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Do you ever have a bunch of bad days in a row and then suddenly you have a suspiciously good day and it feels like the universe is apologizing for being a dick? Yeah that’s how today was.

-the sun finally came out for the first time in DAYS
-my second class was cancelled which gave me extra time to study for my final in my third class
-got 44/45 questions right on said final meaning I should be getting an A in the class (it’s a dumb 1 credit mandatory gym class but the final is notoriously a pain in the ass so I’m proud of my score)
-had an interview with my professor/supervisor(?) for the field site this fall to plan out my internship. excited to see where I end up
-sat out on the steps in front of the library for 2 hours and managed to finish a book
-went out and bought two new books
-OH! so my laptop has been dead for two weeks and as I was walking to bring it to the campus tech people I decided to stop and give it one last shot and it TURNED ON. oh the irony
-my only class for tomorrow was also cancelled so I don’t have any classes at all which means lots of time for making study guides and such

despite the good in today things still feel harder than usual but I am getting through this. it’ll pass. it always does.

Hello Detective Chapter 60 (Sherlock Imagine)


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You handed some cash to the cabbie and made your way into the apartment complex. You checked that you had the right address and knocked on the door. You heard voices from within, and were surprised.

“What? Are you out of your mind?” A familiar voice asked angrily from within.

“I don’t see why not. It’s just as plausible as some of your theories.” An unfamiliar voice responded as the door was opened.

“Y/N?” He asked.

“Hello Philip. Sorry, I didn’t know you had company.” You replied, stepping into the small flat.

“Oh my god. You’re her.” A raven haired girl with a nose ring asked.

“I thought he was lying, but he does know her.” A man on the couch wearing a deerstalker said to the kid next to him.

“Um… What’s this?” You asked, and your eyes drifted to the wall covered in papers and string. On second thought, was this a good idea? You still weren’t sure.

Anderson rubbed his head, not wanting to answer.

“It’s the Empty Hearse club, and you’re Y/N Gregson.” One of the member’s ran up to you, shaking your hand furiously.

“Yes… but,” you turned to the wall again and realized the purpose of the club. Your mouth formed into an ‘O’.

“Let me guess, Philip here formed this club so that like-minded people could meet and discuss theories. Theories on how Sherlock Holmes faked his death.” You said, and the members were all but giddy.

“It’s like I’m living the blog.” One voice muttered.

“Will you deduce me?” Another asked.

“Wait a minute… You said theories on how Sherlock faked his death. You said ‘how’ not ‘if’. You think he’s still out there too.” Anderson said.

“Listen, that’s not why I’m here–” you were cut off.

“Oh My God!” The raven haired woman, Laura, pointed to the television behind you. You whipped around the read the headline ‘BREAKING NEWS: HAT DETECTIVE ALIVE’. Philip’s jaw dropped. Everyone was jumping up in excitement. All of their phones were blowing up.

Laura jumped up and begged for a picture with you. You quickly obliged, and raised an eyebrow to Philip. He shook his head in an apology.

“Ms. Gregson,” the youngest of the group asked and you turned to face him, “did you know the whole time?’

You thought a moment on your reply, with your new job you knew it was best not to answer honestly. You didn’t need the press knowing every detail.

“I’m afraid I’m not at liberty to discuss the matter. Now, Philip can I steal you for a bit?” You asked, he nodded following you out into the hall.

“Did you know?” He asked, you sighed.

“How ‘bout we go for a walk.” You said, and he followed you out into the street.

“I’m assuming you read the paper.” You stated.

“I do sometimes, Director-General.” He said, and you turned to him with a smile.

“Naturally in my new position I’ll need to surround myself with people I can trust.” You began, your heels clicking on the pavement and your hands buried in your pockets.

“You trust me?” He asked.

“Well the jury’s still out on that one. But you do have a good head on your shoulders. I mean you’re no Sherlock Holmes, but you do trust your instincts. You were willing to search for an answer no matter how unpopular. I’m sure people told you that you were crazy and wrong and wasting your time, but nevertheless you persisted. And you were right.” You spoke.

“So you want me to work for you, because I believed in Sherlock?” He asked, confused.

“I’m putting you on the list of candidates. You’ll have to prove your worth and trust first. But your ability to travel down a path that no one else dare has brought you to my attention. You believed even when I didn’t, Philip. That’s very admirable.” You stated, a professional air about you. You felt powerful, and changed. You liked this feeling.

“Why come to me now?” He asked.

“I’m simply informing you so that you don’t get too worried if more government officials come by here within the next couple months. There will be an extreme vetting process for all candidates so I’m just warning you. I’m also giving you the opportunity to decline the offer.” You answered truthfully.

“Can I think about it?” He asked.

“Absolutely.”  You answered.

“Y/N?” He asked again, “You weren’t working for the National History museum, were you? And Charles Bass wasn’t your colleague?”

“What makes you say that?” You stopped in your tracks, realizing you were back in front of his building.

“Hell of a job upgrade.” He answered, and you smiled.

“He was a colleague, but not at a museum.” You smiled. Anderson really had changed, the old Philip would have taken much longer to fit that one together.

“Mind if I ask where?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Good day, Philip.” you smirked, flagging down a cab.

“Y/N.” He whined, wanting an answer.

“Prove your worth, Philip. You already know the answer.” You said, getting into the cab and closing the door. This was his first test, let’s see how he does.

“Where to ma’am?” The cabbie asked.

“221 Baker Street, please.” You said against your better judgement. You really needed to look into getting your own driver like Mycroft had, maybe you poach Giles from him.

