Promozione : Memory Card SLE4442/5542

Carta bianca con chip SLE 5542

  • Chip: SLE 5542 (256 Byte) 100% compatibile con SLE 4442
  • Durata: 100.000 cicli
  • Memoria totale: 256byte
  • PROM: 32bit
  • Retenzione dati: 10 anni
  • Tecnologia: SLE 5542 con security e transport code, protezione Byte, codifica irreversibile dei primi 32 byte.
  • Tempo di lettura/scrittura: 2,5 ms
  • Voltaggio/Corrente max: 5 Volt /10 mA
  • PVC laminato
  • 54mm x 85,6mm
Repeal the Hyde Amendment!

Today, hundreds of thousands of women go hungry, risk eviction, and pawn their possessions as they attempt to raise money for an abortion.

Some are never able to raise enough money and are forced to continue the pregnancy. 

Repealing the “Hyde Amendment,” which forbids federal funding for abortion in the Medicaid program, could change all that. If we repeal the Hyde Amendment, a woman would be able to obtain an abortion regardless of her income. Medicaid would again cover abortion care like it does every other health care service a women needs. Congress also denies abortion coverage to military personnel and their families, women receiving care from Indian Health Services, and people on disability insurance.

Without the Hyde Amendment, many abortion funds would not be necessary. Please click through to sign the petition.

4442. Since the Titans are still required to do school like normal teens, they’re all home schooled. It only takes a couple hours to finish, and they sometimes help each other with certain subjects (like Starfire with penmenship, Beast Boy with history, ect.)

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Three views of Arya Stark

Arya Stark                                       Arry                                        Weasel

Instead of a single image, this time a collection. Canadian artist Eva Maria Toker did these three digital paintings of Arya, the same figure evolved through the identities of Arya Stark of Winterfell, Arry the boy recruit of the Night’s Watch, and Weasel, the servant at Harrenhal.  The Grotto presents them as a single post, rather than separately, as the whole of the pieces is greater than the sum of the parts.  On her deviant art page, Ms. Toker suggests that she intends to paint further changes in Arya’s guise, garb, and identity.

4442) My mum says she is fine with me being trans, but never uses male pronouns in public. My grandma has told me that she can't let me into her house any more. I am allowed to transition at school, but it's hard when even the teacher call me a faggot.
K-Netizens Highly Praise Bobby's 'GO'

source: http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&oid=109&aid=0002853513&sid1=001

1. [5704 likes, 361 dislikes] Wah Bobby was really good. I didn’t see him that way, who knew he would be this good. When I heard it was Vasco vs Bobby, I thought ah Bobby’s going to be eliminated. But Vasco’s song was too rock so I was disappointed. [Vasco’s] rhyme and flow was good, but since this is a rap battle… I hope Vasco changes up his act. I saw Bobby in a different light. [Idol] prejudice breaker Bobby hwaiting!

2. [4757 likes, 194 dislikes] When I saw Bobby in WIN he was innocent innocent ㅋ He has the charm of reversal ㅋㅋ

3. [4323 likes, 182 dislikes] Definitely worthy of Swings wanting [to recruit] him hehe

4. [3989 likes, 188 dislikes] I think Bobby will win…

5. [3340 likes, 429 dislikes] Kyak Bobby flashed his abs ㅠㅠㅠㅠ the song is so good. destroy [the stage] tonight

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