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Hello! I love your Flash metas, very interesting reads. I have a theory myself. I believe that speedsters don't need the usual 8 hours of sleep since their brains would move quicker through the sleep cycle since everything in their bodies move quicker anyway. I'd guess they'd need around 5-4 hours of sleep. What do you think? Also, do you have any ideas or such about how Caitlin has been recently? (Unless if you haven't watched the latest episodes..) Thanks!

First off: thank you!  I’m glad you enjoy them; I love writing them.

Second: I love speedster theory, and yours captures the heart of why it’s so fun!  There is no single answer; there are multiple working hypotheses.  Speedsters might need less sleep because their bodies can perform the requisite sleep-maintenance in less time, or they might need more sleep because they process more information in a given twenty-four-hour period than an ordinary human being.  (Sleep is, after all, a period where we process the information that we learn during the day; speedsters may live the equivalent of a year in a single twenty-four hour period, depending on how much they slow down time).  Or, because there is a magical component to the Speed Force, they may not need to sleep at all, a scenario where Speed Force takes care of the physical and mental maintenance while conscious.

Canonically, we can rule out the last option: we’ve seen Barry snoozing past the alarm.  (However, we can’t rule out insomnia, so “no sleep” may apply on a day-to-day scale, with the occasional weekly intermission).  Whether he needs more or less sleep is hard to judge strictly canonically because we don’t know when Flash finally goes off the clock.  He might get six-to-eight hours; he might get three-to-four.  He might be the ultimate power napper, snagging a few minutes here and there throughout the ‘day.’  (Giraffes, after all, only sleep for about an hour in a twenty-four hour period, usually by sleeping a few minutes a time.  Thus, it’s proven that an animal can survive on very, very little sleep.)

I’ve developed a “restless speedster” hypothesis which would jive well with your “less sleep” hypothesis.  My theory is that speedsters are restless because they have a skewed “internal clock” (circadian rhythm).  Circadian rhythms are sunlight dependent; they dictate when chemicals are released to induce sleep or wakefulness.  During the day, we’re biologically programmed to be awake; at night, we’re biologically programmed to be asleep.  However, what constitutes a day to a speedster when you can fit whole years into a twenty-four hour span?

It’s important to realize that to a speedster, everything happens in real time.  What we see as a blur of instantaneous action is, to a speedster, “real time.”  They don’t speed up; the rest of the world slows down.  It’s rather tedious, when you think about it: for every task Barry does, he performs it at the same pace you or I would.  The only difference is that he can bring the rest of the world to a near standstill, causing it to move so glacially that it appears to come to a halt.  That’s how he accomplishes his work.  The faster he goes, the slower the rest of the world moves, and so the more work he can achieve in a “shorter” interval.  

For Barry or any speedster, five hours of work will always be five hours of work, but to the rest of the world, it may be accomplished in five minutes, five seconds, or five hundredths-of-a-second, all depending on how fast the speedster goes.  Therefore, accomplishing a year’s work in a single twenty-four hour period is still a year of time passing for the speedster while the rest of the world moves so slowly that across that Speed year, it only moves a single day.  Thus, one Earth day would pass in 365 Speed days.

The daylight portion of the twenty-four-hour interval would last approximately 182.5 Speed days, and the night portion would be a chilling 182.5 Speed days.  Imagine spending an entire year utterly alone, and when you finally slow down, your loved ones and everything else around you has only aged a day.

I’ve been meaning to explore this dangerous side of Speed Force for a while – the type where you can become trapped in “slow motion,” where the rest of the world won’t move, even though the reality is that you’re moving so quickly it can’t catch up.  It’ll definitely be ficced by 2017.

Coming back to our conversation here, all of that time – 365 Speed days – would mean that instead of a circadian rhythm of 12 hours (clarification: a day-cycle of 12 hours, a night-cycle of 12 hours, so a 24-hour cycle), your circadian rhythm would have to stretch to 182.5 days, or 4380 hours.  Imagine insomnia that lasts half a year.

So even when a speedster “catches up” to Earth time and syncs up, there’s the concern that a speedster would literally have gone insane from lack of sleep in that interval.  The obvious solution: don’t ever get caught up in that cycle.  Don’t run too fast, don’t run too long.  Even stretching a single day to last the equivalent of four or five, a week, a month, could be torturous.  Speedsters can’t sleep while they’re running; so, a day that lasts a month is a month without sleep.

It’s a fascinating discussion and it’s what’s led to my idea that speedsters are frequently at odds with sleep, only catching it when their circadian rhythm is restored (or they’re grievously injured, in which case it’s less “sleep” than “unconsciousness”).  Thus: insomniacs.  But speedsters who don’t move too fast, who stay within the realm of a twenty-four-hour day, are fine.  Speeding up here and there only adds a few more minutes, maybe hours, to the day.  It depends on how long you run, in addition to how fast.  Running supersonically for seconds may only add a few minutes in that interval.   Even adding on the equivalent of an extra day – forty-eight hours lived in a twenty-four-hour interval – is no different than a college kid staying up for two days.  It’ll suck, but you’ll live.

But, in terms of bodily processes, I’d say your hypothesis is absolutely plausible.  And with the magic component of Speed Force, it’s equally possible that it has its own circadian rhythm, preventing insanity from ensuing after, say, 182.5 Speed days without sleep.

Re: Caitlin, I’d say she’s been pretty stressed lately and the isolation from her friends (aka her second family) has been exacerbating that stress.  I’m genuinely hoping she gets a break soon and finds peace with STAR labs (and especially Cisco and Barry) before this whole metahuman transition eats her alive.  I don’t think she’ll ever become truly evil, but it could be a rough road for her.  We’ll just have to wait and see!

Thanks for asking!