You exited the cab onto Baker Street. You greeted Mrs. Hudson at the door and she was so happy to see you. She told you she would be up with tea in a moment.

You stared up at the stairs, almost nervous to ascend them. You couldn’t remember the last time you did so. It had to be when you found the letter. You sighed and began your way up quietly. Could things really go back to the way they were? Surely things have changed. You have changed, but your one weakness has returned. You couldn’t let him in again that easily.

“An agent gave his life to tell us that.” You heard Mycroft speaking from within the room.

“Perhaps he shouldn’t have done. He was obviously just trying to show off.” Sherlock retorted as you stepped cautiously in the door.

“Something you’re well acquainted with.” You muttered as you looked around the room, taking it all in again. Both men turned to you, surprised. Sherlock wore a smirk on his face, you saw a bruise forming on his busted lip. He looked you up and down, knowing where you had been.

You approached him and sat on the arm of his chair out of habit. He turned to you, surprised by your actions, and you got a more clear look of his face.

“I told you he would hit you.” You said, placing your hand under his chin, examining his wound.

“Yes, well I believe this time I did deserve it.” He answered, and you looked down at the game of Operation sitting between the two brothers. You raised an eyebrow, and stood to examine the wall above the couch.

“None of these markers of yours is behaving in any way suspiciously?” You asked, dragging your finger along the connected lines, examining all the data.

“No Y/N, but you have to trust me. I’ll find the answer. But it will be in an odd phrase in an online blog or in an unexpected trip to the countryside or a misplaced lonely hearts ad.” Sherlock answered and you rolled your eyes. A ‘no’ would have sufficed.

“I’ve given the Prime Minister my personal assurance you’re on the case.” Mycroft said, you nearly forgot he was there.

“The Home Secretary is quite pleased as well.” You mentioned, if Mycroft was going to name drop you would too. A loud buzzing sound from the game caused you to turn around.

“Oh bugger!” Mycroft muttered, placing the plastic heart back into the slot.

“Can’t handle a broken heart. How very telling.” Sherlock retorted.

“Don’t be smart.” He scolded him, and you rolled your eyes. The feud would never end between these two. You were walking around the flat, absent mindedly tidying it up.

“That takes me back. ‘Don’t be smart, Sherlock, I’m the smart one’.” Sherlock said, in a voice that made you crack a smile.

“I am the smart one.” Mycroft argued, clearly a sensitive point.

“I used to think I was an idiot.” Sherlock replied, and you frowned. You couldn’t even imagine what it was like growing up with Mycroft. You were placing dishes in the sink now, attempting to create clear counter space.

“Both of us thought you were an idiot, Sherlock. We had nothing else to go on, until we met other children.” Mycroft answered, laying back in John’s old chair.

“Oh, yes, that was a mistake.” Sherlock answered and you smiled.

“Ghastly. What were they thinking of?” Mycroft replied.

“Probably something about trying to make friends.” Sherlock answered. Compared to Mycroft he was an expert on friends.

“Oh, yes, friends. Of course, you go in for that sort of thing now.” Mycroft criticized Sherlock.

“And you don’t? Ever?” Sherlock asked Mycroft.

“He isn’t capable of having friends. His priorities lie elsewhere, for example, himself.” You fired back from the kitchen. He turned around and gave you a look as if to say ‘when are you going to get over this?’.

Mrs. Hudson entered the room and interrupted what would surely have been another fight between you and Mycroft.

“Yoo hoo!” She announced herself. You reentered the room and helped her with the tea tray.

“Oh I just can’t believe it! Him sitting in his chair again,” She turned to you and smiled, clearing having forgiven him so soon, “Isn’t it wonderful Mr. Holmes?”

“I can barely contain myself.” Mycroft muttered sarcastically.

“Oh, he really can, you know.” Sherlock retorted. Mrs. Hudson laughed as she left the room.

“Let’s play something different.” Sherlock suggested, clapping his hands together.

“We don’t have time for games, Sherlock. London’s terror alert has been raised to critical.” You scolded.

“Very well, back to work.” Mycroft said, leaving Baker Street.

You stood in front of the couch, glancing at the wall once more. Your eyes landed on one picture and you froze.

“Sherlock…” You muttered.

“Hmm?” He asked, now appearing at your side.

“That’s Sebastian Moran.” You pointed to the picture.

“Yeah, he’s Lord of the Realm.” He said nonchalantly.

“He was Moriarty’s right hand man. Don’t you remember?” You said quietly, turning to him. His eyes grew wide after a moment of thought.

“Jesus,” he said, placing his head in his hands.

This was bigger than you thought. You sighed and grabbed your coat.

“Keep me updated, let me know if you need anything. I’ll be at the office.” You said, on your way out the door.   

“Wait, Y/N,” He yelled, once you began down the steps. You turned around and he was standing in the doorway, his hands on each side of the frame.

“Will you stay? I work better with you here, and it’s been an age.” He pleaded, those puppy dog eyes killing you.

“How could I refuse?” You sighed with a smile, making your way back up the stairs.

