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Hi! I’m really sorry I know your asks/blog in general is much more up to date and thorough as what’s going on right now but I’m pretty new to the snk fandom and I’ve caught up with the manga but my main question/confusion is, how would eren change his overview about humanity/the world in general after knowing grisha’s memories and why is there a possibility that he is now the antagonist of this story? I kinda have an idea and I know I gotta reread it again but I just needed confirmation THANK U

We don’t really know yet how Eren has changed or what his intentions are. I’m anxious to find that out myself in upcoming chapters. What you are hearing is all speculation. Fans are very divided about where Eren stands as it relates to his world view. A lot of that division is coming from information in recent interviews.

First, Reiner was called “another protagonist” in  Illustration Note magazine No. 43 (link). I feel like the qualifier “another” is probably important. 

Then there is this from an August 2017 interview in BSM

Up until now, what I’ve drawn is Eren’s perspective of those within the walls, but for the Marley Arc, the same individuals appear as enemies of the Marley. Through that, the situation has evolved into how the Marley and the readers no longer know what the other side is planning. Until now, this role of someone who is unpredictable has always been given to the Titans. So by doing this, I have flipped the script on who is good or evil.  (source: @fuku-shuu​)

He’s “flipped the script on who is good or evil” by showing us the perspective of the other side and Eren is obviously an antagonist to those living in Marley. That doesn’t mean he’s the antagonist for the series as a whole.

Isayama went on to add this about the ending of the series:

Ultimately, I don’t think the series passes judgment on what is “right” or “wrong.” … But considering the root of the issue, rather than evaluating “what is right”…to be influenced by various other works and their philosophies, and to truthfully illustrate my exact feelings during those moments - I think that’s what Shingeki no Kyojin’s ending will resemble.

What I take from this…uh… bit of enlightenment is there there’s no right or wrong. No heroes. No villains. Just people doing the best they can based on the information they’ve been given. It might be up to us as individuals to render judgment. If that’s the case, I fear the debate will continue long after the series ends.