44 bullets


(Seventeen hip hop unit): 99+105 Hospital+Poison (you being in the hospital because of poison) Reactions


When they get a lap dance from their partner

When another member walks in on you guys having sex

When their gf/bf brings home a puppy without telling them

When they like a high school girl

When they notice a brand new tattoo on you, while they’re kissing you

When you want to become a Victoria’s Secret angel

When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

When their girlfriend asks for their autograph

When they find out that their girlfriend is abused at home

When their s/o finds out that they’re a demon, and they’re scared of them

When their girlfriend gets attacked by an anti-fan

When Taehyung has a crush on Jungkook’s sister

When they’re leaving for the military service

When another member is in love with their girlfriend

You being jealous that they have a photo shoot with a girl model

Cringing away from them when they raised their hand during an argument


When their girlfriend knows the choreography to ‘The 7th Sense’

When they like a high school girl

When you debut with them as a guy, and they figure out that you’re actually a girl

You being jealous that they have a photo shoot with a girl model


When their girlfriend takes off her clothes as soon as she gets home

The song that they use for their first dance at their wedding

When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument

When they find out that their girlfriend is abused at home

To you teasing them all day

When you dress up as them in one of their MV for Halloween

When their idol girlfriend has a wardrobe malfunction on a comeback stage

When their girlfriend is deathly afraid of going into a haunted house with them

When their girlfriend is curvy, and she’s insecure about it

Their s/o debuting as solo artist

Their s/o being shy

Dating EXO


When you sit on their lap and your ass rubs against their crotch, but you’re in front of the other members

You put your hand down his pants to get his attention

When you ask for their autograph and you’re dating them

When they notice a brand new tattoo on you, while they’re kissing you

When their girlfriend catches them looking up her skirt as she climbs the stairs

When their girlfriend admits that she masturbates over them

When they have to meet your parents

When another member walks in on them having sex

When a guy flirts with his girlfriend in front of him

Big Bang:

When someone flirts with their girlfriend (you)

You wanting to try BDSM (fifty shades of grey stuff)

When their boyfriend adopts a kid without telling them

When their gf/bf gets in a car accident

Monsta X:

When you sit on their lap and your ass rubs against their crotch, but you’re in front of the other members

When you ask for a threesome with another Monsta X member

When you ask for a threesome with another girl

When another member walks in on them having sex

When their crush wraps their arms around their waist and says, “Where do you think you’re going?”

When their partner initiates road head

Topp Dogg:

When you ask for a threesome with another Topp Dogg member

When their significant other has an anxiety attack

When their American girlfriend is the daughter of a famous actor

When they find out that another member of another group is flirting with their fiancee

When they see you wearing glasses for the first time (normally you’re wearing contact lenses)


When another member walks in on them having sex

When you want to become a Victoria’s Secret angel

When they find out that their girlfriend has one light blue eye and one light green eye, and she’s insecure about it

To you being really short

When you dress up in a sexy Halloween costume for a party you’re going to

When you two get lost in a forest together

You saying ‘I love you’ for the first time

When their girlfriend gets angry and slips into Spanish without realizing it


When their girlfriend tells a really bad, cheesy joke

When their girlfriend gets hurt by an anti-fan

When their girlfriend has stretch marks

When their girlfriend accidentally spills a drink on her cleavage

vocal unit:When their s/o is paying more attention to her/his hw than them         


When their girlfriend tells a really bad, cheesy joke


When their girlfriend is a sarcastic asshole during an argument

When their gf tells them she loves them to the moon and back

When their girlfriend misses their family so much that they can’t sleep

When they go to their gf sports competition

When their girlfriend is sick


When they have a crush on a trainee and try to flirt with them


When their gf is a writer and is working on her first book

NCT Dream:

When you’re an idol, and they’re fans of yours

Block B:

When you sit on their lap and play with their hair


When their idol girlfriend has a wardrobe malfunction on a comeback stage

seeing their bf/gf naked for the first time

 Bff/ s/o spoiling them  a movie            


Really good cookies

Wanna One

When their idol crush (you) is made fun of by a show host


When they take care of you when you’re sick


When you have a bad dream where they’e the villain 

When their sister (you) is dating another member

Wanna One

When you’re dating a member, and there’s a scandal about you dating a different member


When they get pulled on stage at their s/o dance recital 



When you eat the snack they’ve been looking forward to (Maknae Line)

When their girlfriend tells them she’s asexual (Hyung Line)

When their girlfriend tells them she’s asexual (Maknae Line)