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6. Pepsi or Coke?
7. Chinese or Italian?
8. Early bird or night owl?
9. Chocolate or vanilla?
10. Introvert or extrovert?
11. Hugs or kisses?
12. Hunting or fishing?
13. Winter or summer?
14. Spring or fall?
15. Rural or urban?
16. PC or Mac?
17. Tan or pale?
18. Cake or pie?
19. Ice cream or yogurt?
20. Ketchup or mustard?
21. Sweet pickles or dill pickles?
22. Comedy or mystery?
23. Boots or sandals?
24. Silver or gold?
25. Pop or Rock?
26. Dancing or singing?
27. Checkers or chess?
28. Board games or video games?
29. Wine or beer?
30. Freckles or dimples?
31. Honey mustard or BBQ sauce?
32. Body weight exercises or lifting weights?
33. Baseball or basketball?
34. Crossword puzzles or sudokus?
35. Facial hair or clean shaven?
36. Crushed ice or cubed ice?
37. Skiing or snowboarding?
38. Smile or game face?
39. Bracelet or necklace?
40. Fruit or vegetables?
41. Sausage or bacon?
42. Scrambled or fried?
43. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?
44. Tattoos or piercings?
45. Antique or brand new?
46. Dress up or dress down?
47. Cowboys or aliens?
48. Cats or dogs?
49. Pancakes or waffles?
50. Bond or Bourne?
51. Sci-Fi or fantasy?
52. Numbers or letters?
53. Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings?
54. Fair or theme park?
55. Money or fame?
56. Washing dishes or doing laundry?
57. Snakes or sharks?
58. Orange juice or apple juice?
59. Sunrise or sunset?
60. Slacker or over-achiever?
61. Pen or pencil?
62. Peanut butter or jelly?
63. Grammys or Oscars?
64. Detailed or abstract?
65. Multiple choice questions or essay questions?
66. Adventurous or cautious?
67. Saver or spender?
68. Glasses or contacts?
69. Laptop or desktop?
70. Classic or modern?
71. Personal chef or personal fitness trainer?
72. Internet or cell phone?
73. Call or text?
74. Curly hair or straight hair?
75. Shower in the morning or shower in the evening?
76. Spicy or mild?
77. Marvel or DC?
78. Paying a mortgage or paying rent?
79. Sky dive or bungee jump?
80. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?
81. Jello or pudding?
82. Truth or dare?
83. Roller coaster or Ferris wheel?
84. Leather or denim?
85. Stripes or solids?
86. Bagels or muffins?
87. Whole wheat or white?
88. Beads or pearls?
89. Hardwood or carpet?
90. Bright colors or neutral tones?
91. Be older than you are or younger than you are?
92. Raisins or nuts?
93. Picnic or nice restaurant?
94. Black leather or brown leather?
95. Long hair or short hair?
96. “Ready, aim, fire” or “Ready, fire, aim”?
97. Fiction or non-fiction?
98. Smoking or non-smoking?
99. Think before you talk or talk before you think?
100. Asking questions or answering questions?

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  • 10— ¿Tienes mascotas?
  • 11— ¿Eres una persona solitaria?
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  • 44— ¿Qué talento tienes?
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  • 90— Algo que odies
  • 91— ¿Te cuesta superar a las personas?
  • 92— ¿Por qué terminó tu última relación?

1. Come stai?

2. Fidanzato/a o single?

3. Vino o birra?

4. Casa al mare o in montagna?

5. Quanti stati hai visitato?

6. In quali città sei stato/a?

7. Lingua straniera preferita?

8. Quale stagione preferisci?

9. Guardi serie tv? Se si, quali?

10. Film preferito?

11. Play Station o Xbox?

12. Prossimo viaggio? Dove?

13. Il tuo ricordo più bello?

14. Il momento in cui avresti voluto che il tempo si fosse fermato?

15. Un personaggio famoso con cui usciresti a cena?

16. La tua prima cotta?

17. Un/a cantante o una band che non sopporti?

18. Un/a cantante o una band che ami?

19. Libro preferito?

20. Tatuaggi o piercing?

21. Cosa pensi di te stesso/a?

22. Ti piaci?

23. Cosa ti piace di più di te?

24. Quali sono le cose che vorresti in questo preciso momento?

25. Ti senti a tuo agio con il tuo corpo?

26. Ti piace il sushi?

27. Sei innamorato/a?

28. Hai mai desiderato di andare a vivere da solo/a?

29. La cosa che ti fa più paura?

30. Ti senti solo/a?

31. Ti piace o pratichi qualche sport?

32. Pro o contro la pena di morte?

33. Pro o contro il matrimonio?

34. La canzone che ascolti sempre ultimamente?

35. Quanto sei alto/a?

36. Colore preferito?

37. L’ indumento che ti piace più indossare?

38. La prima cosa che noti in una persona?

39. La cosa che ti fa più rilassare?

40. Riflessivo/a o impulsivo/a?

41. Come mai hai deciso di aprire un blog su tumblr?

42. Il tuo desiderio più ricorrente?

43. Pratichi sesso orale?

44. Porti gli occhiali?

45. Hai mai pensato di cancellare il tuo blog?

46. Ti sei mai vendicato/a?

47. La soddisfazione più grande che ti sei tolto/a?

48. La tua più grande paura?

49. Cane o gatto?

50. Sesso romantico o violento?

Fragt mich mal was, wär echt toll...

