WestJet is coming to Houston and Gander, adds Encore routes from Halifax

WestJet is coming to Houston and Gander, adds Encore routes from Halifax

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WestJet (Calgary) today announced two new destinations – Houston, Texas and Gander, Newfoundland – as part of the 2015 summer schedule release. The airline adds a total of nine new routes and increased frequency on 15 established routes.

In addition to nonstop flights to Houston, growth in Western Canada includes new daily non-stop flights from Calgary to Yellowknife and Terrace, BC, launching…

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Artistic Differences - GinAndShatteredDreams - Gravity Falls [Archive of Our Own]
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Happy Halloween, everyone!
Here’s a one-shot fic to celebrate!

Ford plays a little prank on Soos and his tourist group which inspires some new ideas for the Mystery Shack. Stan invites Ford to carve pumpkins with him for Halloween but begins to feel inferior to his brother again.  (And brotherly bonding ensues…)

Just some artist woes.



(Full fic under the cut or follow the link above if you’d like :D)

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4441) You cannot tell if someone has an ED purely from looking at them, their size, their weight, their blog, even from being their friend/ family- these are very secretive disorders.


4441) I found an insurance that's trans friend and they cover the cost of top surgery! I'm... Just at a loss for words. I thought top surgery was something I would never achieve and I'm so 'busty' that it made me put off transitioning for many years. I'm 26 now, and this is my second attempt to transition. Wish me luck, guys.