Jungkook literally being a meme


When you’ve been studying all day, and they want to see you (Hip Hop Unit)

When they stay up until midnight to tell you happy birthday, but they forget about the time difference (Performance Unit)


BenJi when he’s turned on and trying to get you to come over


When their best friend gets too stressed about work and needs cheering up



Taking sneaky pictures of Taehyung

Fluffy/cheesy snaps from Taehyung


Making up after argument / Taemin


When Jackson wants your attention

JB tries to take a selfie of him for you but the boys are disturbing him~

Monsta X

Boyfriend Shownu

November 2017 Drabble Reactions

EXO: #75 Rescue (When their s/o rescues a puppy from a shelter)

EXO: #111 Hug (when their crush ask them for a hug)

EXO: #53 Blood (pranking them with a blood on the floor)

EXO: #102 Letter (When they get a love letter from a secret admirer)

EXO: #69 Sex (When they find out the sex of their first child)

EXO: #12 Hallucinations (When they miss their gf so much that they start hallucinating that he/she is there)

BTS: #27 Bathrobe (When you catch them in just his bathrobe, and it accidentally opens)

BTS: #42 Shirt (When your shirt is wet and they can see through)

BTS: #17 Bully (When their s/o stands up to the school bully)

BTS: #78 Autumn (When they get excited that fall is coming)

SHINee: #11 Tattoo (When you get a new tattoo without telling them)  

Astro: #85 Bed (When you both break the bed from jumping on it)

Seventeen: #109 Suicide (When their gf is at the hospital after a suicide attempt)

Seventeen hip hop unit: 99+105 Hospital+Poison (you being in the hospital because of poison)

Seventeen: #22 Band-Aid (When they accidentally drop their band-aid in a cake their baking)

Seventeen: #99 Hospital (When they have a small role on a hospital show)

Seventeen: #91 Church (When their s/o wants to name their new dog Church)

Wanna One: #50 Cry/Tears (When they come home to see their s/o crying over the season finale of Supernatural)

NCT 127: #42 Shirt (When you steal their favorite shirt and wont give it back)

Block B: 109 Suicide (When their gf wants them to see Suicide Squad dressed as the Joker and Harley Quinn)

Block B: #110 First Kiss (When they’re their s/o first kiss)

Block B: #118 Night (When their s/o spends the night)

Monsta X: #33 Calendar (When they have to do a sexy calendar for 2018)

Monsta X: #21 Alcohol (When their s/o gets drunk for the first time)

Monsta X: #61 Summer (When their s/o freaks out over their summer comeback)

B.A.P: #44 Bullet (When their s/o sees the One Shot video for the first time)

Winner: #38 School (When they have to go back to school for a month)

Got7: #59 Money (When their s/o wins “Show Me The Money”)

Moodboards 2017 List

anonymous asked:

A Merlin x Reader where reader gets badly hurt and he’s super worried!! Give me all the angst

o fuck this ended up more cute than angst and it’s short i am so sorry i am exhausted but need to write merlin love stuff

merlin x agent!reader ; wounds.

“Merlin, I’m fine.”

“Love, y’ had three .44 caliber bullets lodged into your shoulder an’ y’ were profusely bleeding from multiple contusions –”

“Merlin –”

“– Had they not been treated properly, y’ would have succumbed t’ extreme blood loss an’ –”


Your voice startles him from his train of thought. He settles back into the chair beside your bed in the medical bay. Merlin feels a bit guilty, unloading on you like that, but ‘fine’ isn’t any descriptor he’d use to explain your current state. You’d been ambushed by a large group of mercenaries on an intel mission. He’d watched the whole thing go down on your H.U.D., nearly losing it totally.

You’d been rushed back to Kingsman HQ and entered emergency surgery a little after midnight. He’d spend the next three hours pacing outside your operating room before the surgery was declared a success and your were admitted to the post-op wing of the medbay. He waited another seventeen hours for you to wake up. And now, here he is.

“I’m alive,” you breathe, eyes watching his eyes soften, “and I love you. And I’m sorry. I should have been more careful and –”

“No, no, no,” Merlin shakes his head, “Don’t you go makin’ this your fault. You were ambushed, love. You had no idea.”

You hum, fiddling with the hem of the starched bed sheet. Your eyes fleet to his face. He’s a bit more rugged looking than usual - a dark line of stubble has began to appear around his jaw and dark circles loom under bright green eyes. He looks exhausted. “Have you slept at all?”

He looks a bit sheepish. “I, uh… No. I was waiting for you, first. I had to know y’ were alright.”

