I haven’t really had a lot of time to be at my computer and work on digital art over the last couple weeks, but I’ve just been spending more quality time with my sketchbook because of it! Everything’s original except for Shepard in the top right ofc.

All done with a pentel brush pen and white signo uniball pen!

Title: Ruffled Feathers

Word Count: 4242


Another AHOT6 originally prompted to ‘coolasdicks’; Think you can write a RT Hybrid!AU fic where Gavin hates how his feathers puff out through his shirts and hoodies and the guys tease him about it to the point where it gets to him and he plucks most of them off of himself? Sorry its super long.

Notes: Thanks once again to 'coolasdicks’ for letting me adopt this prompt, I have a real weakness obsession when it comes to RT Hybrid!AU so this prompt was amazing to write. And to the original prompter, wherever you may be, I hope I did your fabulous prompt the justice it deserves!

Warnings: Mentions of wing mutilation.

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No Separation

Characters- Rob x Reader, Richard, Jared, Jensen, Misha

Words- 4242(opps?)

Request by Anonymous- Can I get a Rob x Reader where the reader is apart of the supernatural cast and during a scene she really hurts her head and loses her memory and so the cast tries to help her remember and its kinda like Rob and the reader fall in love all over again, eventually she gets her memory back and he proposes to her.

Warnings- Memory loss, fluffy?

A/n- I’m sad

Tags- @ashiewesker @totallysupernaturaloneshots @whovianayesha @sammyxorae

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You always had fun running around the set with the guys. Jared felt the need to pull pranks on you today, mostly because he was bored. Not that you minded, you would just pull them back. Today you were lucky enough to have your boyfriend on set. Rob was playing Chuck/God. You liked having him on set. You met him when you joined in the show all the way back in season five. Something about him amazed you. From that moment on you two were inseparable, becoming really close friends. You guys did conventions together. But soon things changed and you felt something different for him, you were falling in love with Rob.

Rob felt the same way but neither of you wanted to say something in case it ruined your friendship. It was Richard who got you two together. He couldn’t stand being the one that you both talked to about. So he forced you two to admit your feeling for each other. That was four years ago. You spent all your time together and thanked Richard for doing what he did. He was just happy to finally have a moment of peace. Rob visited you quite often on set but now he was filming with you, which could be good or bad. He was a distraction from the boys who were extra annoying today. You guys were all on set messing with each other.

“You asked for it Y/n,” Jared warns throwing you over his shoulder.

“Put me down Jared!” You fight against him. You turn towards Jensen and Misha to help you but they just shrug. Rob walks on set and glares at Jared.

“What do we have here?” Rob’s voice made you look up at him.

“Tell Jared to put me down,” You pout, Rob smiles as Jared drops you.

“Party killer,” Jared walks away dramatically. Rob helps you up and kisses you.

“Save it for the bedroom kiddo’s,” Jensen shouts playfully at the two of you. Heat rises to your cheeks.

“You’re cute when you blush,” He pulls you into another kiss but you go back to filming.

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Request: nope 
warnings: smut 
authors note: this was a quick thing I wrote if you would like a part 2 please request

Being in a long distance relationship was hard.All you wanted to do was be with him, hug him kiss him just have him close.Living 4,242 miles a way it isn’t like you can just walk across the street and go and spend all day with him.That month i went to america was the best month of my life.Who knew me being clumsy could led to the best thing that ever happened to me. I had gone to a little coffee shop and me being me didn’t look where I was going and ended up bumping into a super cute guy and I insisted that I brought him enough coffee and we clicked. So that how I met kian. I had now been with him about a year it was hard he would come here when he could he had been her twice and it was amazing every time we spent most of the time cuddling and talking. We skyped everyday and it was the highlight of my day. I was 19 and never felt this way about someone. A part of it hated thefact that I was so far away from kian as I was ready. I was a virgin but was ready to have that title taken away from me but the guy I wanted to take it lived 4242 miles away from me. It was a ate Friday night and to be honest I was horny and couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. I had tried texting and even phoning kian but he didn’t answer I just presumed he was asleep.Time zones confused me. I slowly sipped off my under ware and slowly started rubbing my clit I small moan slipped out My mouth. I imagined kian on top me of me thrusting inside me.Moaning my name. I started to get needy pushing one finger inside of me while the other playing with my boobs I started to get to my high. When I got a text from kian.

Sorry baby was asleep want to Skype xx

Before I could text back kian started to skype me. I quickly put on some clean under ware I wanted to finish myself off but I needed to see kian. I quickly clicked answer

“Hey baby he said smiling” oh god he had bed hair and was in just his boxers I was dripping god I needed him I started to thin about him inside me his deep moans oh god I needed him.

“Y/n” kian said shaking me from my thoughts

“Hey baby” I said trying to shake the thoughts of him in me out my head.

“What’s up kian” asked he knew something was wrong but little did he know how much I needed him

“Nothing baby” I said trying to reassure him

“Y/n why is there you’re underwear on you’re pillow?”fuck could I really tell him that I was fingering myself moments before he skyped me I had to tel him maby he would help or maby he would thin I’m a weirdo.

“I was err Pleasuring myself” I said almost whispering

wow baby did you finish kian said with a smile I just shook my head

“Okay this is how it’s going to work okay I’m going to be a good boyfriend and send you over the edge but I want to see you y/n I want to here you moan my name Okay?” I was speechless was I dreaming? Was this real?