Rin/Nitori Fanfic Recommendation List

A Six Foot Slab Of Muscle And A Skinny Kid WIth A Bowl Cut by willneverbreakme
In which Rin has a lot of problems which only exist in his head, and Ai has a definite thing for teeth. 6206

Addendum by brumal M
Aiichirou’s blue eyes shone in the dark as he looked up from his kneeling position on the bed. 3132

Aftermath by Thesis M
Rin walks in on Nitori masturbating, they have really good sex, and then they are both incredibly obnoxious about dealing with the aftermath. 5613

Alcohol by alittleskinnydip M
When Nitori gets accidentally drunk at a Samezuka party with Rin, his words are a little more honest than he’d normally care to be. 3020

Almost Unrequited by redoctoberrose M
When Rin asked Nitori to be his squeeze, Nitori had been happy to accept, but now he finds his heart is getting in the way and he has to put an end to these encounters before he ends up hurting worse. 3445

Bite Me, Senpai by merinxD M
Rin decides to be gentle with Nitori because he thinks he is too rough. Nitori disagrees. 4236

Breathtaking by NanakiBH M
There was nothing standing in Nitori’s way any longer. 5234

Closer by asukesay M
The first time they fuck, Rin is terrified. 936

Costume Play by Thesis M
Rin doesn’t have a cosplay fetish. Not at first. 15252

Deep by walkingdisastersharkchild M
Vaguely, in the back of his mind, he noticed Rin was barely biting. He really is sleep-drunk; Nitori entertained the thought. 2217

Don’t Cry by Kaynahugs M
Rin likes to take his anger out on Nitori by having sex with him. 1485

Friends With Benefits by FruitsOfPassion
As their relationship progresses neither Rin or Nitori fully know how to define it, leaving them both feeling confused and unsatisfied

Growing Up by breadvolution M
For one, it was the weirdest fucking feeling, and for another thing, it was Ai. Ai, that dork he shared a room with; who annoyed him more times than he could count; that had always looked like some sort of sixth grader with his stature. Add a few inches? Rin wasn’t sure what he was feeling. 15965

In My Head by pizza ghost M
Nitori is alone in the dorm for a little while and starts thinking about his dear senpai. 1526

Misdirection by whythemadman M
Nitori can never seem to guess what Rin is thinking. 1687

Nitori’s Study by trixiechick M
Nitori worked on understanding his roommate much, much better. 2106

Re: Last Night by NanakiBH M
Nitori receives a text from Rin during class and realizes that he’s also having trouble keeping their first night together out of his thoughts. 4223

Say My Name by pissrich
When Nitori stumbles in drunk late one night, Rin is forced to confront how he feels about his suddenly tipsy and handsy roommate. 3331

Show Me Your Teeth by synergenic M
It’s not that Nitori’s into rough play – (Except that he really, really is) – but he’s found a fascination with Rin’s smile. 3898

Silence by strxbe M
Nitori catches his senpai doing something a little dirty and can’t help but join in on the fun as well. 2479

Silky Smooth by Flesh is Yummy
Rin teaches Nitori how to shave. 1789

Something With Meaning by Insomiak M
It’s New Years Eve and Rin wants to sleep with Nitori. 4698

Thank You For Noticing by NanakiBH M
Nitori makes an unwise choice in jogging shorts and Rin takes an interest. 4741

Thinking Of You by robotjellyfish M
The last thing Rin expected to see when he walked into the room was Nitori lying half naked on his bed. 4076

Too Big Shirts And Midnight Surprises by Shorty
Rin comes home late to find someones already taken his bed. 534

Wet Dream by Thesis M
Rin hates clingy people, which is great for Mikoshiba, who, as Nitori’s childhood friend, wants to make sure his innocence stays intact. Somehow Nitori overcomes both obstacles in his love life. In his sleep. 3399

Why Not? by thomaswillhiddles M
He knew Nitori liked him, he had thought that maybe it was just a “I like your looks” thing but this was a whole different thing. This was Nitori frustrated because he cared and just then, the thought of having the boy stop talking to him, of Nitori giving up on him and walking away filled him with terror and he moved instantly forward, reaching for the boy’s hand and pulling him towards him.

Wide And Bright And Warm by Insomiak
Nitori looks tired and it’s nothing to Rin. 4776

Quiet by alittleskinnydip M
The walls of Samezuka are paper thin and Nitori seems to have an inability of holding his voice back. 818

You Are The Ocean by WylderWolf
“I want to try something,” Ai said the next week, his hips against Rin’s and his throat painted in little bruises. “Anything.” 536

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