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Seven Minutes in Heaven: Natasha part two

I would like to formally apologise for how long it took for me to upload this. Basically I am the easiest person ever to distract. I started watching new TV shows, I downloaded games and got addicted, I watched paint dry. It was annoying. I almost didn’t upload this part because I got distracted by the awesome thunderstorm outside at the moment. But here we go. Finally. Enjoy!

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Nat smirked across the room at you for the fifth time in the hour since the closet, and no you had not been counting. In that hour Steve and Bucky got locked away and apparently got busy. No surprises there. Clint and Loki refused to go in, for reasons nobody needed explaining. Wanda had to endure an entire 7 minutes with Tony in an enclose space. 7 seconds of Tony in an enclosed space is bad enough, let alone 7 minutes. Pietro was pleased getting out of the whole thing, refusing to be locked in the closet with one of Tony’s suits to have some alone time with Jarvis, who had been put in as a joke. Thor had it easy, being the only one left in the draw, despite the suggestion he be locked in with an inflatable doll Tony managed to produce from god knows where in a worryingly short amount of time.

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I have a theory that the Red ball in the latest chapter was the guardian from the 43rd floor.

reasons why i think this is the guardian. 

There are several reasons why i think this is the dead guardian of the 43rd floor, first, Baam thinks this place is ‘’familiar’’

 I believe this familiar feeling he had is when he met the guardian on the 2nd floor, and made a contract with.

Just the same, Baam asked both their ‘’identities’’, but the red ball (guardian) doesn’t remember, he only knows himself as a ‘’demon’’ a name he got from the scientist that was studying him.

 so the question is why is he the demon? there could be many other possibilities he ended up as the ‘’demon’’, the first one that comes to my mind is they say he was a demon who fought a god, what if it was the opposite, and he was the god that fought the demon (Enryu), it’s possible in his battle with Enryu, he was reduced to nothing by him and all his powers or his contracts on his floor where stolen by Enryu, and Enryu fused it with his thorn, and that’s why he can have an access to the thorn and be its only key to ignite it.

And then we got this part, I think what Baam did at the end with the red ball(guardian) was making a contract, just like he did with the other guardian, but the difference is the 2nd floor guardian told him his power/contract is also his shackle while the red ball (guardian) told him, ‘’it’s not enough, you need more’’, what ever reason it’s i think it will have an effect on Baam at the end, maybe hurt him a lot.

That’s my theory/speculation for today..


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It’s been raining for the past few days. Woke up and found the city covered in a muggy cloud of fog. You can tell that the sun is hiding behind, just waiting for its shackles to be released and to peak through…