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At NYCC this upcoming weekend, our products will be available at the booth of our friends, Athena’s Wink, booth 774. We’re going to have a lot of new things that haven’t been available yet on our Etsy shop, including:

  • Comic book buttons
  • Oversized magnets
  • Decoupage rings
  • New shrink pendant designs (including hearts! for Hulk, Thor, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Woman)
  • New pendant styles (glass ovals, ½" squares, and more)
  • New comics on our products

Due to time constraints, we’ll be unable to bring the full line of our shrink designs (like ‘shippy hearts, BFF hearts, charm bracelets, any of our Pacific Rim stuff, etc.) so if there is a special design you were looking to pick up, please let us know by 8 pm (EST) on Wednesday (we’ll be heading out then) and we’ll try to bring it for you.

If you can’t see us this weekend at NYCC, we’ll be found more locally at Comic Book City, Oct. 26-27, in Greensboro, NC!


new at the 42nd seal

The first in our new wave of our I Heart Superheroes line is the Merc with a Mouth himself, Wade Wilson. Show your love for Deadpool with this heart-shaped charm, with a 20" cord necklace included.

Now in our Etsy shop.

(Coming Soon: Ms. Marvel, Spider-Man, and a host of villains including Poison Ivy and Loki! Don’t see your character or ship? Send us a message and we’ll make it happen.)


new at the 42nd seal

We’re really excited about our latest offering - double-sided pendants! (Click through the pictures for the full view; Tumblr was being stubborn and wouldn’t let us rearrange the photo set.)

These feature two different pieces of art on each necklace, seated into a double-sided bezel tray, and of course we’ve tried to keep things relevant (with a little shipping sneaking in; these things happen!).

Since these pendants are a little heavier, and are the sort of thing you want to have flip around while you’re wearing it (so you can show off both sides!), we’re offering these on 24" link chains, quite a bit longer than our standard ball chain offering - though we can shorten (or lengthen) them on request.

(And yes, we can take custom orders on these, just send us an ask or click the “request custom item” link inside any one of the listings.)

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