•Harry fall into deep depression and Draco is worried
•Draco keep insulting Harry to fire up the fire in Harry’s eyes
•Harry’s friends is worried about Harry when he just stop eating or even caring to go to class anymore
•Draco haven’t see Harry for solid 30 hours 42minutes and 04 second and has successfully drive the other slytherin mad
•Draco had been trying to find Harry but is afraid to go to the lion den because he’s afraid and still guilty even after months of apologizing
•Harry just doesn’t care at all and he almost lost his friendship with his friend because he just doesn’t care anymore
•Draco sigh with relieve when he saw Harry finally come to class
•Draco is still insulting Harry, but this time, he tried to insult while he actually is helping him like
• “oh wow Potter , I though your hair before is a mess and now, I’m pretty sure you can hide a body in there”
• “do you smell that? Merlin Potter, I rather go to the dump rather than sitting next to you or even in anywhere near you”
• “Potter, that is not how you did that”
• “You’re skinnier than Pansy. Merlin, do you even know how to eat? Here, let me teach you how yo eat” -and that’s how Draco start to torture Harry with feeding him food forcefully-
•even it was subtle, Harry has slowly become better, thanks to Draco
•at first he was mad at how Draco always insulting him and he had tried to not let Draco has any reason to insult him anymore
•but then he realize that he actually feeling better that now, his friend can look at him with spark that said “he’s better”
•neville come to Harry and said “man, Congratulations for being much better than before, I know how depression can be a bitch. I should thanks Malfoy when I see him next time”

punk-rock-buddha  asked:

what's this 13 hour devour?

This Sunday starting at 9am Pacific/12pm Eastern, there is going to be a Hannibal marathon/binge watch. So anyone who wants to participate watches their season 1 DVD/iTunes downloads, or streams on Amazon Prime etc., and at the start of each hour you start a new episode. Since the episodes are only 42minutes or so each, that leaves a few minutes for breaks in between.

You can discuss the episodes with other fans here and on twitter using the tag #13hourdevour.

The cast and crew will also be joining in, and there’ll be prizes to win throughout the day.

Basically it’s a way to refresh yourself ready for season 2 and/or to try and introduce new people to the show and fandom. Plus, even though it’s going to run late, into very early morning, for some of us, it’s a way for the fandom as a whole to watch the show together, as US airdates and different premiere dates complicated this when S1 actually aired!

GREEN HAIR GIRL; a mix of music that I’m loving as I dye my hair green and live my life. upbeat as hell to battle the winter blues. [12tracks - 42minutes]

timber! (it’s going down) - ke$ha (no pitbull) // spotlight (oh nostalgia) - patrick stump // the ballad of mona lisa - panic at the disco // let my love open the door - luminate // let’s have a party - uncle joel’s comb // best day of my life - american authors // gang of rhythm - walk off the earth // young volcanoes - fall out boy // this is gospel - panic at the disco // counting stars - one republic // flaws (acoustic) - bastille // through the dark - one direction

[listen on 8tracks] // [my other mixes