1: Wie alt?
2: Was machst du in deiner Freizeit?
3: Wie groß?
4: Haarfarbe?
5: Augenfarbe?
6: Instagram?
7: Rauchst du?
8: Hast du schon mal geraucht?
9: Hast du schon mal Drogen genommen?
10: Vor was hast du Angst?
11: Was macht dich glücklich?
12: Hast du ein Vorbild?
13: Traumberuf?
14: Treibst du Sport?
15: Was interessiert dich?
16: Die letzte Nachricht die du bekommen hast?
17: Die letzte Nachricht die du verschickt hast?
18: Hast du Haustiere?
19: Wieso bist du bei Tumblr?
20: Wenn du in der Zeit reisen könntest, wohin würdest du reisen?
21: Welchen Ort willst du unbedingt mal sehen?
22: Kannst du ein Instrument spielen?
23: Bist du künstlerisch begabt?
24: Würdest du mit der Person, der du zuletzt geschrieben hast, schlafen?
25: Wo würdest du gern Urlaub machen?
26: Das wichtigste in einer Beziehung?
27: Bist du lieber mit Jungs oder Mädchen befreundet?
28: In welchen großen Städten warst du schon?
29: Trinkst du oft?
30: Interessiert dich Politik?
31: Crush?
32: Welche Superkraft würdest du nie haben wollen?
33: Bist du nachtragend?
34: Hast du Angst im Dunkeln?
35: Hast du Geschwister?
36: Beschreibe dich in einem Wort:
37: Magst du deinen Namen?
38: Wie würdest du gern heißen?
39: Glaubst du an ein Leben nach dem Tod?
40: Wie lange hast du schon Tumblr?
41: Gibt es Leben außerhalb der Erde?
42: Kannst du deine Zunge rollen?
43: Kannst du mehrere Dinge gleichzeitig tun?
44: Bist du verliebt?
45: Letztes Konzert?
46: Was war das schlimmste was dir je passiert ist?
47: Gibt es etwas, dass du gern vergessen würdest?
48: Wurdest du schon mal gemobbt?
49: Bist du stur?
50: Bist du schüchtern?
51: Hast du schon mal etwas gestohlen?
52: Erstes Konzert?
53: Schlechtestes Konzert?
54: Bestes Konzert?
55: Welche Superkraft hättest du gerne?
56: Warst du schon mal auf einem Festival?
57: Welche/n Band/Musiker möchtest du mal live sehen?
58: Wie lange kannst du die Luft anhalten?
59: Willst du mal heiraten?
60: Willst du mal Kinder haben?
61: Kannst du einen blöden Witz erzählen?
62: Was hast du zuletzt geträumt?
63: Was würdest du gerne mal jemanden ins Gesicht sagen?
64: Kannst du Ski fahren?
65: Isst du Oliven?
66: Was ist unter deinem Bett?
67: Etwas unverzeihbares?
68: Wirst du schnell eifersüchtig?
69: Was siehst du gern für Serien
70: Bist du tollpatschig?
71: Hast du eine blöde Angewohnheit?
72: Welche Hobbys hast du?
73: Wann hast du zum letzten mal jemanden geküsst?
74: Schenkst du gerne?
75: Wirst du gerne beschenkt?
76: Was findest du total eklig?
77: Hast du schon mal etwas übernatürliches erlebt?
78: Was ziehst du zum Schlafen an?
79: Gibt es jemanden der dich hasst?
80: Hattest du schon mal einen Sextraum?
81: Schläfst du mit offener Tür?
82: Hattest du schon mal einen Blackout?
83: Wurdest du schon mal verhaftet?
84: Hattest du schon mal einen One-Night-Stand?
85: Auf was schaust du jemanden als erstes?
86: Was hast du zuletzt gegessen?
87: Magst du Glücksspiel?
88: Hast du einen Rat für uns?
89: Hast du Sommersprossen?
90: Glaubst du an Karma?
91: Dein (kompletter) Vorname?
92: Spielst du gern Brettspiele?
93: Etwas das du täglich tust?
94: Hast du schon mal zufällig einen Prominenten getroffen?
95: Bist du zufrieden mit dir?
96: Hast du einen Spitznamen?
97: Was bedeutet deine Url?
98: Wohnst du noch bei deinen Eltern?
99: Gehst du zur Schule?
100: In welchen Ländern warst du schon?
101: Gibt es eine Person, für die du alles tun würdest?
102: Hast du Höhenangst?
103: Hast du Piercings?
104: Hast du Tattoos?
105: Möchtest du Tattoos?
106: Warst du schon einmal unglücklich verliebt?
107: Würdest du gerne mal zum Mond fliegen?
108: Würdest du gern auf einer einsamen Insel leben?
109: Bester Pizzabelag?
110: Beschreibe dein Zimmer/deine Wohnung?
111: Benutzt du oft “Herzchen”?
112: Gibst du Gegenständen manchmal Namen?
113: Was würdest du dir gerne abgewöhnen?
114: Was war die längste Zeit die du am Stück wach warst?
115: Was regt dich auf?
116: Bist du in diesem Moment alleine?
117: Hast du schon mal jemanden über Tumblr kennengelernt?
118: Hast du schon mal überlegt deinen Tumblr zu löschen?
119: Kennen deine Freunde deinen Tumblr?
120: Hörst du manchmal Radio?
121: Siehst du viel Fernsehen?
122: Verschickst du manchmal Sprachnachrichten?
123: Spielst du Computerspiele/ Konsole?
124: Machst du oft Selfies?
125: Spielst du Handyspiele?
126: Wenn du ein Haustier hättest, wie würdest du es nennen?
127: Würdest du gern ein Straßenschild stehlen, wenn ja was für eins?
128: Schaust du noch Zeichentrickfilme?
129: Wann hast du das letzte mal einen echten Brief geschrieben?
130: Hast du schon mal eine Waffe abgefeuert?
131: Bist du Vegetarier oder Veganer? Wenn ja, warum?
132: Hast du Flugangst?
133: Würdest du gern deine Zukunft kennen?
134: Wärst du lieber jünger oder älter als du jetzt bist?
135: Kann man mehr als einen Menschen richtig lieben?
136: Bist du gern allein?
137: Bist du faul?
138: Bist du neugierig?
139: Bist du religiös?
140: Bist du gerade glücklich?
141: Bist du geduldig?
142: Bist du schon mal fremdgegangen?
143: Das beste Frühstück?
144: Schreibst du Tagebuch?
145: Wenn du ein Haustier hast, für wie viel Geld würdest du es verkaufen?
146: Spielst du noch mit Lego?
147: Lieber zu viel oder zu wenig schlafen?
148: Lieblingsfarbe?
149: Lieblingseis?
150: Lieblingsessen?
151: Lieblingsserie?
152: Lieblingsbuch?
153: Lieblingsband/Musiker?
154: Lieblingsmonat?
155: Lieblingsjahreszeit?
156: Lieblingsfilm?
157: Lieblingsküche? ( deutsch, italienisch, indisch, griechisch… )
158: Lieblingspflanze/blume?
159: Lieblingskleidungsstück?
160: Lieblingswebsite?
161: Lieblingswort?
162: Drei Dinge die du magst
163: Drei Dinge die du hasst
164: Drei Dinge die gut riechen
165: Drei Lieder die du zuletzt gehört hast
166: Drei Blogs die du magst
167: Drei Gründe morgens aufzustehen
168: Drei Randomfacts
169: Drei Worte die dich beschreiben
170: Drei Wünsche frei, was wünschst du dir?
171: Hunde oder Katzen?
172: Warme oder kalte Getränke?
173: Brüste oder Kätzchen?
174: Wald oder Strand?
175: Berge oder Meer?
176: Party oder Filmabend?
177: Ahoi oder Hey?
178: Blond, Brünett, Schwarz oder Rot?
179: Füller oder Bleistift?
180: Weihnachten oder Geburtstag?
181: Zufall oder Schicksal?
182: Erdbeeren, Himbeeren oder Blaubeeren?
183: Onlineshopping oder Läden abklappern?
184: Chips oder Schokolade?
185: Unsichtbar sein oder Zeitreisen?
186: Brüste oder Po?
187: Sonnenaufgang oder Sonnenuntergang?
188: Samstag oder Sonntag?
189: Sommer oder Winter?
190: Chaos oder Ordnung?
191: Pudding oder Joghurt?
192: Eisbären oder Pinguine?
193: Kreuzfahrt oder Flugreise?
194: Fahrrad oder Bahn/Bus?
195: Wein oder Bier?
196: Vodka oder Rum?
197: Sex oder Pizza?
198: Ketchup oder Mayo?
199: Findest du mich schön? ( keine Anons )
200: Gefällt dir mein Blog? ( keine Anons )

