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CWHL Awards Survey Results

I was really surprised that most of you voted to give Coach of the Year to the guy who could probably just throw any 5 players on the ice and say “do what you want.”

This result was the opposite of surprising.

When will Christina Kessler get the recognition she deserves?

Finally a fan vote victory that Meaghan Mikkelson won’t have to share

Iya Gavrilova and Laura Stacey however, will have to share this fan vote. 

45.5% of voters lied when answering this question.


44.4% of people answered this question correctly.

I wish I were as optimistic as the people who voted for Brampton and Toronto on this question.

That’s all, folks. Thanks for participating. 


Faye’s Apartment Part 1 ~ The Kitchen

i attempted to build and im actually quite happy with the result ;-; this is faye’s new kitchen that i renovated from a bg catastrophe, watcha guys think? its nothing much… 

oh and p.s thanks @20-44-sims for the premade walls/room :*

After 4 hours I have finally done it….
This means so much to me, specially because of Yongguks AM 4:44.
Bang Yongguk had saved me. I can be strong because of him. He is my inspiration. I could say so much more but I think I don’t need to.
All I want to say is: Thank you Bang Yongguk and I hope you can be strong too - Because of us BABYZ who really love and respect you.