Written in the stars - Larry Stylinson oneshot [tłum.]

Tytuł: Written In the stars (Zapisane w gwiazdach)

Oryginał / Autorka: Autorka zmieniła adres bloga i zgubiłam ją, więc gdybyście trafili kiedyś na tego oneshota albo jej tumblra, byłabym wdzięczna, gdybyście dali mi znać ;)

Tłumaczka: May


Pairing: Larry Stylinson

Liczba słów/stron: 4380/11

Opis: Louis ma obsesję na punkcie horoskopów i astrologii, wszystko to by znaleźć swojego perfekcyjnego faceta. Harry chce tylko, by Louis zauważył, że on był cały czas obok. 

Zgoda na tłumaczenie: jest ♥

Ostrzeżenie: Opowiadanie porusza tematykę homoseksualną, zawiera sceny +18. Czytasz na własną odpowiedzialność.

Od tłumaczki: Dziś są moje urodzinki, a moja kochana beta akurat mi to przesłała, więc stwierdziłam, że wstawię wam tego uroczego oneshocika z tej okazji ;)


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4380) Being a gay trans guy is weird sometimes. I know I'm attracted to men, no doubt about it, but it always gets complicated when I begin to get jealous and envious of cis guys.
Life shouldn’t be like this, I don’t care what anyone says. Sure, life is great. Yes, life is great. There’s so much to do, like go to concerts and go to amusement parks, eat pizza, drink beer, go up north, see tigers and bears, play ping pong and cards with your friends. But what is life? Really, what is life? Life is something us humans are not capable of having unless you beat the system, which for most, is very unlikely. We are slaves. We are. What is life to us? It’s a job. It starts off at kindergarten, elementary school, high school, then college, then a job till you get your “career job” now let’s do math, even though after 12 years of education I’m still not good at math. 12 years, 144 months minus 14 equals 130 months, 4380 days, minus 52 weak days x 12 equals 3756 days minus roughly 61 days x 12 equals 3024 days, 2080 hours a year minus 52 minus roughly 61 equals 1967 x 12 equals 23,604 hours. Kids from the ages of 3 to 18 have already spent over 23 thousand hours learning things that they will not even remember. 130 months in a school building. 3024 days inside a school building. Now take in college and university, most courses are a year to four. Do the math yourself. Here’s where the fun really begins: getting a job. You’re a slave. There is no such thing as “if you find a job you like, it’s not really like working at all” yes it is. You work to live. You live to work. Pay checks. You get so much deducted off and little to none back with taxes. You buy a house to work. You buy a car to work. You buy clothes to work. You buy everything because of work. You make money that doesn’t belong to you. It belongs to the house you cannot afford, the car you have to pay off. A sheet of paper. A fucking bill. A fucking sheet of paper controls our whole entire life. We are slaves. To all those who can actually live happily, who don’t have to work 40 hours a week at the age of 18 to 55 I am proud of you. And to the rest, to me, to everyone, I am sorry. I wish it wasn’t like this. Want to do statics on jobs? Ok. Full time job, 40 hours a week. Eight hour shifts usually, five days in a row, two days off. 2080 days. You are allowed 4 weeks of paid vacation. 2052 days you work in a year. You are allowed maybe up to five sick days. The only real way you can get off work and still get paid is if you get hurt, so go get hit by a bus and live. You roughly work 2040 days a year. You have to work your entire life. Some start at the age of 18 and retire by the age of 55 but really who are we kidding, we still need money, to keep living so most retire at 60. Let’s do the math. 106,080 days you will work. Amazing. All for what you may ask? Money you cannot even have for yourself. So I sincerely hope you beat the system, find a way around this. If you ask me, something needs to change and it needs to change now. I’m 18, I’ve already worked over 1100 hours, I’m already tired of this. I can’t even do the things I want. If I want to go live my life and see a drake concert, or even fucking go outside and drink lemonade to breathe I have to call in sick. Now I can’t even call in sick when I’m sick so I have to take a personal day. Work, work, work. Work, jobs, this isn’t how life is supposed to be. Something needs to change. Most humans are so stressed and it’s all because of their job. Their friends ask if they want to go see a movie Saturday. Oh I’m sorry friend, you couldn’t have told me three weeks in advance? I have to book the days I want off. Getting a new job yet already have events coming up? Oh, there goes your money and plans. You have to work that day.
Tell me you don’t do this. You go to buy a t shirt or food at a candy store, the total comes to $21. I worked nearly three hours just for that. We need to change this. We need to change it now. I didn’t even talk about the hourly wage people make, you don’t want to hear me talk forever do you? Be apart of the change. I am telling you, life cannot be like this anymore. This isn’t life. This is anything, but life.
—  We are slaves and I cannot continue to live in a life like this anymore

It’s like I’m always thinking. I’m always thinking, thinking about things that do not matter, like the way my arms feel clutched beneath my pillow, creating a small bump to rest my tired temples on and I think about sitting alone, leaned against my bedroom door, wet from a shower, the air feeling so cool against my back.

And I think about other days, other days that could take me away from something I’m scared of. I think of other things, like how long it takes for you to notice me when I walk into the classroom and why the moon is always watching over the earth, like my mother and myself and sometimes I even think about how sad we all are.

Even you, who is always smiling. I think about sadness, and I think that we are all sad sometimes, all the time, and I think we are sad sad sad because we’ve either realized we only have 50 years to live or that we have 50 more years to live and if you don’t get the difference between those two sentences it’s okay,

Because not everyone’s the same kinda sad. You’re sad because it takes 12 years to get your doctorate degree and that’s only 38 years left. And I’m sad because twelves years is only 4380 days, and that means I’d still have 13870 days to figure out how to bury my thoughts under an ocean of bricks.

—  a.r.t