1. Spotify, Soundcloud, Pandora veya Apple müzik?
2. Odan şu an toplu mu dağınık mı?
3. Gözlerin ne renk?
4. İsmini seviyor musun? Neden?
5. İlişki durumun nedir?
6. Kişiliğini 3 kelime ile tanıt?
7. Saçların ne renk?
8. Nereden alışveriş yaparsın?
9. Tarzını nasıl tanımlarsın?
10. En sevdiğin sosyal medya hesabın
11. Kardeşin var mı?
12. Eğer dünya üzerinde istediğin bir yerde yaşayabilecek olsan, bu neresi olurdu? Neden?
13. Favori makyaj markan?
14. Favori snapchat efekti?
15. Ayakkabı numaran?
16. Favori dizin?
17. Haftada kaç kere duş alırsın?
18. Boyun kaç?
19. Sandalet mi spor ayakkabı mı?
20. Hayalini kurduğun buluşmayı anlat?
21. Spora gidiyor musun?
22. Şu an cüzdanında ne kadar para var?
23. Şu an giydiğin çorap ne renk?
24. Kaç yastıkla uyursun?
25. Bir işin var mı? Varsa nedir?
26. Kaç arkadaşın var?
27. Bu güne kadar başına gelmiş en kötü şey ne?
28. En sevdiğin mum kokusu ne?
29. En sevdiğin 3 erkek ismi?
30. En sevdiğin 3 kız ismi?
31. En sevdiğin erkek oyuncu?
32. En sevdiğin kadın oyuncu?
33. Hoşlandığın bir ünlü var mı?
34. En sevdiğin film?
35. Çok kitap okur musun? Favori kitabın nedir?
36. Şu an okuduğun kitap nedir?
37. Kaç kere hastanede yattın?
38. Takma adın var mı?
39. En sevdiğin 10 şarkı?
40. Düzenli olarak yaptığın bir meditasyon var mı?
41. Cilt tipin ne?
42. Kaç çocuğun olsun istiyorsun?
43. En büyük korkun nedir?
44. Rol modelin kim?
45. Sana en son söylenen iltifat nedir?
46. En son gelen mesajda ne yazıyor?
47. Noel babanın ve diş perisinin gerçek olmadığını kaç yaşında öğrendin?
48. Hayalindeli araba modeli?
49. İçen insanlar hakkında ne düşünüyorsun?
50. Üniversiteye gidiyor musun?
51. Hayalindeki meslek nedir?
52. En son karşısında ağladığın kişi kim?
53. En sevdiğin ay?
54. Burcun ne?
55. Beyaz, sütlü veya bitter çikolata?
56. Kış mı yaz mı?
57. Gece mi gündüz mü?
58. Otelden ayrılırken şampuanları yanında alır mısın?
59. Fotoğraflarda gülümser misin?
60. Telefonunda kaç fotoğraf var?
61. Hala çizgi film izliyor musun?
62. Çillerin var mı?
63. KFC, McDonals veya Burger King?
64. Favori sosun?
65. Uyurken ne giyersin?
66. Resim çizebiliyor musun?
67. Bir enstrüman çalabiliyor musun?
68. Hobilerin neler?
69. Çay mı kahve mi?
70. Starbucks mı kahve dünyası mı?
71. Evlenmek istiyor musun?
72. Şu an özlediğin biri var mı?
73. Kapın açık mı uyuyorsun, kapalı mı?
74. Sana en çok yakışan renkler?
75. Aradığın son kişi kimdi?
76. Bikini mi mayo mu?
77. Favori bikinin veya mayon hangi renk?
78. Hayaletlere inanıyor musun?
79. Şu an giydiğin tişört nasıl?
80. Oreo mu negro mu?
81. Sarı paketli m&m mi kahverengi paketli m&m mi?
82. Telefon arka planın ne?
83. En son yediğin şey?
84. Hiç sarhoş oldun mu?
85. Hiç uyuşturucu kullandın mı?
86. Saçınla oynanmasını sever misin?
87. Şu an kullandığın parfüm nedir?
88. En sevdiğin Victoria’s Secret kokusu?
89. En sevdiğin Drake şarkısı?
90. Sana en yakın olan kitabın 22. Sayfasındaki 9. Cümleyi yaz.
91. Playlistindeki 6, 19, ve 32. Şarkılar neler?
92. Şu an sevgilin var mı?
93. En son dinlediğin şarkının sözlerini paylaş?
94. Tayt mı pantolon mu?
95. Hiç aşık oldun mu?
96. Dün gece rüya gördün mü?
97. Burcunun özelliklerini taşıdığına inanıyor musun?
98. Bu yıl okuduğun ve seni çok etkileyen kitap? Neden?
99. Favori yazarın kim?
100. Her dinlediğinde seni uzaklara götüren bir şarkı var mı? Hangi şarkı?

