435 pounds

anonymous asked:

Where is the Brian love??? Please, tiny s/o trying to keep Brian in bed and resting when he's sick, but the man is really stubborn.

You can tell he’s sick the moment he wakes up. You know he’s sick because Brian doesn’t run fevers. He’s always hot to the touch, so when he gets sick, his temperature actually drops. He’s freezing when you wake up and that isn’t good. 

He wakes up moments later with a groan, and he clasps his head. He complains about how hot it is in the room, and you sigh sadly. 

“You should stay in bed, I can handle cooking and yardwork today.” 

But no, he isn’t having it. You try to pin him down to the bed, but you’re barely a few inches over five feet, and you only weigh 150 in comparison to this seven foot tall 435 pound teddy bear. He lifts you easily and you cling to him, trying to get him to relax. 

He gets dress, pulling his shirt over you as well, since you won’t let go, makes breakfast with you still clinging to him and crying that he needs to sleep. 

And he mows the lawn with you in his lap. 

The next day you’re sick, and lays his arm over you to make you stay in bed. WHAT IS WITH THIS GUY!?