That’s the moment you knew you wanted to marry Merlin.

Portal Stories: Mel - sentence starters

1. “This thing must be laughing at me now. I know these aren’t sentient but still.”

2. “The place is exploding, rocks are falling everywhere, and you’re taking the elevator?!”

3. “Okay, I was wrong, I was wrong! That was a bad idea!” 

4. “Give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen?” 

5. “What the -? My scans are going nuts!” 

6. “Am I speaking in an accent that is beyond your range of hearing?” 

7. “I give up. Just… leave me.” 

8. “Lights? check. Camera? check. Action? … hopefully not.” 

9. “I’ve heard rumors about some creepy guy living in the service areas.”  

10. “A lot’s changed since you’ve been put on ice.” 

11. “All right, I know what you’re thinking: ‘What on Earth is going on here?’”

12. “And our good luck just ran out.” 

13. “I’ll do my best to keep the insults at a minimum.” 

14. “Don’t get me wrong, I admire your enthusiasm, but I would have told you if that was working.” 

15. “Wow. That actually worked?” 

16. “Great. Just great. Can’t we get through a room once without stuff blowing up or blocking our way?” 

17. “You’re smarter than I thought. Not a genius like me, but still.” 

18. “It’s finally time for me to repay my end of the deal.”

19. “Hey! The floor’s getting quite cold here.” 

20. “These things can take forever sometimes. And there’s no magazines to read. So annoying.” 

21. “Come on, wi-fi, don’t fail me now.” 

22. “It seems you’ve tipped off whatever-that-thing-is to our presence.” 

23. “Maybe it thinks we killed the scientists.” 

24. “What are you doing? It’s going to kill you!” 

25. “You’re here because you’re the best the world has to offer. I don’t say that lightly, mind you, so take that as one of the biggest compliments you’ll ever get in your life.” 

26. “This town doesn’t have a name yet, as we’re the ones who built it, but that doesn’t matter.”   

27. “I pay the bills, I make the decisions around here!” 

28. “Don’t sleep too long. This isn’t a bed-and-breakfast, and if you decide to stay the night, I’m charging you rent for the next year.” 

29. “Step into the chamber and get into bed. Our lab boys will take care of the rest.” 

30. “Is this thing on? Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?” 

31. “It says it’s harmful to humans… uh, I mean NOT harmful to humans. You’ll be okay. Perfectly fine. Nothing to worry about.” 

32. “All right, hold up a second, ____. I don’t think you’re that stupid that you’re going to fall for this anymore. I’ll be blunt now. I’m not _____.” 

33. “This isn’t the _____. Everyone you knew and loved is dead.” 

34. “I’ll just take your silence as a ‘yes’. Oh right. You can’t answer me.”

35. “Just do what I say, and you’ll be fine. Okay?” 

36. “So about… before. You can get why I said all that, right?”     

37. “Try not to fall off. That goo down there is corrosive, and it doesn’t like human skin.” 

38. “Do it again. It’ll open this time, I swear. Just give it some elbow grease.”   

39. “You should have gotten that silver medal.” 

40. “Get out of here. Run!”    

41. “Wow. If you had been there a few seconds earlier, you would have been incinerated.” 

42. “Aw, great. You’re here. I can finally get out of this technological nightmare.” 

43. “Hey, ____. It’s nice to finally see you.” 

44. “You dodged a bullet on that one. I told you to be careful. Next time might not be so forgiving.” 

45. “I’m sure you can handle it. Just make sure to dodge the bullets again.” 

46. “I don’t exactly know if everything is working properly anymore, but we don’t have a choice.” 

47. “These computers should contain a lot of useful information for us.” 

48. “I sorted through some of the stuff. So many cat pictures.” 

49. “We’ve got to take him/her out, if you want to leave this place.” 

50. “Oh! There you are. I was beginning to think that, somehow, you had managed to get lost.” 

51. “____’s lair. What an impressive sight.” 

52. “Whatever happens, I believe in you. Really.” 

53. “You’ll have to do it without me. Don’t worry though, I’ll be watching from back here and help you if needed.”    

54. “We just might have given ____ a chance to get back in power. How could we have done that? Why didn’t I see it sooner?”

55. “Well, if you want to get out of here, now is your best chance.” 

56. “This thing should take you out of here and back to your normal life. Well, whatever you can call ‘normal’ by this point.” 

57. “I don’t know exactly what’s out there, but it should be better than what’s down here.” 

58. “See you later, ____.”    