Normal ask meme

Nothing odd here, just some normal asks.

1. Where did you hide the body?

2. Favorite rock?

3. Worst dream you ever had?

4. Answer this with a lyric from the first song that comes to your mind

5. Does blood make you uncomfortable?

6. Even numbers or Odd numbers?

7. Something you hate that you love?

8. The first initial of someone you hate?

9. Make up an Acrostic for the word “Exsanguinate”

10. Do you enjoy corndogs?

11. Favorite movie from the year 2005?

12. Least favorite music genre?

13. Have any terrible restaurant experiences?

14. Three things that you would never want to come near you?

15. What is the worst way for you to die? (In your opinion)

16. any unsual habits?

17. One emoji that you probably have never used?

18. Write a three sentence horror story about a gatorade bottle.

19. Do you know what old bay is?

20. Can you dance?

21. What first comes to mind when you see rope?

22. Make an obscure reference

23. What is your favorite color for a balloon?

24. If you were ever to got court, would you most likely be innocent or guilty?

25. Are you hungry?

26. Do you have an unlucky number?

27. What does “JMD” stand for?

28. Random Inside joke?

29. What sends chills up your spine?

30. How many questions are currently in your inbox?

31. Someone (real) who scares you? 

32. Run or Hide?

33. Who is the last person who made you angry?

34. What’s going on in your head?

35. One little thing that makes you smile?

36. Are you a decisive person?

37. Would people describe you as a paranoid person?

38. What store would you be the least likely to be found in?

39. Do you like hats? If so, what’s your favorite type?

40. Bowties or Ties?

41. Who?

42. What?

43. Where?

44. When?

45. Why?

46. How?

47. Do you collect anything?

48. What time is it?

49. Favorite mode of transportation?

50. Would you ever kill someone to save someone else?

51. Make a joke

52. .eserver ni gnihtemos etirW

53. Would your dash be considered SFW?

54. Do you like to cuddle?

55. What makes you angry?

56. How many voices are in your head?

57. Do you consider yourself mentally stable?

58. Are you easily offended?

59. What’s wrong with taking the backstreets?

60. Any questions you want people to ask you?

100 pytanek na zabicie nudy

1. Podaj swoje imię, wiek i województwo w jakim mieszkasz
2. Od kiedy masz tumblr?
3. Podaj 10 faktów o Twoim wyglądzie
4. Z kim ostatnio się przytulałaś/eś?
5. Ostatni sms, którego wysłałaś/eś?
6. Czy ktoś ci kiedyś powiedział, że nie chce cię stracić?
7. Tęsknisz za kims? Wymień imiona tych osób
8. Masz chłopaka/dziewczynę?
9. Ulubiony cytat?
10. 5 ulubionych piosenek na ten moment?
11. Jak nazwiesz swoje przyszłe dzieci?
12. Jesteś tolerancyjny?
13. Chcesz mieć tatuaż? Jak tak to jaki i gdzie?
14. W czym jestes dobra/y?
15. Jesteś uczuciowym człowiekiem?
16. Kim chcesz byc w przyszłosci?
17. Boisz sie czegos? Jak tak to czego?
18. Ile masz wzrostu?
19. Jaki film ostatnio obejrzałaś/eś?
20. Kiedy masz urodziny?
21. Palisz lub pijesz?
22. Okaleczasz sie badz robiles to kiedys?
23. Twoje ulubione aplikacje, strony internetowe?
24. Lubisz pocałunki?
25. Ulubione jedzenie?
26. Chcesz miec dzieci?
27. Ulubiony kolor?
28. Jestes szczesliwy/a?
29. Kiedy ostatni raz plakałaś/eś?
30. Pepsi czy cola?
31. Pijesz kawe?
32. Lubisz imprezy?
33. Ilu masz prawdziwych przyjacioł?
34. Gdzie się ostatnio przytulałeś/aś?
35. Jesteś o kogoś zazdrosny/a?
36. Myślisz, że możesz wytrzymać w związku co najmniej 6 miesięcy?
37. Ostatnia osoba, z jaką rozmawiałeś/aś?
38. Co ostatnio obudziło cię w środku nocy?
39. Twoje ulubione święto?
40. Co pomaga ci się uspokoić?
41. Łatwo wybaczasz?
42. Z czego jesteś dumny/a?
43. Jakie masz plany na przyszły tydzień?
44. Ulubione slodycze?
45. Ulubiona marka butow?
46. Ile masz obserwatorow?
47. Całowałeś/aś kiedykolwiek kogoś starszego od siebie?
48. Zakochałeś/aś się kiedykolwiek w swoim przyjacielu?
49. Jest ktoś, kogo nigdy nie zapomnisz?
50. Dlaczego rozpadł się twój ostatni związek?
51. Jeśli kiedykolwiek próbowałeś/aś alkoholu, jaki był powód?
