Nessus  - Uncontrollable abuse of action

Juno - Ideal Wife, Commitment
Pallas - Pineal Gland Awareness, Telepathy (Athena Goddess of Wisdom)
Ceres - Nurturing ability
Vesta - Dedication, Sacred sex
Chiron - Occult teaching, wounds to be healed
Karma - Karmic Debts from past lifeline (3811) *Fate, outcome, results
Destinn - Destiny, fate (6583)
Aphrodite - Beauty, attraction (1388)
Valentine - Loving relationship, sacrificial love (447)
Amor - Generic love, unconditional love (mostly platonic) (1221)
Anteros - Love answered/mutual love or love revenged (1943)
Medea - Extreme love, love/hate relationships (212)
Ophelia - Rejection of Lover (171)
Boda - Wedding (1487)
Lust - sexual Attraction (4386)
Kama - sexual Attraction (1387)
Eros - Passionate love of Divine Masculine (433)
Psyche - Divine Feminine aspect Giving herself fully to Eros (16)

Side to Side Pt. 4

Pairing: Tom!Peter Parker x Stark!Reader


  • Part 4 of the side to side series?! It’s so good I can’t get enough
  • The side to side series is a blessing and a part 4 would make my life. I saw the post where you said it got old but you don’t need to do an Ariana Grande song, you don’t even need to do a song, fuck consistency!
  • Will you be doing part 4 of the side to side series? Maybe tony stark finds out about peters relationship with the reader or something?
  • okay i’m OBSESSED with the side to side series i can’t wait for another one 😍
  • pls make side to side 4!!!yes yes yes to a part 4 of side to side!! also could you tag me in your fics?? ❤️❤️ -@hemmomfg
  • you should just turn the side to side series in a its own fic i think it would be great there could be more character development and detail!

Word Count: 4386 (you’re welcome, bebs)


Summary: You and Peter are trying to find ways to tell your dad about your relationship

Warning(s): Immense fluff, no sin (I know, sad), overprotective dad! Tony, swearing (but that’s nothing new to you sinners)

Author’s Note: Sorry this isn’t smut or anything, but I hope I made for it in the fluff and how long it is. I’ve given up on resisting writing more of this series, so I will gladly take requests for more parts to this since I tried setting up a few things and I have a few ideas for sequels!

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fic rec: You’re Hiding (Underneath the Smoke)

You’re Hiding (Underneath the Smoke)

(4386 words) by


Chapters: 1/1

Rating: Mature

Relationships: Noctis Lucis Caelum/Ignis ScientiaCharacters: Noctis Lucis Caelum, Ignis Scientia, Gladiolus Amicitia

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Sugar Daddy, Older Noctis, Brotherhood Ignis, no beta we die like men, Age Difference


Ignis is 19, poor, and living in a shoebox when he gets a job offer at Lucis Technology. He’s 19, slightly less poor, and still living in a shoebox when his boss, Mr. Caelum, starts giving him expensive gifts.

I wanted to share this ficrec with you all! It’s by @achryathesecond and it’s just a phenomenal piece of writing - sugar Daddy older!Noct with a younger Ignis as his overworked PA. It’s not explicit and instead focuses on the relationship between the two men developing as Noct lavishes him with gifts and it’s so good and please, read it!


Hey! I’d really appreciate it if anyone could visit my dream town as I’ve worked really hard on it :) It’s still somewhat of a work in progress so feel free to give me any advice!

My dream address is 7100 - 4910 - 4386 

Up For Bids

The clang and rattle of the grate on her cage being kicked startled Tara out of her sleep. She had been here long enough that she no longer had the urge to jump up and look out through the bars and see if she was going to get let out or not. It was almost never a good thing when the Keepers chose animals to be let out, because most of them never came back. If they were led past her pen to the right, they had most likely been sold or were being taken to auction. If they were taken to the left…there was usually a new animal to fill their cage the next day. And she was powerless to fight back or escape whatever they had in store for her.

Tara had been captured in her wolf form while hunting and was tranquilized to be transported. When she woke up, she was in a kennel and there was a heavy metal collar secured around her neck. Immediately she tried to change back into a human but the collar reacted to her magic and tightened around her neck, sending a painful, shocking jolt throughout her body. She had collapsed on the floor, panting in pain that first time. Once she recovered, she jumped up onto the gate keeping her in, barking to be let out. Of course the Keepers couldn’t understand her, but she could understand them, at least the ones that spoke English. One of them came over and prodded her with some sort of rod that shocked her again but with a stronger pulse and she retreated back into her pen with a yelp.

She would try every few days to change back but always ended up with the same reaction from her collar and she would bark at every new Keeper she saw but each one had the rod device and would hurt her to make her behave. Eventually she stopped trying altogether, instead staying in the corner of her cage just pawing at the uncomfortable collar, making it rotate around her neck. It started to rub her fur off and dug into her skin, making irritating raw spots under it. She noticed that nearly every other creature the Keepers had taken only had simple leather collars or none at all, so somehow they figured out she had magic abilities and decided to keep her in check.

Today, though, her cage was unlocked and one of the Keepers came in and grabbed her by the collar and dragged her out. She automatically panicked and pulled back, not wanting to leave where she was at least moderately safe. He pulled out the rod and she immediately stopped fighting, not wanting to be prodded again. Luckily he turned right once he got got her outside the kennel, so she was hopefully going to be sold today. They cleaned her up so she would look pleasing to the buyers and herded her along with the other animals to be auctioned.

She was pulled up onto the platform and another Keeper started speaking and she could understand what he said but not some of the words he used. “Alright, next we offer pet number 4386. Species: Midgard wolf. Female. No known former name. Unknown suspected magical capacity. Do we have any starting bids?”