No introduction is needed for the mother of all handcannons, this is the Smith And Wesson Model 29 revolver.

Now before I get into the details, let’s take a look at the technical stuff for this revolver. First is the caliber, .44 Remington Magnum.

That dear kids is one hell of a bullet. The .44 Magnum is a .44 caliber bullet with 1,110-1,450 fps and is effectively one of the best bullets to use when hunting things like bears at close range as intended by it’s creator, Elmer Keith.

The maker of the .357, .41 and .44 Magnum calibers, Elmer Keith was the quintessential cowboy and during the 1920′s was the king of hot-loading ammunition to make the fastest and biggest handgun bullets that could fit into a revolver. He hot rodded .44 Special to make .44 Magnum as well as making .357 Magnum and .41 Magnum. The rest of his life was spent writing, shooting and petitioning handgun makers and ammunition makers to make guns and magnum ammo. And the Model 29 was the first .44 Magnum revolver built from the ground up as a .44 Magnum gun.

The Model 29 began production in 1955, the same year as the Colt Python I talked about in another post. And it had reasonable success with civilian and police hands, at least until 1971, with the release of a movie that set the Model 29 up for fame.

Dirty Harry.

Now I know what your thinking, did I fire six shots or only five? Well to tell you the truth in all this excitement I’ve forgotten myself. But being that this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, capable of blowing your head clean off, you got to ask yourself one question, Do I feel lucky? Well do ya punk?”

Dirty Harry, a film classic, starring western film legend Clint Eastwood saw Detective Harry Callahan chase a crazed serial killer known as the Scorpio Killer through the streets of San Francisco, the entire time accompanied by a Smith And Wesson Model 29. And while the .44 Magnum had been usurped by the .454 Casull by 1971, no revolvers were in .454, so the claim of the most powerful handgun in the world was still accurate.

This portrayal made the Model 29 go from a powerful bear killer to an instant seller. Gun stores across the US were selling out of Model 29′s within hours. The gun was already out of production when the film released, but it’s usage as a modern justice dispenser has managed to keep the Model 29 going for years. And while modern versions like the 629 have come out, none can compare to the classic blued original.

And with a film career beginning with a classic, it’s easy to see why the Model 29 is a common sight in other films. It’s the main weapon of the Lord Humungus in Mad Max 2 to the supernatural streets of San Francisco in Big Trouble in Little China, when there’s a character with nothing to lose and with a desire for vengeance, the Model 29 is used. It’s big, it’s bad and it’s ready to kick ass.

And with fame in movies will always have fame in video games. And just like in movies, the Model 29 is always used as the magnum, more so than the Colt Python. Some times it’s referencing Dirty Harry, sometime’s Mad Max 2. But there’s still a common theme of a really big gun, a desire for vengeance and a need to kill everything in your path.

And that is the classic S&W Model 29. I know it’s a bit short on the nitty gritty, but with a gun like this, you don’t really need technical stuff. It’s a handcannon in every sense of the word. While it’s title as “the most powerful handgun in the world” has been beaten out by the .454 Casull and .500 S&W, it’s still high on the totem pole. Whether it be for shooting bears at close range or dispensing justice at longer, the Model 29 is a gun to fit the bill. It’s not too fancy because it doesn’t need to be. It’s a wheel gun that works from the beaches of Miami to the streets of San Francisco, and no matter what, there’s always a question that rings true with this, whether your using it or facing off against it.

Do you feel lucky, punk?

Drabble Reaction (B.A.P): #44 Bullet (When their s/o sees the One Shot video for the first time)

Yongguk: “You’re so cute. No it didn’t hurt to get fake shot at. It was just special effects.”

Originally posted by missbaptan

Himchan: “Babe, please stop crying. It’s not real. Not everybody really dies, okay?”

Originally posted by bapstime

Daehyun: “Why are you crying when Youngjae dies, and not me?”

Originally posted by roses-for-jongup

Youngjae: “Yes, I know I’m a traitor. Yah, stop hitting me!!!”

Originally posted by fluffyzelo

Jongup: “I’m glad you liked the video. We worked really hard, and even got shot, to make it amazing.”

Originally posted by daehyunny

Zelo: “It was good? good.”