52. Piosenka przy ktorej chce ci sie płakac?
53. Co sądzisz o robieniu sobie tatuaży z imieniem ukochanej osoby?
54. Chciałabyś coś zmienić w swoim życiu?‎
55. Czy uważasz, że każdy zasługuje na drugą szansę?
56. Życie nas uczy. Czego?‎
57. Wierzysz w przyjaźń damsko - męską?
58. Ile razy dziennie myślisz o ukochanej osobie?
59. Dlaczego ludzie tracą wiare w siebie?
60. Odchudzasz się?
61. Byłeś kiedyś w związku przez internet?
62. Często miewasz koszmary w nocy?
63. Czym jest dla Ciebie miłość?
64. Czy jakieś twoje marzenie spełniło się?‎
65. Łatwo Cie zranić?‎
66. Często się uśmiechasz?
67. Jak się czujesz?
68. Czy warto udawać kogoś kim się nie jest?
69. Jaka jest Twoja definicja słowa"szczęście"?
70. Jesteś wredny?
71. Jakie było Twoje dzieciństwo?‎
72. Mógłbyś się zmienić dla ukochanej osoby?
73. Jak długo potrafisz wytrzymać bez jedzenia?
74. Z czym kojarzy ci się słowo “cierpienie”?
75. Łatwo zyskujesz zaufanie innych?
76. Jaka była najgłupsza rzecz jaką zrobiłaś ?
77. Kiedy ostatni raz jadłeś/aś pizze ?
78. Czy uważasz, że czas leczy rany, czy wręcz przeciwnie – z czasem ból jest coraz większy?
79. Jaka jest najzabawniejsza rzecz, w jaką wierzyłaś jako dziecko?
80. Czy uważasz, że gimnazjum zmienia ludzi? też uległaś zmianie?
81. “Miłość jest śmiercią”- zgadzasz się z tym cytatem?
82. Z kim ostatnio szedłeś/szłaś za rękę ?
83. Podaj swoje gg
84. Komu ostatnio powiedziałeś/aś “przepraszam” ?
85. Jaki był najlepszy prezent urodzinowy, który dostałeś/aś ?
86. Opisz swojego/swoją “byłego/byłą”.
87. Czego w sobie nienawidzisz?
88. Kiedy i z kim miał*ś swój pierwszy pocałunek?
89. Akceptujesz siebie?
90. Ulubiony sport?
91. Masz wrogów?
92. Twoj najgorszy dzien w zyciu?
93. Co ostatnio czytałes/as?
94. Dlaczego założyłaś tumblra?
95. Ile łyzeczek cukru sypiesz do herbaty?
96. Masz jakieś blizny?
97. Opisz coś, z czym nie umiesz sobie poradzić.
98. Podaj 5 ulubionych filmow
99. Lubisz herbate ?
100. Największy ból, jakiego doznałaś w życiu?


So here’s a little ask thing because I’d think it’d be fun and cool for the fandom to have more of it’s own!! feel free to reblog. The asks either relate to one of the series (specified) or both!

1) Which of the ToG characters do you relate most to?

2) Which of the ACOTAR character do you relate most to?

3) Which character in either series do you think you would dislike the most in real life?

4) Which character wouldn’t like YOU in real life?

5) Which character would you be best friends with irl/

6) Who’s your otp from acotar?

7) Otp from ToG?

8) Did you ship Rowaelin from the moment he came into the picture?

9) How quickly did you stop shipping Chaolaena? Or do you still ship ot?

10) Which character do you ship yourself most with and why?

11) Ships that annoy you and why

12) Do you ship Amren and Varian or would you rather Amren remain alone?

13) Any theories about where Amren came from and what her real form is?

14) How do you view Rhys’s actions UtM?

15) Do you want Tamlin to die? Are you pro redemption arc? How do want his arc to end?

16) Which villain out of both series do you hate the most?

17) Do you blame Elena?

18) Which villain do you want to slowly suffer and which one do you want a painful death for?

19) Tell me how you feel about moriel, elucien, and nessian.

20) Thoughts on “nameless is my price?”

21) How do you think ToG will end? 

22) Do you prefer the Celaena story arc or the Aelin arc? Or do you find that the difference between the two is simply character growth?

23) Long haired rowan or short haired rowan?

24) Which character would you most like to hook up with?

25) Which character would you most like to fall in love with?

26) How would you feel if Sam were resurrected in ToG7?

27) How do you feel about Elorcan atm? Do you forgive him and think Elide should? Or are you angry with him?

28) Thoughts on Fenrys and Connall?

29) What do you think the importance of “princess of carrion” and all the other stuff the book says to Feyre is?

30) Do you think any major characters will die in Acowar? Who?

31) Did you ship feylin in acotar or were you always side-eyeing it suspiciously?

