Fun fact about that Super Mario 64 meme:

You know how some say the universe is spherical or toroidal? That if you continue in the same direction for long enough, you’ll end up where you started? Something vaguely similar should apply to these Super Mario 64 parallel universes.

That’s because the PU grid is not in fact infinite. It should in fact contain 65536 by 65536 universes, including the original. That totals to 4294967295 discrete PUs, which while immense, is limited.

This is interesting because if you were to jump 16384.25 QPUs (which would probably take an arbitrarily long time, but I’m no Super Mario 64 expert), you would loop back around to the original universe. If you did this jump all at once, it would (probably) look like you were standing perfectly still.

This is due to the same phenomenon that causes PUs to exist in the first place: integer overflow. Mario is standing on land for the sake of collision detection while in fact his absolute position is well outside the map because the data type used for collision detection “rolls over” like one of those old car odometers. The data type used for Mario’s absolute position is orders of magnitude larger, but still limited, and will eventually roll over as well.

I give Just Cause 2 one point for the fact that the protagonist, instead of a burly white dude, is a burly Hispanic dude (you can tell he’s Hispanic because he has a Spanish thick enough to float oil on and says “Mierda!”)

I will then dock it 4,294,967,296 points for the fact that one of the only two named black characters in the game is killed in the intro cutscene, the other one is the leader of the Roaches and “of all the Roaches, he is the most deserving of the name”, the fact that almost everyone on Panau has that racist “switching L and R sounds” accent, and the fact that every named female character wants to sleep with Rico (I give Bolo Santosi half a point back for the fact that she comes off as creepy rather than Sexy Male Gaze-y, and then rescind it for this probably being unintentional).

so -4,294,967,295 on the Let’s Ruin Video Games scale