Just so you know Gajeel and Levy’s relationship IS NOT FORCED.

I don’t see how it is forced, not only is it that they have the MOST development but they both grew attach to one another and it’s been a good 2-3 years they have known each other MINUS the fact on the whole 7 year time gap.

STOP treating their relationship forced, it IS NOT FORCED.


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Fairy Tail 443 Thoughts (Pairings)

Hello everyone and welcome to this week’s look at Fairy Tail chapter 443. I hope everyone had a happy 4th of July because I know I did. This week’s chapter had two wonderful color pages and 31 pages of pure Fairy Tail. Without any more hesitation let’s get into it.

We start off with B Team at a Blue Pegasus’ hot springs that Gajeel happened to know. We also learn that’s were Laxus and the Thunder God Tribe are as well. But looking away from that story point, there are some pairing moments to point out. Let’s start with the one that got the most focus. Gajeel and Levy’s interactions have become 10x more enjoyable than what they once were. I mean we saw their little back and forth interaction back in 441 and now this chapter increased the volume a notch. If their was a pairing to observe and say “this one will be canon first” it has be Gajeel and Levy. You can tell Mashima enjoys drawing, and writing these two together and he knows we as fans like seeing it. If the story of Fairy Tail is ending soon then I can see where the direction is going in terms of end-game couples and it looks like Mashima has an order in mind. Gajeel and Levy are the paring that not matter what, I can enjoy and get into without much trouble or having to over-analyze. I love these two together so much that seeing these two have types of moments have made this story more enjoyable and fun. 

Credit goes to unisonraidd for the coloring of this panel (I do not know claim this to be mine, and if you enjoy this coloring then go check out their blog for more awesome stuff)

The next thing to look at in this chapter is Juvia and her, I guess thought process, without Gray. We have seen before that Juvia has been shy about bathing with the girls back in the beginning of the Sun Village arc. Levy get’s the idea to act like Gray is there and much to no surprise Juvia “looses” her towel in hopes that if he was there he would see. Cana comments that that was all it took for her to loose her embarrassment. I guess the takeaway from that is that Gray has the ability to “help” Juvia open up and be enjoyable and fun then what she once was and still kind of is. They lived together for 6 months and I’m sure they became more comfortable around one another and that is nice to see because before it was kind of unbearable. Now it’s a better dynamic between Gray and Juvia that they have reached a comfortably position with one another. I mean Juvia is still Juvia so there will always be that (not saying it’s a bad thing). She then imagines her and Gray having the same “accident” that befell Gajeel and Levy.

And just like that, that is all for this week ladies and gentlemen. No Natsu and Lucy stuff but the girls were returned safe and sound so that was nice. As far as the chapter itself goes, I was impressed with Brandish’ power and her personality as well. She seemed legit and if the other Spriggan are like that in power then get ready for some awesome fights. She also found out what Natsu and co. are really there for and Makarov is still alive (no surprise). This arc is proving to be another uphill battle much like Tartarus was. Will the challenge be too much for Fairy Tail? Well, this is Fairy Tail after all so I don’t think so, but I do feel like it could have a greater impact than what Tartarus left so there’s that. Also did you see what happened with Natsu and his arm? He started to clench up the bandaged arm. What does this mean? Who knows but the illusion has now been set in motion and the fandom is now on high alert. Next week is called “Emperor Spriggan” and we might get to see what the Spriggan are about. I hope you all enjoyed this chapter and this review, if you have any questions please let me know as I would love to hear your thoughts either on the chapter or this review. I like getting asks and your feedback is always welcome. Thanks for reading.