32) How do you think Feyre will handle being in the spring court again?

33) Head canons for your otp!

34) Name a ship you hope ends like the titanic…

35) What do you think Feyre’s father is up to?

36) Do you forgive Nesta and Elain for how they treated Feyre?

37) Favorite morally grey character.

38) Favorite villain.

39) Favorite god from ToG

40) What theories do you have about the bone carver?

41) Any theories about the cauldron?

42) Favorite funny moment from ToG

43) Who is funniest character?

44) Where is Nox???

45) Are you down for Rowaelin/Feysand babies in the epilogues or would you want them to wait?

46) What is the King of Adarlan’s name?

47) Do you have any f/f or m/m ships?

48) Any part of the plot in either series that you would change?

49) How do you think the lock will be forged?

50) Who is a better male lead? Rhysand or Rowan? 

50 ways bellarke has said "I love you" (without saying I love you)
  1. “I need you.”
  2. “We need each other.”
  3. “Together.”
  4. “I trust you.”
  5. “You left me.”
  6. “I can’t lose you too.”
  7. “You won’t be by yourself.”
  8. “I’m sorry.”
  9. “Get some sleep.”
  10. “You’re forgiven.”

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Door Struggles

Critters asked: How many cumulative hours has Vox Machina fought with doors on stream?

It’s impossible to say in in-game time because some of it wasn’t measured in neat 6-second rounds. We can, however, measure real life time! For this (and for fun), we decided to include some barriers and portals that functioned as doors as well. We didn’t include doors that didn’t pose a threat to Vox Machina. Updated to Episode 85.

Time Spent Dealing With Doors and Barriers: 4:11:13

Thanks to icecream-s-coops, @JacobSBrowning, @_miss_maria_, Monique S., and our past volunteers for their work compiling this list!

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Prompts List

I’ve made a prompts list! (Some are not mine and I give credit to those who made them.) Send an ask with the number(s) and the character/ship you want! (For short drabbles/blurbs) x

1. “Please don’t leave me.”
2. “Are you kidding me right now?!”
3. “I’m going to kill you!”
4. “You did all of this for me?”
5. “I made my baby cry!”
6. “I’m in love with you.”
7. “Can I kiss you?”
8. “You’re so fucking hot when you’re mad.”
9. “Will you be quiet?!”
10. “You are a bloody idiot, you know that?”
11. “You love me.”
12. “He’s dead.”
13. “I hate you so much I love you.”
14. “Just leave me alone!”
15. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
16. "Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
17. "Please.”
18. "Cuddle me.”
19. "Give me that back!”
20. "I’m pregnant.”
21. "Are you scared?”
22. "What are you doing?”
23. "If we get caught I’m blaming you.”
24. "Are you drunk?”
25. "Shut up and kiss me.”
26. "Help me I’m stuck.”
27. "What am I going to do with you?”
28. "Stop distracting me!”
29. "You said my name in your sleep.”
30. "Yes.”
31. "Are you jealous?”
32. "Trust me.”
33. "Bite me.” “If you insist.”
34. "I made a mistake.”
35. "It’s been a while.” “Too long.”
36. "I don’t love you anymore!”
37. "You’re lying.”
38. "I’m going to regret this.”
39. "Do that again.”
40. "I’m running away.”
41. "I need your help.”
42. "If I die I’m going to come back and haunt you.”
43. "Well this is a surprise.”
44. "Am I dreaming?”
45. "Make me.”
46. "If they find out, I’ll kill myself and then you.”
47. "Why? Just… why?”
48. "Stop it.”
49. "We’re just friends.”
50. "Did you just flick me?”
51. "Do you want to kiss as bad as I do right now?”
52. "I got you a present.”
53. "Sit in my lap.”
54. "I think I forgot how to breathe.”
55. "Woah.”
56. "What if I told you I’ve been in love with you since I was eleven?”
57. "You don’t understand, you never do!”
58. "You look cute with a baby bump!”
59. "It’s all your fault!”
60. "Well that’s just great.”
61. "Are you even listening?”
62. "I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.”
63. "I thought you loved her.”
64. "Time changes people.”
65. "You, my friend, are a complete and utter tosser.”
66. "You should be nice to me, I just saved your life!”
67. "Don’t you just love it!”
68. "It bit me!”
69. "You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”
70. "Did you buy me… lingerie?”
71. "Oh yeah, because you’d be so good at this!”
72. "I’m sorry.”
73. "That night never happened!”
74. "You should marry me.”
75. "Aren’t you just a cutie pie!”
76. "Don’t you dare!”
77. "Um.. somebody broke that.”
78. "Stop biting that fucking lip!”
79. "You’re hot, shame about the personality.”
80. "You’re going to get us expelled!”
81. "I need you to fake date me.”
82. "My back’s a bit sore from when you stabbed me with your knife.”
83. “You’re just leaving me here? At least have to decency to finish me off with a stick.”
84. "No, I didn’t murder them. I accidentally knocked them unconscious forever, that’s all.”
85. "Wow thanks a lot.”
86. "Why are you walking around naked?”
87. "You owe me big time!”
88. "Awe it’s so cute!”
89. "Are you hitting on me?”
90. "If I die you’ll be sorry!”
91. "Help me hide!”
92. "Sometimes I really don’t like you.”
93. "You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind!”
94. "Ow! Ow! Stop hitting me!”
95. "I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”
96. "Is that… is that my bra?”
97. "Really? Right now?”
98. "Where are your pants?”
99. "I can’t believe you’re carrying my child.”
100.You’re my soulmate?!”


Part 71- Deep route boys edition

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