader is shy quiet bookworm who is in love with Sam. She knows he would never feel the same way. So she fantasizes about him seducing her. Then it really happens. Thank you” Hope this is OK!

You couldn’t focus on the book in front of you. The bunker was quiet enough, the light warm enough, your legs comfortably resting over the arm of the armchair you were laid in, but you just couldn’t stop thinking about him. It was an uncharacteristically quiet day, and it was supposed to be the day you finished this book you’d been trying to finish for weeks. But every time the main character was mentioned, your mind wandered and you thought back to the tall, long haired, broad shouldered man you knew in real life. You weren’t even halfway through this thing, but you wouldn’t give up on it. You’d never given up halfway through a book and you didn’t plan on starting now.

Clearing your throat, you tried to refocus.

You felt your eyes growing heavy and before you knew it you were drifting off to sleep, your head resting on the other arm of the chair, the book still open and perched against your thighs. You felt yourself smile as you saw Sam move towards you, his hand coming up to hold your face before he crashed his lips to yours. You were suddenly against a wall, his hands on your waist holding you in place as he deepened the kiss. You gripped the fabric of his shirt as he let his hands wander down, his lips moving to suck a mark under your ear.

A moan rumbled past your lips as you felt his fingers slip under the top of your jeans and you suddenly started awake.

You jumped up, sitting up in the chair, realising you’d fallen asleep and were having one of your not-so-infrequent fantasies about the younger Winchester. It had been a long couple of weeks and sleep had been severely lacking for all of you as you worked the case.

“Dude you were out,” you heard Dean’s voice and laughed. “And making some serious happy noises,” he winked, and you instantly cringed, your cheeks flushing pink.

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Lima built  GS-4  “Golden State”   4-8-4   #4442

and helper unit:

Baldwin built  F-4  ″Decapod”  Class  2-10-2  #3709 

Southern Pacific Train #97, the Noon Daylight, at San Luis Obispo, California in August, 1941.  The train is picking up helper locomotive #3709 for the Cuesta grade. While she waits, #4442 (brand new at the time of the photo) will be grease-gunned and take water. 

At the time San Luis Obispo was one of the most important en route locomotive servicing points in the United States.

photographed by Waldemar Sievers.

Underappreciated KakaIru - a rec list!

Have some KakaIru fic recs! These are all stories I think are underappreciated, so maybe there’s something here you haven’t read yet! Must-reads are marked with a *


Someone’s Always Waiting by ownedbyacat | 8165 words
Iruka has a unique bloodline limit that allows him to wipe others’ memories, but at a cost. Beautiful ambience and a good plotline.

Intrigued by txilar | 2449 words
Sex-pollen-type cursed-seal situation. Funny, and hot.

*Knowing Me, Knowing You by Josey (cestus) | 16,254 words
Body swap! With some awesome plot, and a really amazing exploration of chakra and its uses for different types of people.

We Feel Like The End by Taudi | 2995 words
Dragon!AU. Cool setup. Will leave you hanging, wishing there was more.

*Screw Control by Caeseria | 4442 words
Scorchingly hot. Featuring half-naked Iruka practicing with a war fan.

Lose Control by Caeseria | 4758 words
Sequel to Screw Control, equally scorchingly hot.

Cabin in the Woods by gryvon | 2869 words
Amnesia fic, slightly different and interesting take on the trope. Sweet.

An April Fool for Love by Sandyclaws68 | 1518 words
Kakashi gets pranked. Sweet and funny.

Fire Inside by Aythli | 19,868 words
Magic!AU. Featuring really cool medical magic, tattooed Kakashi, and magic!swap wherein Iruka gets control of the Sharingan.

Just the Two of Us (If Only) by Aviss | 2228 words
The universe is cockblocking them. Funny.

Perception by txilar | 3507 words
Hunter Nin Iruka, badass Iruka.

*Bienvenue by Josey (cestus) | 1303 words
As the title implies, a ‘welcome home’. Beautifully intimate and real.

The Hungry Dead by Kita the Spaz | 15,988 words
Awesome mystery-style ghost story with a side of lovely KakaIru.

Weakness by Other_Cat | 7460 words
Badass Kurenai vs. Kakashi sparring, with a side of KakaIru.

