Something Hidden in the Heart

Here’s my gift to Taylin @chvystiel (it won’t let me tag for some reason) for @beefybuckyswap‘s gift exchange!

It’s a little fic I whipped up and hopefully the recipient will like it!  They suggested the Avengers throwing Bucky a birthday party with Steve and him sneaking out for their own celebration. A wee bit o Stucky thrown in as well! Had some help from @abovethesmokestacks for beta reading and encouragement.

Words: 4273

Warnings:  Just some cursing, a suspicious Bucky, and a brief appearance by almost every superhero in an Avengers/Cap movie 

Bucky padded around the quiet, empty apartment in his socks and pajama pants with the inexplicable feeling that something was up.  It was rather unsettling considering the fact that if there was one thing in his awful skill set he could be proud of after all his unnaturally long years, it was his ability to figure shit out.  But in this instance, he hadn’t the foggiest.  He knew Steve was acting weird, hiding something from him.  Nothing terrible, he could tell, maybe because he seemed to have a sixth sense for that sort of thing when it came to Rogers; always had, if his patchy memory served him at all these days.  Still, this went beyond his favorite blond bombshell.  The whole damned team seemed to be in on it and that was bothersome.  Definitely not conducive to a happy Friday morning.

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Someone Like Me

Summary: Your boyfriend, Thomas, cheats on you and Newt’s there to comfort you. But it turns out, you and Newt may have know each other a little before the maze

Pairings: Newt x Reader, Thomas x Reader

Word Count: 4273 (Wow, okay.)

Warnings: Nothing, just slight cussing as always.

(A/N): Wow, okay. So there’s that. Right now, it’s like 4:22 in the morning. I love how I’m tired throughout all of the day but as soon as it becomes night, I’m just like “Wow, so much energy!” Anyway, I’m at my dad’s and I have no internet. So you might be reading this a few days from now. But maybe not. Who knows. Oh well, not that’ll matter. This is also going onto Wattpad as well so yeah.

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Selling infinite fruit baskets

What’s For Sale: 2 infinite perfect pear baskets
Looking For: Another infinite perfect fruit basket that I don´t have, or

  • at least 3.5 million bells (negotiable)
  • 100 holly, sweet olive or blue hydrangea starts
  • 100 cedar saplings
  • 100 hybrids

URL: @kawaii-animelover13
Ask Box/IM Link:  Ask // IM [Preferred]
Friend Code: 1822 - 4273 - 7381
Note: It can be a mix of all landscaping items I´m asking for, but need to add up to 100 items. Make the bells the last option please!


Zupełnie nie mam z kim się spotykać, nie mam prawdziwego przyjaciela. Nie potrafię uporać się z przeszłością, znowu się tnę. Wszyscy wokół mnie są fałszywi. Mam dosyć życia.