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Percy’s One-Liners

Anonymous asked: Would it be possible to make a compilation of Percy’s one-liners?

Thanks to @Clafairifed, Eric R., i-encourage-violence, icecream-s-coops, Kagey Kritter, kevvinn, Mel25200, pbandfluff, Rosie-lostbetweenthepages, Rowena Highlander, @SilentEnGee, @silv3rsing3r, vysoren-of-vord, wallflowerwaitlist and other fantastic critters for their help compiling this list!

Updated through Episode 61

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rockmehaz  asked:

3, 8, 34, 44, 45!! I LOVE YOU XO

3. Least favorite part of writing.

Honestly, not having enough time to do it. If I didn’t need the money I would probably quit my job and write 24/7. 

8. Favorite trope to write.

Hm, I don’t know! I’ve never really thought about it! I’m a sucker for the friends to lovers trope but I don’t actually write it very often.

34. Handwritten notes or typed notes?

Handwritten. :)

44. Best piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.

Literally every time I get any positive feedback it makes me giddy. I never thought that I could write and have this many people actually read and enjoy it so I still find it super cool and humbling even when one person leaves a message. But my favorites are probably when someone says that they relate to it personally - I think it’s super cool that someone’s managed to see themselves in these moments and characters I’ve created.

45. Worst piece of feedback you’ve ever gotten.

All feedback is good feedback! (Unless it’s not constructive but I’ve never received that.)