Originally posted by roses-for-jongup



i saw this going around and i had a v productive day so here goes! i tag anyone who wants to do this 💗 (done via snapchat which you can follow me on @mitochondrions if you want)

a day in the life of tumblr user @areistotle (aka the girl whose a-levels are killing her slowly) 🐝

10th May, 2016

[8:17] made hot beverages for myself and my family and got started on revising othello

[9:30] othello act one whoo 📖

[10:15] cut up some oranges to have as a study snack 🍊

[11:16] annotating act two and three ✨ + had lunch

[12:44] opened my bullet journal after 32735658 years and wrote some stuff, also ate a donut bc why not :^)

[13:54] act four and five AND I FINISHED OTHELLO 🌻

[not pictured] had a shower and did my chores *fun*

[17:06] started spanish poetry finally!!! (my notes are in 3 languages lmao)

[18:21] spanish annotations and note writing 🌟

[19:18] stopped studying and had dinner:-)

now i might study some more spanish poetry before i sit down and watch the eurovision semi-final ayyy 🎈

follow my study instagram for similar posts: @aristotelian B-)


Chapter List Part 1:

1 - Long Lost Lambo


2 - Time to Pay Up


3 - Notice You. Noticing Me.


4 - The Mood is Right. But the Person is All Wrong.


5 - Girl Talk. Boy Talk


6 - Sometimes You Have to get a Little Wet


7 - He’s the Perfect CENT


8 - That’s A Bad Idea 


9 - A Poor Man’s Ciara


10 - A Fresh Start


11 - The ‘Ten Date Rule’


12 - He Can’t Be Trusted


13 - Runny Eggs And Burnt Toast


14 - Lazy Love


15 - No Old Friends


16 - We Hit that Rough Patch in Life


17 - Where Could He Be?


18 - An Accident Waiting to Happen


19 - Don’t Walk Away


20 - Right Where She Belongs


21 - CiCi Loves the Kids


22 - You’re My Little Secret (Part 1 & 2)



23 - Follow Your Heart


24 - The Last Time


25 - Surprise! Surprise!


26 - One Hell of a Party (Part 1 & 2)



27 - No More Secrets


28 - Missing You


29 - The Brawl


30 - It’s Definitely Something Deeper


31 - The Calm Before the Storm


32 - The Storm


33 - Patching Things Up


34 - Being in Love Stinks, Sometimes


35 - Lights, Camera, Action


36 - One Last Thank You


37 - Permanent Love


38 - Finally a Little Closure


39 - Another Chapter Closed


40 - FaceTime


41 - The Right Place


42 - Silent Rooms Sometimes Speaks the Loudest


43 - Couldn’t Paint A Better Picture


44 - Paying Attention to Detail


45 - Sweating Bullets


46 - Costumes Wars


47 - Same Girl


48 - A Night to Remember


49 - Night Cap


50 - Keeping Up With CiCi


51 - Too Close for Comfort


52 - Hollywood Smile


53 - It’s A Small World After All 


54 - I Missed You


55 - Wedding (Part 1 & 2)



Chapter List Part 2:

56 - A Different Me


57 - Party Prep


58 - The Party Don’t Stop


59 - Behind Closed Doors


60 - Traffic Jam


61 - A New Taste (Part 1 & 2)



62 - Surprise Guest


63 - I O U


64 - I Don’t Trust Her


65 - Making Headlines


66 - I Told You So


67 - Us Against the World


68 - Funny Running into You Here


69 - Let’s Get Outta Here


70 - One Last stop 


71 - Love Her Until She Forgets


72 - How A Minds Mind Works


73 - Crazy About You


74 - Parking Lot Disaster


75 - Keys 


76 - Released


77 - Hot Shot


78 - No Worries


79 - Confront


80 - Much Needed Vacation


Learn why 44 bullets in your drink isn’t a bad thing.

Drink like a Gingerale with Ginger ale! Every week (give or take a few months. sorry about that.) we feature a drink, or as we like to say “Adult beverage”, Who’s main ingredient is Ginger Ale. Get it?, Ginger ale? The Gingerales? No. Fine.

This weeks drink is called 44 Bullets, which automatically makes us more hardcore than 50 cent - He only took 9 bullets. What a pussy.

What You Need:

It’s preferable that you use a highball glass for this one but, who are we to tell you what container in which to enjoy your beverage?

  • 1 oz. Vodka, Huckleberry(44° North)
  • 1 oz. (Bullitt) Bourbon 
  • 1 ½ oz. 7-up
  • 1 ½ oz. Ginger Ale

How To Make It:

Nothing too fancy here. Just Shake the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice then pour into the glass. The Drink should have a Brown color to it. It’s fairly strong mix so watch yourself.

p.s., you can garnish the shit out of this drink. Use anything your taste buds say go to.

Enjoy! and as always, Bottoms up!