*Desert Road by Kita the Spaz | 12,302 words
Suspenseful, beautifully paced. Features fennec fox Iruka and an evocative Kakashi POV.

Training by paxnirvana | 1874 words
Iruka cuts his finger. Hella hot. Mild bloodplay.

*Voltage running through your skin by megyal | 1158 words
The genital torture’ tag is too harsh - this is hot! Features creative uses of Kakashi’s lightning chakra.

By now we’ve all watched the Hawaii Five-0 Season 6 Finale. We’ve seen just how far Danny is willing to go to keep Steve alive; the sacrifices he was willing to make to keep his partner around. Which means we’ve also see just how little appreciation he received for it, from his teammates and from Steve. He gave half of one of his organs to Steve and not a single person thanked him for it; at least not on screen like he deserved. 

So that’s what this campaign is about: showing Danny Williams that he’s appreciated for the heroic things he does for his family. He isn’t just a donor or comedic relief, like the writers seem to want us to go along with. He’s a great character who does great things and it’s time the writers understand that we want his story to reflect that again.

So what we’re going to do with this campaign is send Get Well Soon cards to Danny!

Yes, Danny is a fictional character and the writers might think that we’re all just a confused bunch of people that don’t know fiction from reality, but that’s why we’re also sending this copy text (written by @lovethesnark) with the cards. 

We the Danny-loving portion of the Hawaii Five O fandom were extremely disappointed by the lack of appreciation that Danny received at the end of an otherwise amazing, gripping, gorgeous episode in the season finale.  We as a group by and large felt hurt and disappointed on Danny’s behalf by the lack of thank you’s and get well soon’s that Danny didn’t received after his selfless heroism.  

We felt that while everyone was excellent in the episode and every actor was and is always wonderful, Scott was exceptionally so in the finale. We felt the fact that he did not get one single thank you or get well soon, save from his children, was in fact a total travesty and actually quite actively disrespectful. And so, with love and respect to the other actors (and characters) we want to take this opportunity to tell Danny thanks so very much for being amazing, selfless, loving, loyal, and badass.   

And to also thank Scott while we’re at it for portraying him as such so stunningly.   

[sign your name here or just put ‘Your Fans’ if you don’t want it to be personal]

P.S. More cards can be found on getwellsoondanny.tumblr.com

Basically, the kind of card you send is up to you. It can be bought, or homemade, or some fanart, or anything. But I think that along with this copy in the card, you should write about something you really love about Danny in the Get Well card. Highlight a favorite moment from your favorite episode, talk about how great of a dad he is, or how awesome of a friend he is, you could even talk about McDanno if you want (without demanding that it be canon because that’s going to detract what we’re trying to accomplish). 

Once you’ve got your card all done up and the copy printed out and inside the card, sent the card to the address below: 

Danny Williams
(Attn: Hawaii Five-0 Writers & Scott Caan)
“Hawaii Five-0: Season 7″
Eye Productions, Inc.
510 18th Avenue
Honolulu, HI  96816-4442

I know that they’ve already started filming and these cards are going to be really late getting to them, but late is better than never, right? 

(If you’ve already sent a card, awesome! If you’ve been waiting for this to pop up on your dash, then here it is. Go make a card and send it!) 


camille (music : x )

     located on a cliffside area, camille is filled with a majority of fruit trees, bamboos and cedar trees. most of camille’s residents say that it’s a very peaceful town, but only when the mayor finishes her daily duties – for when she leaves it’s always before the sunset, and everyday they gather near the cliff and watch as the colors of the sky change from blue to orange then to dark blue, and wonder to themselves if it really was a sunset they were seeing; why? for there was no sun in camille.

     and the only person who ever knew why, was an otter named pascal who would only speak to the mayor – some of the villagers overhear them speaking sometimes, and only one line of words is ever heard from their talks, ’… the point where the ocean meets the sky … ’. and so some think, could the mayor have come from that point? the point where the ocean meets the sky and the point where the railroads that go over the oceans disappear into the horizon.

dream address(wip): 4000-4442-0946

4442) My mum says she is fine with me being trans, but never uses male pronouns in public. My grandma has told me that she can't let me into her house any more. I am allowed to transition at school, but it's hard when even the teacher call me a faggot.